Charlton Home Schofield Area Rug Reviews

Yesterday I ordered an area rug for my home. I thought I had gotten a steal of a deal considering the price was $32.99 for a 9 x 12 indoor outdoor rug. I placed my order and received a confirmation number and estimated delivery date of May 3. Yes, obviously this deal was too good to be true. I found an email message from PayPal this morning refunding my $$$ from Wayfair and a message from Wayfair stating that the price of the item had been...
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Anonymous It's a common misconception, but retailers are not obliged to honour places that are mistakenly placed on items.


Anonymous As a customer service rep for one of the largest retailers I can tell you unequivocally, you're just wrong headed. People make mistakes and if you read disclaimers. you'll see...