Buttons come off--RTG is NOT helpful--they pretend they don't know how to fix them. My warrantee is expired but all I have been asking is for someone to TEACH ME HOW TO FIX THEM! I have written RTG and the Better Business Bureau. I am still waiting for a response...
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I liked
  • Look of furniture
I didn't like
  • Defective cushion buttons
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Purchased a supposedly 100% leather living room set by Chateau D'Ax from a retailer in our area. Couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman in coffee colored "leather" upholstery. Several years later, after only light use and appropriate upkeep, all of the pieces are...
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Anonymous Same thing happened to us. A beautiful piece of furniture and the leather started cracking and peeling. Was purchased in Macy's in New York. Bought the extended warranty an...


ESS Your written info below your video states that this is 100% leather but in your video you said it's BONDED leather.Unfortunately many are unaware of the differences in leather...

In 2005 we paid top dollar for a leather couch, loveseat and ottoman made by Chateau d'Ax only to learn recently that it is BiCast leather which is poor quality leather with a plastic finish that makes it appear as top grain cowhide. It is not 100% cowhide as...
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Recliner Review

We purchased a recliner lounge suite from chateau Dax in South Africa who shut down in Nov 2013. Our recliner is not even a year old and the cushioning is collapsing and we can hear loose springs when we sit on the suite. Now that they are out if the country I sm not sure who will uphold the warranty??We paid a premium price for this suite and this is not the quality we expected.

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