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Cheers Chalet - Refund Policy Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I'm in the mist of losing my house only because both my parents have cancer and I'm helping pay the bills. I go up and show them everything including the paper where I'm losing the house and the still wouldn't give me half of my 2000 back.

I would never ever go to this place. People are very rude and just in it for the money!

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This is so true. Had over $7000 invested and gave them plenty of notice and would not even hold the money for future event.

Understand they lose the date, but at least let someone hold for future event. Will never recommend this place to anyone.

They should understand there are circumstances in life and at least hold the money or a partial refund. There will be no food served or service provided by staff.

Brian Arc
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Review! Review! Review! (The contract that is!)

Imagine it's your wedding day. You are the bride.

You chose Lakeside and as you walk down the path to meet your groom your breathless at the sight of him dressed in the Tuxedo he never would normally agree on wearing. He looks like he wants to just swoop you in his arms and kiss you which makes your heart heave. The whole world is shut out, all the people, all the noises. The only thing you see is him standing there waiting for you, all you hear is your heatbeat quickening per the second.

You try with all your might to keep yourself from breaking into a run because all you desire is to be close to your one true love. Then you hear a creak in the floor boards and feel the wood beneath your feet shake. Everything seems to go in slow motion as you watch everyone fall, hear everyones scream and as you yourself is plummeted into the cold water. Many are injured and require medical care your groom hit his head on a rock and has a major cut just above the left temple.

Doctors say he's lucky just a centimeter down or one more minute would have cost him his life. You are devastated. The only thing you care about at this moment in time is everyones safety but your day is ruined turned from one of your happiest to one of your worse. You look back on your contract and realize you are held responsible for everything.

The building repairs, the medical bills of all your guests. You just wish you took your contract to a lawyer or just looked at it before signing it and would have realized how one sided it is. In case you didn't want to read that here are the key points: * Staff is friendly till they find out you want to cancel *Contract is one sided and unreasonable (Take it to a lawyer or take it home and look over it) *They may say one thing but hey you signed the contract and they will use that against you! *The place is beautiful but not worth it in the end if a problem ever arises Main point is at the end of the day it is YOUR choice make the best decision you can but just REVIEW the contract before agreeing to it!

MY STORY: I'll make this short and sweet. My fiance and I fell in love with the place hurried up and signed the contract because they said the dates were running out quickly and they wouldn't hold it even 24 hours for us to decide, they also threw in free parking guides for us that are normally pretty pricy, but only if we signed right then and there. We asked if something were to happen if all the money is kept they stated only the deposit of 1,000 would be. Actually the lady didn't feel the need to inform us that all payments are considered deposits.

My fiance ended up getting injured and required surgery. Medical bills piled up and we decided to cancel the wedding so we can start out our life together properly and not in debt. I sent an Email in November stating I wanted to cancel. The lady I spoke to said that's fine she'll put a note in there.

In March I recieve another email from someone else stating my payment was due. I let her know I had previously cancelled they threated that they would charge me for the whole venue for giving such a late notice since my wedding date was supposed to be in June. Finally got everything straighted out sent a letter like they requested never had an email or any notification they recieved the letter of my cancellation. They kept referring to the one sided contract which is not what I was VERBALLY told!

I blame myself I got swepped up in the excitement, the magic of an upcoming wedding day and on the venue alone that I never got to use it was a 2,000 lesson. If you made it this far all I have to say is thank you for reading and congratulations on your big day!

If you choose Cheers Chalet I hope everything works out and it's magical for you. I am not say don't chose them I am asking for you to get that contract checked out before you sign on the dotted line that's all.

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Cheers Chalet provided a perfect wedding, service and food

I just had my wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Oh. The place was absolutely beautiful and the service was perfect.

I have attended many weddings all over the country and this was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. I had to pay for it and I couldn't be more pleased.

From the very first moment to the very last every detail was attended to in a manner that was professional and pleasing. They all went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy every step of the way.

Even though I made many last minute changes and wasn't always in the best mood they understood my problems and mad sure I was comfortable with before I left.

It is easy to complain about something but when things turn out perfect very few take the time to say thank you and give credit where due. Well thank you Cheers Chalet you started out my married life perfectly.

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Cheers Chalet ruined our wedding

My husband and I just recently had our wedding at cheers chalet in lancaster ohio. although it was a beautiful place and was set up beautifully we had an unpleasant experience with there food.

they use a catering service called creative catering, when we received our dinner at our wedding it was cold and tasteless. Before the wedding we order one main dish for all the guests to eat, the description that was one the menu was no where close to what we were served.

cheers chalet had no remorse to ruining our wedding day, the servers that worked that day didn't even crack a smile. I wouldn't wish a bad wedding day on anyone, so if you want to have a happy wedding don't go to cheers chalet in lancaster ohio.

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What a shame that the happiness of your wedding is based on the food at a venue. I certainly hope you don't blame the failure of your marriage on something besides your shallowness


I had my wedding there in 2006. Worst experience I could have ever had!

The staff was unfriendly, barely answered my questions during the planning process (I had already paid my deposit and didn't want to walk away), and didn't help with getting anything ready at their facility the day of my wedding. I, the bride, was running around frantically setting up the flowers and centerpieces with my bridal party as our guests were arriving.

I didn't even have time to get my hair done as I wasted all of my time doing what they should have had done. The food was what we ordered but the rest was an absolute nightmare!


I understand what you are saying because we had a similar experience. I cannot believe the price we paid for such poor service.

My daughter had her wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio on September 2, 2012. I am irritated that the bride's family were robbed of enjoying this special occasion. The girl that was to be wedding planner did nothing but make everything more stressful and did nothing to help assure that things were ready. We had called to see if we could get in early at Cheers to put the centerpieces out.

No return therefore we could not get in until 3 for a 5 pm wedding. I was pressed for time and the wedding planner would come complaining that someone needed to move a car. She would then disappear and I had been told that she would help get everything organized. It was not organized.

The wedding reception was not over until 10 pm however the wedding planner began to nag the bride's family at 9:30 pm to start packing up the centerpieces. My husband ( father of the bride) almost missed the kids leaving trying to pack up those *** centerpieces. Everything is paid for prior to the event and after they are paid they are done. I did not feel that they delivered the service that we were promised.

I wished we had gone somewhere else because this is a one time deal that I feel Cheers lack of wedding planners that are engaged in doing their job ruined this special day for the bride's family. I think this facility is romantic and has potential to have a beautiful event but it is even more frustrating when you are working with a young girl that is the wedding planner but really doesn't care. To go to an open house you are sure this is the place to have your wedding, but, Cheers does not deliver on the service that they promise and tend to make the wedding on such a timeline that I felt they lack employees that understand that this is an expensive one time event and they should do everything to assure the event is not made to feel rushed and unfriendly. I would encourage people to look elsewhere because for the expense of this event you should never be hassled, rushed or have someone who is the wedding planner adding stress on the family by their lack of caring or involvement.

We could of had a much nicer wedding with staff that wanted to assure the wedding went smoothly for what we paid for here.

Overpriced, over rated, with added charges for everything!! My daughter is married and this day we cannot ever do over but if I knew then what I know now.......we would of went elsewhere.


;) My sister got married at cheeres chalet this past september and it was beautiful!:)the food was great and all the workers were very helpful!:) this is the place to get married!


I want to start off saying I've been to many events at cheers and it seems in the last four months the food and servise has went down hill. They use to have a male chef there and the food was amazing and was always upscale.

Now um not sure what they're cooking. However I've had better food at Lancaster hospital.

I hope they do something soon. The place seems to be going down hill fast.


More often than not comments like the ones in Cheers ruined my wedding are from employees that have been fired for cause like steeling or incompetence. It is easy to hide behind the anonymity in this type of forum and pretend that you were a guest. I have been a guest at Cheers many times over the past 8 years and never had anything but a great experience


Lemma tell ya that so called Chef speaking above was just a lettuce jockey at Taco Bell a few months prior to working at Cheers Chalet. They checked his references after many complaints and they were bogus. Closest he go to Royalty was Burger King.


I attended a wedding in August 2009 and was quite disappointed in the quality of the event. Throughout the planning process, the bride had great difficulty reaching the staff and was ready to change venues on a number of occasions. The wedding ceremony was run without the help of the on-site coordinator so there were a number of problems:No one knew when to begin seating so ushers were left to stand around wondering about how to start the event. During the whole ceremony, a bird sculpture was shooting a stream of water into the lake, which sounded as if someone was relieving themselves off of the gazebo. After the bridal party left the ceremony area, guests were left to sit in the chairs because no one had instructed the bride or ushers about releasing guests. The fruit and cheese were laid on a bare linen on a table, without any care for presentation. While the food service was interesting, the fod itself was rather tasteless. No amount of salt or pepper could revive my pasta and sauce with mini shrimp.

I have had acquaintances who have worked there and left rather quickly because of management. The turn over rate even for the event coordinators is rather high.

Honestly, just look somewhere else to hold your event. There are simply too many pieces that are overlooked to make this worth the prices.

(Be wary of the positive comments. It's not difficult for a current employee or even the owner to post on this forum)


I just recently within the last month attended a wedding at Cheers Chalet and I find that I am extremely bothered by the posting on this website. In complete honesty, I thought the wedding was the best wedding I have ever been to. I found the food to be absolutely wonderful. The presentation of the food was beautiful and the food itself was beyond savory. All of the staff including the servers were completely professional and appeared to enjoy thier jobs.

The entire evening was run by a wonderful girl as the hostess who made sure that everything was run exactly the way that the bride wanted and she did an amazing job.

I am truly sorry that you didn't find your experience at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster to be satisfactory. I can't defend them for what happened that evening but I want you to know that my experience was no where near the same as yours and I will recommend them to any one and everyone.

Thank You Cheers Chalet for a wonderful evening.


I am a Chef having worked my way up over 20some years from being a bus boy to being a head chef at my last job and owning my own small catering company. I have served entire professional football teams that ate enough food for a small country at each meal, to serving Royality from foriegn countries in the private homes of some of this country's wealthiest people.

Having just recently been hired (within the last month) into the catering staff of Cheers Chalet and Creative Executive Catering as a Chef. I must say that from what I have seen so far, the quality of the food and service is top notch. The administrative, kitchen, and serving staff is constantly stiving to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients looking for and doing the little things that make each event "over the top".

If this was an issue previously, then Cheers Chalet has certainly found a way to correct it before I was hired by them and no one should fear having this company host any event large or small.

If you are thinking of hosting an event, then I urge you to consider Cheers Chalet and visit their website at to find out more about what they can do for you.

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