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Lazy staff do not even close blinds when sun is blaring in your eyes while trying to work out.Never any filled bottles to clean filthy equipment or towels. Always too hot!! Dangerously hot for those of us getting a serious workout! Equipment is always broken or working poorly. Poor ventilation, smells so bad its nauseating!! Need to refund all memberships and close doors!!!!! I am worried about contracting some skin infection or airborne disease...
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Do no sign up for this gym. They can't keep their accounting in order. I am trying to cancel my membership and they are asking for another month of payment for a service I have not used. Then not only did I follow procedure to cancel, but because their finance company and local gym do not speak, they will keep billing me until they speak and come to terms about my cancellation notice. I went in person to cancel, then I was told to send a...
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I liked
  • Couple of their trainers
  • Location
I didn't like
  • Broken or partially broken equipment
  • Attitude
  • Stagnant air
Why would i pay an annual fee for a gym i am leaving at the beginning of the year? The gym is dirty, and smells terrible. Clearly the annual fees arent being used to keep the place nice. I got nothing but attitude from the manager dennis, who proceeded to tell me i shouldn't have signed something i didn't understand. I understood what i was told by the representative, and he explained that was there was no contract, and i could cancel without...
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