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I ordered the classic ribeye with loaded mashed potatoes and black beans. The beans were cold and that steak was more than half filled with gristle. I kept having to pull large pieces back out of my mouth. They cooked another steak, but to much disappointment, was half the size of the previous steak, over cooked, and looked much more like a sirloin instead of a ribeye. By this time everyone were done eating except for me and had to take it to...
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Hello.My husband and I visited Chili's Grill & bar Lindbergh #1122. At 2420 Piedmont Rd NE in Atlanta, Georgia. We went there to the diner shift. It was like 4:30pm when we got there. There was not a host receiving customers. The bartender greeted us after a few minutes and show us the way to the table. After a while our server Molisha started serving us, she was polite but not excellent customer service experienced. We ordered our drinks, an...
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unfairhiringprastices Your husband asked for medium rare steak, and got what he asked for, why should the manager apologize? I doubt you will be missed and it is obvious neither you not your husba...


Anonymous Hahahaa get a life. Complaining over a *** piece of dead animal and then writing about it.

As for the entrees, I ordered the Ribeye with cheese fries, medium rare, which they over-cooked. I was given a well done steak (inedible doneness level for a ribeye). My mother ordered the ribs, which she said were also cooked way too long and she also said they tasted very odd like they weren't fresh or were going bad. She couldn't eat them. I also could not eat the shoe leather that they called a steak. Instead of trying to use the...
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Anonymous Still no response from anyone at this company. If I don't get a response today then I'm going to file the issue with the BBB.

I didn't like
  • Wasting my money
  • Being ignored
  • Terrible food quality

Chilis Ribeye Steak Review

Every single time i order my stake med-rear it come out med- well and i have to waste food and ask them for one cooked the way i ask and i havent gave up yet but its ridiclous bc when its cooked right i love there ribeye. Its been over 10 times at leaste this has happened to me.