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I recently spoke to more customer service, sales & tech support people in one company more than any other calls I've had all month.Each person had a different price for services offered as well as packages that are available. What is even worse is I was calling for my friend who is deaf and very hard to deal with because he does not under-stand everything you tell him, because he reads lips. He is also 70 years old. He has never used internet...
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i live in El Paso Texas, Spectrum merged with time warner cable and commercials have been coming out stating that it will be better and all this and that, Well this is all ***.The only way to get a decent deal is to be a new customer. However, if you are an excisting time warner customer then they basically turn you over, bend you down and stick you where the sun don't shine. They will charge you twice as much as you are paying for their...
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h.kitchener The only service you should ever get from Charter is their cable internet---it is far better than most others and reliable in most, but not all areas. The best thing to do is...

Charter Communications Spectrum Triple Play Bundle Review

Appx 9pm n in the middle of an on demand Cinemax series show, boom ! Some kind of update the way the service guy tells me once I described what happens.Only this thing happens for about 15 mins. and it's random. Quite disturbing actually.And no prior notice or mention. The company actually expects you to just tolerate it !