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I needed a VBA quick and came across cheapvba. Everything was fine and dandy when I was speaking with him on skype. Things took a turn for the worst once the transaction was made. I paid him the set amount for the VBA and he promptly told me I will receive it within a couple of hours. Couple of hours passed and no word, so I contacted him. After 7 messages, no response. He simply ignored me and sent no word of warning. It has been nearly 2 weeks...
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I bought from these people not 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive anything. They tell you they will delivery within 24 hours and nothing is ever delivered. He will ban you from Skype after you send and when you try to contact him, you can't. No response, no way of getting money back. I lost nearly $500 for VBAs for my business. People like this need to be kicked in the head for stealing people's hard earned money. Only other sellers I have...
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Felicia monroe Cheap vba is a scammer. He goes by the name of Jon Watson on various forums and he spams like crazy. His vbas suck not to mention his VCC's get your account limited within day...


Tmanning72 Completely agree. Bought instead from Auction Essistance because they at least respond and provide what you paid for.