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This school is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am going to tell all that happened to me back from 1984 to 1987 when I went to that school. Those *** teachers did the best they could to dumn me down. Everytime they see a smart student they have to dumn them down so they can be *** like everybody else. This is how they do it. They put the child in a regular class then when the child is way to smart for the homework that is given they put them in a dummies class. Then the child gets so bored and irritated at the simplicity of the work, they end up just not doing it. So, the teacher says well your son is not doing to well we are going to give him an intelligence test. They gave me an intelligence test and I scored above average intelligence everytime.

I was given an intelligence test almost every year that I was in school except Junior High. Once I got into junior high they stoped giving me the IQ test. They couldn't figure why I scored so high, yet I was not doing the work. They finally put me in an advanced class but the advanced class was not really advanced. It was a course to bonbard you with so much busy work you didn't even have time to go to the bathroom. The only good thing was that I din't have to cut and paste anymore. I went to the third grade and I had a math class. There was a homework assignment that did't have well written instructions. My mother had a Bachelors of Science and had to spend about 2 minutes trying to figure what the homework assignment was supposed to be about. My mother would put the assignment to the side and say I have no idea what they want you to do. I would ask my teachers and they would get p*ssed at me and tell me to figure it out. My math teacher would say in class if you need help ask your classmates to help you out. So, I asked this student how do you do this assignment and he would ignore me, then he raised his hand and said out loud that I was bothering him. The math teacher grabed me by the arm and pulled up out of the chair. Then she pulled my desk away from the group and slamed my desk against the corner of the wall. My books slid off the desk and I looked at my stuff laying on the floor, so I bent over to pick up my stuff and she yelled at me to stand next to my desk. She picked up my stuff and slammed it on the desk. She said don't you dare look at anybody in this classroom. When I would ask her for help on my math questions she would tell me to figure it out. So, I knew for the rest of the semester that I could not ask her for help at all. What made her angry is that over time I began to figure out the math without her help, and for the entire school year she made me sit in the corner. I felt sad, isolated and it was difficult to do my work when I see other classmates working with eachother and talking to eachother. I tried my best not to look because if I looked I was going to cry. One girl tried to keep me company and the teacher gave her an evil look. She looked at me as she walked away.

Then when I got into the 4th grade there was a b*stard kid that was falsely accusing me of all kinds of wrong doing. Instead of the F**got principal ordering me to be transfered to another teacher he just let me stay in the class with children taunting me and accusing me of saying curse words. They thought it was funny to see me cry and get in trouble with the school staff. I was in constant ***, I was abused by both my parents, most of the abuse came from my father but for me school was the only happiness I ever got in my life. It made me feel good to see other children. The 4th grade was one of the worst years of my life. The principal would make me sit in a dark office and told me that I was not allowed to leave the room unill I wrote an apology letter. He never contacted my parents because he thought it was funny to see my cry and be depressed. When I was in the office I prayed so hard for Jesus to come and take my life, because I didn't want to live anymore. I just wanted somebody to kill me so my soul can finally have some freedom and peace. Back then I simply had given up on life, everyday I would pray for death, and my wish never came true. I had to spend those years being abused by my family and ontop of that I take more abuse from the school staff. I am 33 years old and I still can not forget what happened in those years. Mrs. Angle this message is for you, you g*d dam* st*pid *** You knew very well that I didn't say those horrible things and you went along with the class because you enjoyed seeing me tormented emotionally and mentally, you are an evil satanic *** I hope you and the principal that worked in that school between 1984 and 1987 burn in *** with Satan! God knows how may other children you have done this too. You just pick a child out of the group that you don't like and you make their life a miserable ***!

I hope you and that F**got principal die of Cancer or AIDS, then right after you die a slow misserable death I want your souls to go straight to ***, and you spend an eternity burning with agony and sorrow with the Prince of Darkness!

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I don't think they succeeded, you smart *** I am currently in college studying Mechanical Engineering. But I do remember a teacher laughing at me when I said that my dream is to go to college. Answer this question you closed minded a*shole. Why was I put in a dummies course, when I came from a Catholic school and I could read way better than my classmates? Here is the problem with the majority of the readers of this post, instead of you guys reading, and contemplating that maybe this could be happening to your children or your future children, you reject this information as false. Maybe these things didn't happen to you as a child, but they happened to me. What p*ses me off about you people, instead of listening or in this case reading, you block out the information, and say that can't be happening in our schools. Just like when you people block out information that your local politician accepts money from drug dealers, or local police officers give drug traficers protection in exchange for money.

You guys reject any information that doesn't fit into your brainwashed minds. Just like IF (possibility) your mom comes up to you and says that your dad is a piece of ***, mistreated her for years, verbally abused her, cheated on her, took her savings and spent it on himself. You guys reject that information and say my dad would never do something like that. Oh really, how could you know those things for sure when you guys had your head up your freaking *** for 18 years of your life. For you dumb a*ses, that was just an example or a scenario, meaning it is not necessarily true for everybody. It's how you would react if your mom were to tell you those things. I have to calrify for the d*mb a*ses.

The point is you guys were givin the facts of what happened in my life, and you rejected the information as false. You have the right to reject the information, but for you guys to make fun of me and dismiss what I say as made up ***, it is not, because thanks to the public school system I have to take remedial courses in order to take college level english, chemestry, and math. Things I should have learned in junior high and high school, but didn't. When you guys make your as*enine comments about me or what ever crack jokes you make about me, you are demonstrating to me, that you are a true piece of *** You guys, not once ever thought that we have a serious problem in our public school system. You guys remind me of the little b*stards that were in my class. One fat piece of *** said I said the f word and the rest of the class lies and says I said it, just to go along with the leader, because the one that stands up and tells the truth and says, no, he didn't say that, is viewed as an out cast. Well, you went against us, that is not being a good sheeple.

The bible says "thou shall not bear false witness". That means don't be a liar. In litteral translation, don't say you witness something when you really didn't.

God gave mankind rules to live by and all you pieces of *** can't follow 10 simple rules by god. Also you people demonstrate how dark your souls are when you make these as*enine comments, it makes me wonder if you people are going to burn in *** when you die. For those of you that know in your hearts that you are good, disregard my comments because they are not directed to you.


"Those *** teachers did the best they could to dumn me down."

To/too/two f*uckn funny. Looks like they succeeded, Sparky.


Let me tell you what else that *** Mrs. Angle did.

She used to throw my homework in the trash and make me do it again because she thought it was funny to make me do work I already have completed, then when I finished with that work she would come up with more busy work while other students were goofing off having fun. The busy work didn't teach english composition, it was just reading and filling in the blank.

I would like to comment on the fat b*stard that said I used the F word in class amongst other fabricated b*llsh*t stories. The fat kid's name was BJ. Don't know why his parents allowed him to adopt that nick name because everybody that has entered puberty knows what BJ stands for.

Who knows maybe the kid did give BJ's in highschool so the nickname suits him well. I think the principals name was Mr. Perry, I am not sure but I know it started with a P or had a letter P in his name. Well I hope the Principal and the *** Mrs.

Angle who gave the old man BJ's burn together in eternal damnation, in the firey pits of ***. Both of them can say hellow to Satan for me.


This person is pouring his or her out and explaining what happened in the past and all people can do is be crude and evil towards other people. I think Tasha is an evil cold hearted n**ger myself.

Maybe this person is right, judging by the crude comments, I do believe that only a few people will go to heaven. Just because you read the bible or go to church does not mean you go to heaven. Christianity teaches respect and compassion towards mankind. Did these two show compasion towards the person that wrote the article?

No, these are two evil b*stards just wanted to attack this person out of personal joy.

Maybe these two people are like the sack of *** kids that were in this persons 4th grade class. They are back stabbing two faced liars that just go along with what other people do, so they can be a part of a group.


*** you god dam* n**gers. Tasha is a N*ger because I am now in College finishing a bachelors.

Kevin is either a N*ger or white trash and for your information N*ger Tasha I was upset when I wrote this. You two reinforce my theory that people are *** and is going straight to *** during the rapture.

High F

Words used for this article was st*pid and *** *** might conjour an evil spirit so the politically correct machine has to edit the words that I write to keep everybody safe from the boogy man.

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