Never rent from this company!

I rented a house from the company which had damage from the prior tenants when I moved in. This damage was noted on the move in checklist. However they stole almost my whole deposit for damage that wasn’t mine.
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Worst Compy Ever

I viewed a property w/ Carlo and he so RUDE! Please go somewhere else. I’ve spoken w/ the home association and was told they receive a lot of complaints about him!!!!!!! This is a LOW CLASS REALITOR.
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Poor customer service

Worst Company EVER

I will never work with these people again. They kept over $600 of my security deposit for lame *** BS charges. It took them over 3 months to get it to me. STAY AWAY! Their customer service sucks. I should have known better when I heard their angering machine. Im not sure how these people even have a business. I am sure their clients are not very happy either. Stay away do not rent from these people. Never ever will I ever again.This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I will never work with this company again. I moved out and they charged me for every little thing and super expensive charges. Paint a bathroom, $150 RIDICULOUS. It them over three months to return my deposit check. Which they kept of $600! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE.
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Altamonte Springs, Florida
Reason of review
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Still Waiting for my Deposit of $1050 at CFRP Realty

I rented with this company @ 5125 Palm Springs Blvd Unit 3305, Tampa Florida for the past 2 years and never missed a month of payment nor being late one day. The first time I called for a plumbing issue after 1 1/2 year leaving in the property I was charged $290 by Carlos Amenta the Owner, which he himself paid $60.00 for, Do the math how much he earned from investing $60.00. I paid a very high rent but my property is scheduled for showing to buyers almost every week. You know what aggravates me the most is when I followed the guideline for moving out sent to me by Accounting Department, which tells you how to speed up your refund, which I have followed but they still have another reason not to send me my refund timely. I have never missed a day for not paying my rent on time whether I am working or out of work I still paid Carlos his rent on time. Today, July 15. 2016 and I am still waiting for my refund. I am a single mom who is trying to do what is right and expected to receive the same treatment from others, but not enough for Carlos the owner, who is also a realtor in the company. I have contacted him several times via texts and emails, but he said he will get back to me after his vendors sent the invoices. What do you understand from that statement? I have video tape the property after I cleaned it. When I asked him WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY THAT he responded he has 30 days to get back to me. Again. I stay for 2 years and never missed a payment and have treated his condo as if it was mine. I never walked on the carpet with shoes on, nor my family is allowed to. I have emails from the schedule visits every two months by the company which served to make sure I am taking care of the property. It is not easy to rent from this company as these homes are scheduled to be sold to the highest bitter, so the place has to be shown to sellers every day if there is a buyer not good at all. Carlos will have you signed a list of clause every time you renew your list with him, so he does not spend a dime on his own property. He will make sure you pay his mortgage, HOA and all repairs that any owner will pay. I have an email from him at my exit thanking me and to feel free to use him as a reference. but he does not think I deserve my deposit. I have texts and email him several times. but to not avail. This is my experience and opinion of him. Beware of this guy properties!
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Tampa, Florida
  • So please disregard
  • I just wanted to write a review
  • I dont believe this website is what i am seeking
  • Now he gets to keep my deposit too
  • Called for repair was charged after leaving 2 years
  • Paid 184 for carpet cleaning
Reason of review
Rent Deposit not return
Preferred solution
Full refund

SCAMMERS: Cfrp Realty

I highly recommend that you as a renter DO NOT go through any process with this company. They are SCAMMERS and lie about property as well as discriminate based on concerns you might have as future renter. I looked at their property on Ruth Blvd in Longwood. The realtor was oblivious to any questions we had regarding the property. Once we did fill out the application, they stated after that there was another applicant (so stealing both of our money). Once we we're "approved" I e-mail them regarding questions about the well water and over infestation of German cockroaches! Because of my concerns, they emailed back stating due to my "tone" via e-mail that the owner believes that they are no longer a fit for us. Compelling as to how they can hear my tone through email? The most baffling, is how once questioned regarding the cockroaches and water pressure they turn an deny my application! Stealing my money. Don't waste your time with these unethical, poor customer service, scammers. Stephanie Granger
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This is Beth Lynch and this comment is total fabrication...I don't know this person, never met this person and haven't a clue as to where Ruth Rd. is...thank you


You should talk to John E. Dannel the owner of this place. I have no idea if this place is rotten/bad because of him or because Beth Lynch


Was Beth Lynch your realtor?