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I will never, i repeat never buy another piece of *** car from these rip off artists, i bought and am still currently paying for a 2003 piece of *** chevy malibu that the motor blew in it 4 months after i purchased it, not only did they refuse to pay for the towing back to their *** mechanics shop, they took over two months to get my car back to me all while i still had to make my payment even though i couldnt drive the car. I then took it to a...
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Bought car at Glen Burnie J.D.Byryder and the car has been in the shop 23 times!! No LIE. I have proof!! It got so bad from taking off work that we said not gonna take anymore time off or will get fired for same excuse. Well afyer 7 months passed we had no choice but to take in. They said no, no, you havent been in for 7 months so we not gonna work with you anymore. Well car is conking out at redlights now, and when in idle. I am truly scared to...
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Dawngrant2017 Iam in the process of dealing with Mr. Griffin at the moment on behalf of my lemon did this issue ever get resloved??