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Julie Fellmeth of CPIL harms children!

As cited on the MBC minutes: stated that part of the mission of the Medical Board is the objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act. She stated that when disciplinary action is taken because of choreographed hoax victims teamed with special interest lobbyists and media ambush teams, there is no justice and no objective enforcement. When a revocation is pre-determined due to personal animus, the mission becomes a sham. Patient protection is harmed when the process is co-opted. She stated that she and her family were harmed because of vindictive enforcement taken by the Board. She introduced her children and stated that she and her children had been harmed for seven years due to actions of the Board.
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THANK YOU VICKY. Upon your advice, we have launched our newest advertising campaign: AUGMENTING THE COOPERATIVE EXPERIENCE.

No one knows augment and cooperative like you! As 2012 dawns, Steel Case Corp cannot adequately put into words our gratitude for you and David's personal Viagra fueled personal research studies. Without you two, we would have never created the stain resistant desk surface now provided to all California purchasing agencies.

God bless you. Never forget, "if it isn't hard, it isn't Steel!"


Julie and Robert Fellmeth lost again. The Fellmeth's jihad against Brian West MD continues to wane.

Two more law suits created by the Fellmeth's have been dismissed with prejudice against Dr West. Look up McIlvenna vs West and Deverill vs West. Representing himself, West beat the Fellemth's best lawyers in both cases. Julie Fellmeth handed her favorite student, USD gradute 2002 Brian Lawler, a "slam dunk" case against West.

Look up the Santa Monica Court records, West crushed Lawler. West crushed the Fellmeths. The Medical Board of California is in the clutches of Julie Fellmeth. All citizens of California suffer from this unholy alliance.

When rational people ajudicate the issues, the Fellmeths lose. When the politics of medicine reign, the Fellmeths are able to win. Brian West MD has NEVER lost a case. The impotent medical board of California succumbed to Julie Fellmeth.

The MBC should be disbanded. West is the personification of MBC incompetence and manipulation. The Fellmeths are tripe who suck at the teat of government slough. All of California and medicine suffers when superb physicians such as West are tortured by the Fellmeths and their sycophants in the legislature.



Get the desk with the DAVID DISCO BALL; the HOT DAVID DISCO BALL; the rotating, multi-reflective ENGORGED DAVID DISCO BALL! Vicky gushed about the stimulating effect of her flat-backing ability to view the Thornton Tortin' Fellmorthin' Emortin' action on a thousand mirrors spinning above David's Enthrustin' Torso. Vulvuptuous Vicky still auto-stimulates at the memories of DAVID's HARD SHINEY-SURFACED ARTIFICIAL DISCO BALL with attachment.


Vicky Thornton was just named "Steel Case" Woman of the Year for 2010-****! Steel Case corporation is the largest manufacturer of steel office desks.

In appreciation of Vicky's substantial contribution to desk top ergonomics, Steel Case has awarded the California diva its highest honor. In accepting her award, Vicky humbly stated, "I only wish my co-copulant, David Thornton, was as hard and firm as any Steel Case desk, with or without drugs." At the ceremony, it was revealed that Vicky has been furtively working with Steel Case in producing the world's first HEATED steel top desk for intimate office aerobics. Additional options will include a stain resistant desk surface and on demand "ocean motion" stimulation. Analysts predict this will be the number one purchased desk of all California agencies and bureaucrats by Christmas 2012!

Hollywood insiders have gushed that this multi-functional office marvel will replace the well-worn casting couch. A "Vicky Quicky" movie is in the works for home and office use. It looks like it is nowhere but up, up, up yours for Voluptuous Vulva Voracious Vicky and her venal talents.

Rumors of Steel Case Pleasure Toys, Pheromone Perfume and a line of edible feminine hygiene products is also in the pipe line. Negotiations are on-going with Pfeizer to name a new corpus stimulant "Vicky Viagra." Julie gushes, "CONGRATULATIONS VICKY CURRY THORNTON, YOU OFFICE HARDENED STEEL CASE WOMAN OF THE YEAR!"



Sac Bee, you sad company rag. Let the truth speak from your pages!

Censorship is a sign of fear of the truth. Your finger on the censor button surrounding Thornton and Fellmeth must be calloused and numb. The 4th Estate thrives under the 1st Amendment. Let the truth be told about the MBC and CPIL.

Of what are you afraid Sac Bee? "The truth shall set you free."


Julie and Robert Fellmeth DEMAND transparency from those licensed by the state of California to practice law and medicine. ANY and EVERY malpractice or other law suit that is paid by a third party, (insurance company) is emblazoned upon the respective web site of the professional to disparage and humiliate him or her.

So where is David Thornton's million dollar settlement on the Medical Board of California web site? The sexual harassment, sexual deviant and EEO abuse law suit settled by Thornton last year and paid by MBC is NOT published. The duplicity and hypocrisy of the Fellmeth's and their friends in Sacramento is shameless. Their conceit and destruction never ends.

David Thornton paid Julie Fellmeth to be his personal monitor back in 2004-****. She was paid $500,000. Now the tax payers of California are paying another million dollars for Thornton's corrupt moral deficits and Julie's incompetence. The next step in this theivery is current California Legislative Bill SB 100.

Julie and Robert are hoping to continue the "enforcement" extortion to cover ALL healthcare agencies of the DCA. Wake up California, the Fellmeth's are back at the government teat and it is your breast they are nuzzling.


Bad news comes in threes and the Curley, Moe and Larry of "physician wellness" have all hit the jack pot. 1) David "Curley" Thornton just paid a million dollars through the Medical Board of California as hush money for compensation to the women and employees he sexually abused and harassed during his tenure as MBC President 2004-****: (Sac Sup Ct 05AS03244), 2) Raymond "Moe" Pomm just lost his 20 year Florida state job for sexual exploitation of a patient and abuse of his official position and 3) Robert "Larry" Fellmeth is backfilling his illicit affair with then student Julie d'Angelo whom he bought off with an appointment to his personal USD piggy band CPIL.

Of note, Julie was the MBC monitor during the exact dates of sex offender Thornton's conquests and EEO violations of Vicki Curry, Elizabeth Schlie, Toby Tobin and company. Toss in Liz Figueroa, the now disgraced former California state senator, who carried the illicit legislation to appoint Fellmeth as Thornton's monitor, and the cess pool gets quite full. Finally, you have Richard "I have no clue" Fantozzi MD non-clinician on CPIL's payroll teaming up with Pomm and everything comes full circle. Wow.

Where is the 4th Estate when they are so badly needed by society? That's right, the Ming's and Hiltzik's of the mass media are on the Fellmeth/d'Angelo-mafia pay roll.


Raymond POMM MD, newest BFF of the Fellmeths, was fired by the state of Florida for HAVING SEX with one of his patients/clients/enrollees. Pomm ran the physician "wellness" program for Florida (for two decades) and started banging one of his inmates.

You can bet she got great reviews and a clean bill of health to return to work. By the way, that is exactly what Robert Fellmeth did. Robert started an intimate, intense heated affair (cough, cough) with one of his students....Julie d"angleo! She is now "head" (cough, cough) of Robert's principle fund raising operation entitled CPIL.

Fellmeth exploits students and women. Pomm exploits students and women. It is only a matter of time to discover Fantozzi's illegal activity. Why does Pomm still have a medical license?

Why does Fellmeth still have a Bar card? ANSWER: The rules don't apply to the Fellmeths or their friends. Just ask Liz Figueroa about the power of the Fellmeth name in Sacramento and beyond. The Fellmeths lie and people die.

Great legacy you two illegal love birds. By the way, you all look great on Youtube.

Don't worry, that rot and pablum won't fly either. Confess your sins you two hypocrites.


NEWS FLASH: Fellmeth sycophant and payrollee, Richard Fantozzi MD who declared, "I know nothing about RECOVERY or Diversion programs," just teamed up with disgraced, fired Florida employee Raymond Pomm MD to form a NEW, CONFIDENTIAL (cough, cough) PHYSICIAN RECOVERY PROGRAM: "Professionals Wellness Resources."

Fellmeth pays Fantozzi who opens a fraudulent physician health program with charlatan Pomm. The contrived enforcement positions from California must not be paying off as they did before for Robert and Julie Fellmeth of USD. Fellmeth must be worried California SB 100 won't be her personal piggy bank and feed trough as planned. Sunlight is an antiseptic! The cockroaches of CPIL are hiding under the sponges of Fantozzi and Pomm.

HOW FUN! The *** protects the slime.

Next Karnac prediction: the Fantozzi/Pomm team schemes for the multi-million dollar contract to run CALIFORNIA's health professionals wellness (sic) program. How much is your kick back Julie? Is your cirrhosed liver brother an honorary Board member? Now that would be diversity! When was your last drug test Julie? Oh, that's right...peyote is a religious privilege for Native Americans, of which you and Bobby are honorary members, providing free legal secrecy and hiding Indian Artifacts in your private personal museum called home on Coronado Island! That compound of yours sure looks more like 7000+ sq ft rather than the tax roll declared 700 sq ft. But what is a little fraud between government leeches and government blow fish?

Do I hear the theme from "Jaws" cruising towards the Fellmeth-d'Angelo mafia empire? OOPS, it is just the Federal Investigators and Department of Justice. Swim Fellmeth fishes SWIM!

Time is running out. Confess your sins Julie and Robert Fellmeth before you become an outline for "Law and Order," tape, chalk lines and all.



"I need more than a 'token' of appreciation. Our May 8 article in LAT has created a few problems.

Another $10k would help smooth things; Benjamins and Jacksons work well. We both know it will be money well spent."


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