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I had a check returned from Betfair that I disputed and after 5 months of collection letters from Certegy I got a THEFT BY DECEPTION charge from AC municipal that I now have court on 1/3 in superior court. A collection agency filled a felony charge. I'm not only going to take this to trial if need be but once it's laughed out of court I'm going after NJSP/ATL COUNTY PROSECUTORS AND BETFAIR FOR DEFAMATION. .
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Basically went cashed my check followed there steps to become a member and did that twice because the first time i did they didnt return my check so i called there number and even gave them the terminal id number they told me to repeat the same steps and call back in three minutes so i did and they proceesed to tell me the same thing yet hmmm i never recieved my money nor did the atm return my check back to me either what is there issue........
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Why would any company use this "service"? Especially Wal-Mart! We shop there almost daily. I went there to cash my payroll check and it was declined. No reason was given. They give you a number to call, insinuating that if you call they will tell you why, but no they don't. Makes for a very unhappy customer..
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Florida Mom Mom with two precious children. I got my payroll check in mail, Saturday,
October 15, 2016, about 4:00 pm, my bank was closed, so I rushed over to
Wal-Mart, Certegy, che...

Cetergy Check Services Check Cashing Review

Nothing but problems...cant cash my payroll checks. I have three piled up that are basically worthless. 3 weeks late on rent at this time. No food. Certegy is no help, they are just collecting peoples info which is identoty theft wsoting to happen. Ive reported them everywhere i can think of.
When you have an issue with a check, they blame the stores and the stores blame Certegy. These check verification services hassle legitimate customers and never identify theft and fraud. Check verification companies play the shell game with the retail stores that don't have the courage to just say they don't want to take checks! Check verification services do no follow up to pursue any suspicious checks that manage to get past their system. If...
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Certegy is a horrible service, this time they declined my check at lowe's and I have an account there. The other two times last year at target and Walmart. What is upsetting is the cashiers always talk loud about your business and people look at you like your committing a crime. What's more, Certegy doesn't even check with your bank to see if you have funds. There is no reason they should have done this. Sure I have a bank card but most...
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