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The email confirmation you get doesn't tell you how much the membership fee or how long the trial process is. They also charge you 1.95 to load the information and if that fee was in the fine print it must have been super small. I called to canel my membership on the last day of the trial period and they told me I still had to pay for the month. That sucks I would never use them again. To make matters worse I did the background check on myself...
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They advertised a trial search for 1$ which I used.I didnt find what I was seeking so when prompted to enroll monthly, I declined. Yet I found a $44 plus charge on my credit card 5 days later. When speaking to the rep, I was advised the trial is for 5 days and automatically enrolls. That is NOT what the ad said and if so, there was no need to ask on the page if I desired to enroll so that is fraudulent as the day is long. Further, no refund can...
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I didn't like
  • Charge not authorized
I signed up for the 5 day free trial, it was mentioned in the terms, that there would be a $1 charge to verify the credit card number.Not a big deal. The information that I needed wasn't avaliable on the site, even though it was public domain. I immediately called to cancel, and was told that my name, email, and card number wasn't in their system, so I wouldn't be charged... okay. Check my bank account a few days later, and there is the $1...
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Checkpeople Background Check Free Trial Review

I put in my credit card number and agreed that i had 5 days to cancel. I never received my report. I bet they will charge my account.
ACCREDITED BUSINESS: NO CONTACT: Ethan Rodriguez ADDRESS: Check People advertises free people search, or $1.00 reverse phone lookup, I thought good price like an ***, utilized their service, was charged the $1.00 then a few weeks later another $39.00 or so charge was placed on my credit card for a "membership" fee I could not or didn't see in any of the fine print. Ethan James Rodriguez is the operator of this scam: 530 Lytton Ave Fl 2 Palo Alto, CA 94301-1541 PHONE: 866 414-6799 FAX: 650 319-4203 Website: www.checkpeople...
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Anonymous do you know how to cancel the account?

I didn't like
  • Negative
I used the service and found no more information than a previous site, even though they claim to have the best available information.Was not aware that a monthly fee of $45 would be charged. After my account was charged cancelation was attempted, was also told a refund would be made. Now I was notified they were attempting to charge another month (my bank had been notified & declined the payment) Called the company again to see why it was...
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I got swindled by These People into a FREE Trial Membership.They DON'T send "Warning" Messages that Your FREE Trial Period is about to Expire. They just let You get Charged $44.85 a Month for Their Service. You CAN'T delete Your Membership Online Like You signed Up for. You have to call Their Toll Free Number, and Then try to talk to "Fuzzy Foreigners". After a Few WELL-Chosen words and Playing the Game of talking to My Supervisor, They give You...
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  • Being lied to