Chandlers Steak House in Boise Idaho Made Me Vomit

Chandlers Steakhouse - Chandlers Steak House in Boise Idaho Made Me Vomit
Our family went to Chandlers Steak House in Boise Idaho to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We wanted to go to a nice place and found Chandlers Steak house listed on the web. We even purchased $300 of new clothes to make the night extra special! I should’ve paid attention to the negative reviews about Chandlers, but I thought to myself, ‘how could someone mess up steak?’ When we arrived, they sat us at our table. There were flies everywhere! I don’t like flies in my home let alone anywhere in the vicinity of my food. If I’m at a picnic, it’s expected but not when I’m paying over $250 for my meal, I shouldn’t be swatting the air every five seconds. To add to the negative atmosphere were our servers. Our waitress, “K”, was snotty and rude, while the bus boy had tattoos up his arms like he should be working in the slaughterhouse. Once again, this was quite shocking for a place that is supposed to be upper class… For an appetizer we ordered shrimp cocktail and crab cakes. We received FOUR shrimp which cost us $12.00 and TWO GREASY crab cakes that cost us $17.50. I’ve had better tasting and more plentiful portions at Long John Silvers and Red Lobster! It wasn’t enough to feed one person, let alone three. To make matters worse, our dinner salads were topped with sardines! GROSS!!! No one asked me if I wanted them! They were just piled high atop our salads. I thought it was customary to let the customer decide what they want to eat and how they want to eat it…. Regardless, the fish juice had leaked all over my salad causing me to just push it to the side and leave it uneaten. It tasted fishy and disgusting. My husband and I ordered prime rib Oscar style, $45 a plate – we asked for medium well. After eating the Oscar style topping which consisted of A soupy seafood mix – I ate a few pieces of my prime rib which was buried underneath it. It tasted funny and therefore, I brushed away the rest of the topping and found that my prime rib was a disgusting bloody mess!!!! It wasn’t cooked! As you will see from the pictures, I didn’t eat it because it was fit for a vampire! In one of the pictures you can see that it was so bloody, it left blood all over the take home container! We order meat cooked because that is sanitary! I am not a cave man and I don’t need worms! When we complained about the state of our food to our waitress said she could do nothing about it. SHE DIDN’T EVEN OFFER TO TAKE IT BACK AND HAVE THEM COOK THEM LONGER!!! Nevertheless, we ordered wine to rid our mouths of the awful raw taste of meat! I didn’t want to spoil the evening, but so far, we’d eaten next to nothing. Our main course was uncooked, our salad tasted like they came out of a warm fish tank, and the appetizer portions were small and nothing to write home about. Our daughter ordered the halibut which was mainly a plate full of rice and a few carrots - $33. Everyone was still hungry so we did something we don’t normally do and ordered desert. The Trifecta tasted like a those chunky candy coating squares you buy in the bakers isle at Walmart. Pure, waxy, white chocolate tasting… When we got home, my stomach felt queasy. To make a long story short, I threw up three times. I am not a sickly person, but the food at Chandlers Steak house in Idaho literally made me vomit!!! If you’re looking for a fine dining experience – don’t go to Chandlers Steak house in Boise – unless of course you want to swat flies, get treated poorly, eat raw food – pay too much – and throw up!
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Did you get Caesar salads? It says on the menu they are garnished with anchovies.

The steak looks completely raw and I can't believe they served it on a floral paper plate, as shown in your picture. I would be highly p*ssed if I paid that much for raw steak served on a paper plate.


Too right! I think that's why they keep it so dark in there - so you can't see the bloody meat they try to pass off as steak.

Chandler's Steak House in Boise is a shady and over-priced place that is better suited for old and sleazy salesmen out for a night of expensive drinks...more than it is suited for a family meal.

I went to Taco Bell early in the morning and paid $9 dollars for a large breakfast on the way to work. But it tasted a whole h*** of a lot better than the $80 blood red steak I had at Chandler's later that night. Oh, and if you look at Urban Spoon, there are many complaints there about bloody steaks as well.

I like that you put a picture with your post - I wish I would have saved a picture of my totally rare steak as well.

Save yourself some money and pass on the Chandler's steakhouse in Boise. You can get a better "steak" sandwich at your local Carl's Jr.

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