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BUYER BEWARE In February I ordered a pink zig zag toddler Tula that ChapmanHill Baby had listed as in stock on their website. The website gave me three promotions they were offering, a percentage off of my total, free shipping, and a small gift to come with my purchase. I then received an email from them telling me that Tula had asked to not be a part of the sale, so if I wanted my Tula I would have to pay the difference. I told them that I would pay the difference, but I wanted to know how they were having a presale of sorts because I had just learned everyone was out of that print and Tula did not allow presales. After this inquiry they informed me it was a mistake and that they were going to refund my money and put me on a waiting list. I emailed them why this whole transaction had left a bad taste in my mouth for them, and if I had not already tried a Tula, it would have left a bad taste for Tulas as well. I received a long email telling me how horrible things are for them because of this mistake and they fear losing their ability to sell Tulas and possibly their whole business. At one point in the email she informed me that " I actually thought offering a $20 diaper, a $20 gift card, AND on average $12 in free shipping for a carrier not even to be paid for until 4 weeks later or currently in stock was more than generous. But, what do I know." (PS, I received the diaper when I finally received my Tula, I do not cloth diaper, but did NOT receive the gift card) I replied wishing them the best and did not hear anything else from them. I was invoiced for a Toddler pink Zig Zag Tula on March 20th at 11:38 PM. I paid the next day (Friday) by noon. I received confirmation from paypal but nothing from ChapmanHill Baby. I finally emailed them for tracking and was told they were expecting the Tulas in store on Tuesday and would ship after that. On the 27th I emailed the store asking where my tracking was. I received a reply that I should already have tracking from a third party, shipdirect. Later that night (1:38 AM) I received my tracking information from ship direct that a label had been printed that day (27th) and would be picked up the next day (28th). I do not believe that I should have to ask a store to please ship me the Tula I had paid for a week earlier. I do not think that I, as a consumer, should be lied to about that shipping (telling me I should already have tracking and then printing off a label). I also think when I complete a transaction I should not be asked to pay more than what I already paid, I am sorry there was an error, but that is not my problem as I paid what YOUR website charged me. Overall the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Please be very careful when dealing with this company.
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Adrian, Michigan

Worst employer

If you're ever offered a job at ChapmanHill Baby please consider it x(infinity). So I interviewed. Not really formal. I stood around looked around for 15 minutes. The owner, Cheri, yells for Jessica, the manager in training. So I ask "Hey are you Jessica" she's like "yeah how did you know?" I said "someone is yelling for you." So she attends to Cheri (which Cheri will want you to attend to her every need like you were her personal assistant. Probably why her first one quit. She had to let go of her second because of sales were low. That's how Jessica became the manager. Which have fun being managed by a total punk *** 20 year old who wants to talk about responsibilty but she relys on her parents for everything.) So after Jessica explained common sense that anyone knows Cheri finally walks through the door like she's miss queen bee. So I had another job offer and I took that one at first. Turned around and quit because I had the worst manager of all time who didn't even care about the lives of his employees. So I called CHB (chapmanhill baby) and asked if the job was still available. A week later they got back with me saying it was and I could start that monday. On the friday of my second week Cheri emails me at 6 am which I never checked and tells me that my hours have been cut. (Didnt check it until after I got off work that day) I show up to work ontime and waited for someone to unlock the front doors but guess who was late to open? Jessica! Can't get to work ontime. How are you going to manage one? So that wasnt the first time. Cheri shows up late to open the store and so did Jessica. It happened 3 times out of the 7 days I worked there. So I'm there and Jessica says "what are you doing here?" I thought cheri sent you an email about hours. So she calls Cheri and Cheri says I can stay til 2. (Btw the email talked about the following week not that friday. If she needed to say something like that she should of called Dont you think?) But guess who comes in on a day shes not normaly scheduled to work? Amber. (Amber if your reading this I have no problem with you and Jessica not once did I make any low blows to her) and guess who picked her up? Cheri. Btw my job there was inventory. The back was so unorgsmized and guess who organized it? Me mostly. I was climbing tall *** ladders with sometimes 30 lbs+ boxes and taking them from the top shelf which is atleast 12 feet high and putting it on the lowest shelf. My arms, shirt, and pants were covered in dirt and when we had a customer I went out and attended to their needs while I'm covered in dirt. It was so embarrasing. So the following week I took off. My car was leaking brake fluid from the wheel cylinders and I asked cheri if it was ok if I didn't come in for the 4 hour shift because I had to get my car fixed. The following day I had to go out of town for a military meeting. When I got back Jessica called me that monday to say they weren't making enough sales and that I had to be let go. So I told myself last one hired first one fired. I took it pretty poorly. Because of the fact Jessica called and did not have the courage to say it in person. So the following day I called Cheri no answer. Called her again. No answer. Finally I texted her because she's childish and cant speak on the phone and I said I'd like to meet up with her. Asked what time? I said 12:30 she said after 3. At 2:30 about to leave the house she says 4. So I leave at 3:30. Its a 25 minute drive and guess whose not there? Cheri. I speak with Amber for a bit about my employment and i said i wasnt surprised she wasnt let go because Amber was Cheri's friend and who would want to tell their friend hey i had to let go of your daughter because im not cutting it with my sales.So I ask Jessica when she walked in from the back. Hey where's Cheri. Oh she just left. So of course I get upset because cheri couldn't be a real adult and have a conversation face to face. So I asked Jessica for my w-4, i9, and my state withhelding so I could fill them out and I said I shouldn't be doing this when I've been let go. ( but hey its unorganized at CHB I asked for my tax forms on multiple occasions) so I came in and wasted my $7 of gas for nothing. So jessica overheard what I was saying to amber and she said so you think this was a favoritism thing that amber is still here? I said no because I understand why cheri would keep her. Jessica says well she's more important to us because she's been working on the website and shes only here for the summer.(I was never trained. I was supposed to be but the employees were busy) so I was like okay I'm not important. (Inventory isn't important to you guys when its really messed up and putting upcs in the system will make things easier and faster for customers) so jessica tries getting ahold of cheri. She can't get ahold of her. So I said of course and left. Cheri calls me around 8. The time I go to bed and leaves no voicemail. Just texts me call me back. Did I? No. I washed my hands from CHB. So I wrote an email on how they could approve and that I was taking being let go poorly because it was my first time with no notice no nothing to let me try to find another job. So they took it negative. Jessica tried to say that I had multiple customer complaints (which I was never told I had any) that I was being childish but wait for it that I had an employee complaint (which don't grown adults take it to their co worker first? If it doesn't get resolved then take it to the higher ups?) And that I was lazy. Out of all my coworkers and managers none would say I'm lazy. So all of those reasons Jessica gave me was bull. Jessica said Cheri had her little talks with me? Another bs. Cheri only told me to smile more. So I did. But not to a point to oversmile like cheri does. Also if you get a reply back from an annie smith its cheri trying to act like someone else because she doesn't want to know its her. Learned that from an email I received. Also I greeted every customer who walked through the door asked how their day was and used their last name and said have a great day mrs. So and so. Was I told to do this? No. So I don't know why I had any customer complaints. Cheri also was childish with calling me names and threatening me. I never called them any names so I don't know what gave her the right to do so. Oh wait she's childish. She called me crazy because I was giving her ideas about how to make her employees feel important. She called me psychological. She called me childish. She posts on the Facebook page false statements and advertisements. She threatened my husband who had nothing to do with the situation and said she was going to get into contact with his command. Empty threat since last time I checked I wasnt in the military. She also threatened saying if I replied back she would give my check to the police and get a restraining order. Empty threats because I never threatened her. So the pay jessics was upset I made more than her. Now she's a part time manager at $8 an hour with no benefits. Awesome job. Oh and she's suppose to be the store manager. What store manager is part time? How long did it take to get my paycheck? We were super to be paid bi-weekly but they really only paid you when ever. I know the other employees went 5 weeks without one. As did I. I came into the picture on the second week of the pay period. I worked only the first week of the next period. I had to call the store 2 weeks after i was laid off and jessica was asking why I told cheri she needed a drug test. I told her I didn't. Said Cheri said I did. Said I didn't again and that Cheri shouldn't assume things (*** out of u and me) (But now that I think about it she should probably be checked) so jessica said they were in no rush to pay me so I said ill be in a rush to go to court and I hung up. Guess who tried to call me 2 minutes later? Cheri. Well if I was to contact Cheri she was going to get a restraining order on me. So I didn't let it happen. Plus i knew jovan(cheri's husband, the only one civil at CHB) handled payroll. So I looked online found out who he worked under in the military (he's navy reserve) I was a minute from calling his command and jovan emails me back about my paycheck(which i emailed him about and if i didnt get my checks by wednesday that i was getting a lawyer). He said he was given the paperwork late and that he was sorry. Why was he given the paperwork late? Cheri. Today is wednesday. Its been over 3.5 weeks since I worked my last day and I just now recieve my check which I was ripped off on by half an hour of work. If you want to email me before you accept the job my email is (made because of this reason) is Idontwanttobeusedandabused@***.com
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Couldn't agree more she is as crazy as they come, worst boss ever. Most fake person I have ever met and also most "unnatural" for having.

A natural store. What she did to me was even worse than your story!


What'd she do to you?


Omg. I want to know too!

This is the original poster and she's not giving my W-2 within a timely fashion. If you could please email me at idontwanttobeusedandabused@***.com (my legit email) I would love to know!


Former Employee


I, too, know Cheri. She is as crooked and unprofessional as they come.

I am a business owner and would never dream of treating my employees as she does. Stay away!


This post is ridiculous. You really need to get a life.

Oh and you need to get a job. :grin


Dear Lindsay Royal,

We are very sad that you have chosen to display yourself in such a poor and negative light. We received numerous complaints about your customer service, your lack of work ethic, and also your poor choice of wardrobe. You stalked our store for months after you were let go. You sent nasty emails, stalking text messages, and harassing Facebook comments. All for what?

We strongly encourage you to reconsider the public display of your comments here. They are about as truthful as the conspiracy theory you concocted about your friends you asked to stalk me on my cell phone.

I am so saddened that you have chosen to resort to such foolish means in order to call attention upon yourself. We really truly wish you the best in your endeavors and we are prayful you will someday make amends for your past transgressions, including this one.



wow I guess this is your manager? You can tell that you did the right thing as the (employee) and good for you for telling everyone what happened.

Since your manager called you out by name, I'm am now positive your post is honest and sincere. It seems to me this employer is a hypocrite just by looking at their facebook posts and saying they don't hide behind a computer screen!

Your manager is apparently hiding behind one now. :grin


Dear Lindsay,

You go girl! Tell her like it is. I met Cheri and she's an awful stuck up *** who looks down upon those of us who do not earn 6 figures a year and will lie and claim she has 25 employees. When she truly only has one. Her comments about you are probably lies. I wish I had known you as her employees, I'm sure you were kind to everyone that walked through the store. Good luck with your life. I'm sure you only look at this as a negative experience and have learned something from it. I'm hoping another job came along your way and is much better than working for Cheri. Lindsay not everyone thinks negative about you dear. You just wanted your story heard and everyone heard it. So good for you.

As for Cheri Chapman. Wow. You would go as far as to call someone out by name. So I thought it was only fair to call you out by name :grin For you to say her comments were true, and yet say she had customer complaints. How can you have customer complaints by greeting each customer that walks in and then using Mrs. So and so have a nice day? :eek For an employee to be covered in filth so do the back of the store and have a lack of work ethic :? How can an employee have a poor choice of wardrobe unless they came in with stains/rips/dirty and holes in their clothes? If she was recently let go 2 months ago then how come there isn't more dirt on your company on other review websites that I've seen? From what it sounds, you sent nasty emails by calling her names when apparently she never called you any. I'm sure no employee has friends that stalks their former employers to stalk someone on their cell phone. What a joke. What are they going to do? Find out where you are every second of the day? Haha. :p I don't think she's asking for attention if she puts an invalid email to respond to. She just wants people to know what they're getting into before accepting a job from you. Prayful? What a joke. Cheri, you are the last thing from a religious woman. Save your lies for someone who will believe them. :zzz Go cry yourself a river Cheri. :cry

Lindsay, you don't have to apologize to that woman. If she was calling you names, she's the one who should be apologizing to you. She sounds like she's the one that needs to grow up. :)


Cheri Adair Chapman.

Please stop threatening me through email.

Please stop threatening my husband through facebook.

The emails/ facebook messages and a copy of this website page have been taken to his command to prove everything I said on this site was indeed true.

The next threat I receive or my husband receives will be taken up with the police.

I blocked you on facebook for a reason. I guess you didn't take the hint because you stalked facebook for my husband. When 4 months later, I had not been wprking for you. Nor did I ever mention or bring my husband into this whole mess until you messaged him.

Yes. It is clear I wrote this review. Because you knew it was me because everything I stated was indeed true.

I honestly wish you the best. It is sad that youmust hide behind a computer screen and make threats and call names like a child.

Also, I found a job 3 days after you let me go!

I work 2 miles away, instead of the 20 miles one way commute to work for you. Roughly $7 in gas round trip

Plus the runs to the dollar stores for you.

I also make more $12 an hour. They describe me as a hard working individual and its business casual and they have nothing bad to ever say about my wardrobe!

If you contact me or my family/friends directly or indirectly through your husband or any of your friends or family I am going straight to the police. I am sick and tired of your childish games. I have told y our husband and my husband has told you to leave us and my family alone.

You have been warned.

Lindsey Royal.


Oh the hypocrisy :roll

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Jessup, Maryland

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