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We needed 2 valve extensions on the INNER tire because they were very hard to get air in. Went to Chesaco to have them put on prior to leaving tomorrow. We were in 4 days prior to make sure they had them in stock. They didn't and ordered them. Had them installed, 2 hours later they tell me they are on. I pay and get ready to leave, check the work and low and behold..... they replaced the stems on the OUTTER tire.... I already had extensions on...
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I didn't like
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The last time they had our motorhome for 2 months and didn't even bother looking at it until 2 days before we were scheduled to leave on a trip (which they knew about) and then told us they didn't have time tom get the parts in. Yeah I know, after the first time I shouldn't have gone back but I thought I would give them another chance. Bad decision! Be forewarned if you buy an RV from them pray that nothing goes wrong because they won't/can't...
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Anonymous you happen to be the unfortunate family to deal with the GM at Chesaco R.V I'm joppa I feel very sorry for you. He will Lie, Lie, Lie. to get your business and make empty pro...

Worst costumer service EVER!!! No phone calls back, no one knows what going on with the camper, NO PARTS WERE EVER ORDERED!!! Went to pick up the camper after 3 months of no calls back and demanded it back they conveniently sealed the roof WITH MOISTURE INSIDE and more issues!!!! This place is awful and will be reported to the BBB!!! Will never EVER return to this place and will advertise to anyone looking for a camper to never buy from your...
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They also wrote on the service ticket that the AC unit was damaged and needed to be replaced (which they didn't do at the time.) They are now under new management. We had to take the camper back or the water heater and we were just told that they will NOT replace the AC unit even though the camper is less than 1 year old and still under warranty. (They "claim" they had no paperwork concerning the AC) We will NEVER buy another camper from...
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