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I refused to sign up for that "Green Sense". I had a bad experience from one offer they had before so I got used to refuse every offer, and moved all my autodeductions and autodeposits to another bank. But I hold on, a little, to this bank due to my equity line of credit. Today, I need a copy of one of my cancelled checks but couldn't have it because the paperless statement,which I never realized I was with it, can only go back 60 days. ... Read more

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I have had Charter One Bank for years and recently they are screwing with my accounts. they have been transferring money between my accounts with out my consent, leading me into a negative. now since yesterday my account has nearly doubled its negative fee. i am as of now charged with over 500.00 in negative fees. I have spoken with their customer service and the first lady i spoke to was nice she has also seen a flaw in their system between the... Read more

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Called CharterOne today to inquire about the balance in my checking account. The customer rep kept asking me the account number. I offered her other information (SSN, DOB, etc.) but she wouldn't take it. I have accounts at other banks and they can get my account info using SSN. Most people memorize their SSN but not every bank account number. The rep would not do anything if I don't give her account number. I know that if I walk to... Read more

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Charter One has no e-check protection in place. As a matter of fact on my corporate account e-checks were cashed that neither had the correct sequence number nor the correct name on the account. When I complained they stated it would all be taken care of. I received a letter from them stating that because according to them my response wasn't timely it was my fault that someone could cash e-checks on a corporate account with no verification... Read more

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