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CWS aka chilly warranty shop aka chilly marketing have now gone....offices closed in yapton and Worthing. ..cannot contact MAAC i am an independent engineer OWED MONEY trip to the MD I think worth my cost in petrol

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Mark Lowther
map-marker London, England


I too am a small independent repair company based in Norfolk and as other people have been well and truly suckered into believing this companies lies. I am owed about £500 for the repairs i have carried out and even after speaking to Barry 2 days ago with assurances of payment still nothing.

The amount does not seem great but I have also paid out on all the new spares and fuel etc to complete these jobs so in essence the amount is closer to £780.

I would like to see if we as a group of people could do something about this company.

The two people I would like to confront personally face to face would be Barry and Christina.

I am not the sort of person to sit back and take a loss.

I will be trying to contact this company again tomorrow and if I do not get a result from MAAC Ltd I will be visiting their office in person with camera equipment to get there views on how they treat customers and repair companies and how they can sleep at night.

Many thanks


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Hipolito Znn
map-marker Woking, England

Extremely Rude Customer Service

Do yourself a favour and do not have anything to do with the Chilly Warranty Shop.

I have just spoken to the rudest person I have ever encountered and believe me I've met a few! She was very curt when she answered the 'phone. She sighed when I told her I had called yesterday and although I had been told I would hear from them today I was still waiting. She sighed again when she told me I would have to "take my place in the queue" as there was still paperwork to be done, my repair to be looked at, passed to an engineer and then I would have to wait to receive a call from them! This is Tuesday and I was told I may hear on Friday but no guarantees. She reminded me many times that I was not the only customer they had and others took precedence! She spoke over me, shouted at me when I asked why there had been no progress on my repair although I had called at 09.00 Monday and it was now 16.50 on Tuesday and again she shouted that I had no right to tell her how to do her job! She then proceeded to tell me she worked on the switchboard and was only there to take details and then direct calls to the relevant person! However no details were taken and I was not transferred to anyone else until I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Obviously someone within Chilly Warranty Shop needs to give her a copy of her Job Description and remind her that is all she is paid to do. Best case scenario is that she should be trained in this post and given lessons in how to speak to the public in a courteous and polite manner. Personally I would rather the Rudest Person on Earth be given a post which required no customer contact at all.

When I asked for the third time to speak to a supervisor I was told there was no-one there to take my call and that someone from Customer Care would call me back within 48 hours! By this time I was incandescent and told her in no uncertain terms I would wait until someone was available. Miraculously I spoke to a woman claiming to be the supervisor within a minute. Unlike her colleague she was extremely pleasant and well mannered. Whether she was the supervisor or not is irrelevant as she was clearly more competent and professional than the previous person. When she started to speak to me I heard the Rudest Person on Earth laughing in the background. I advised I could hear her and I would not carry on the conversation until she stopped as this was very disrespectful. She had to be told to be quiet and eventually after detailing the nature of the repair I was advised that an engineer would call tomorrow. I will not hold my breath but if I do not receive the call as promised I will escalate this to Trading Standards.

Another point to consider is that you will need to have the patience of a saint to get through to them as I tried unsuccessfully from 09.40 to 16.50 today to get through to Chilly Warranty Shop on the 0844809**** number quoted on their website. Eventually I found a landline number 0124355****, which if you are unlucky enough to get involved with this company you should use as it was answered within a few rings. Perhaps I was just "lucky" to speak to someone so quickly but it is worth a try. Better to just avoid the company though.

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no point reporting them, takes YEARS for the authorities to do anything, by then they`re gone.

yes they need taking to task by the authorities, but unfortunately the authorities are just as bad !!


This company is a fraud, they keep changing names for trading. They must be reported to the authority which I have done. Do not get involved with them at your peril.


Mclovin has provided the best route of getting around this. Cancel the DD through the Direct Debit Guarantee, and file for an indemnity claim.

Your bank should credit you immediately, with the merchant then being chased up by the bank. These names CWS, Appliance Care Cover, MAAC LTD are all the same company that comprises of a call centre. That is all.. there is no 'customer care team', just a bunch of teenagers who are stuck in a dead end job.

The nicer you are to them over the phone, the quicker you will be helped by them. The minute you lose your rag at them, they've already won. It is evident for my dealings with them that it is all just a farce.

You can find out where they operate from their respective websites, CWS & MAAC, should you or Dom Littlewood fancy paying them a visit!

As for engineers like myself who stupidly entered into business with them..

receiving the money I'm owed is slightly more difficult. I have decided to cut my losses on the couple of thousand that they owe me, and will be much more careful when working as a contractor.


I also have had big problems with CWS. I fought to get them to replace my washing machine, it took 3 months, signature on delivery letters, numerous phone calls and the threat of small claims court before I got one.

Now my 12 month warranty is up they are trying to make us renew by saying that a new 12 month warranty started when we got a new machine, and if we do not pay we will be liable for all the service costs and cost of the machine they supplied, I dont think so!! So now its back to signature on delivery letters and another fight!

My advice is; do not discuss matters on the phone if they call you as they will try and twist the conversation to their favour. Always send letters signature on delivery and by email. Log all calls and keep a paper trail.

Threaten them with small claims court.

Seek advice from Citizens Advice Bureau.

Good luck and dont give up!!


Beware - CWS are now operating under another name Appliance Cover Direct. They called me and said they are now taking over all direct debits from CWS.

When I wanted to report a fault I could not reach them on the number given to me. The line is continuously engaged. I had to cancel my direct debit.

Now they are calling me everyday and threatening I entered into 12 months contract with them! They should be investigated along with CWS - I am sure they are same people.


I would agree with every other review I have read on here I have been waiting since October 2013 for a satisfactory outcome from Chilly Warranty Shop they are a disgrace of a company no reputable company would treat their customers in the manner they seem to. They never answer calls and when you do get through it is one lie after another the staff one female in particular is extremely rude and totally unprofessional in her manner a lesson in manners would not go amiss.I would advise anybody do not have anything to do with them it is a scam they promise the earth and never deliver their promises.

I have reported them to BBC Watchdog and to The Judge in the Sunday Mail. :(


I have been subscribing for 7 months and now that I have a problem they can not be contacted. What a complete scam. Avoid these people at all costs


CWS APPLIANCE CARE / Chilly warranty shop are a SCAM! They are currently being investigated by a national newspaper for fraud and are due in front of the high court within weeks for non payment of a claim from WHIRLPOOL for illegally passing themselves off as WHIRLPOOL during the sale on the phone.

Chilly warranty shop are already trading as a new entity called 'HOME PRODUCT PROTECTION' OR 'CWS APPLIANCE CARE' using a FAKE, FRONT OF A COMPANY called 'MAAC LTD' to pass out maintenance work to engineers as they are all owed money from Chilly warranty shop. They company is run (but not directed by) David reynolds in association with Jamie Robertson (both of them previously ran PLAY RADIO UK which closed after Davids prison sentence for fraud). David has done prison time for fraud after liquidating a company SATELLITE COVER UK and associated group companies for over £27 million pounds.

Please do not work with Any of the companies above. Chilly warrnaty shop owe our company thousands and nearly a quater of a million nationwide!




I just tried to get an engineer out to an appliance, and also spoke to someone with no customer service skills. She was rude, patronising, ignorant and talked over me.

Told me I had to pay a £15 admin cost to log the call, and that I was getting a very good deal and wouldn't get that anywhere else.

I asked for the name of her supervisor and she told me his name, but I couldn't speak to him as he wasn't there this afternoon.... Bunch of time wasters I think, who just take your money for doing nothing and providing nothing

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