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Poor customer care or no customer care

RMike Noel of Renewal By Anderson is incompetent at best. His service department is non existent. His installers gave installed the same storm door 4 times. Each attempt has left the door a mess. Its unbelievable that they just dont want to own their mistakes. They will not cooperate with the manufacturer who is willing to replace the door. I have taken 2 days from work without pay, given up 2 Saturdays for their issue. On June 4,2022 his installers left a screen just buckling through the window. Mike Noel doesnt want to spend money on overtime to repair his problem. Trying to get I touch with a representative from Renewal by Anderson other than this Cranford, NJ has been difficult. Honestly, its disgusting that they take your money and dont care.

User's recommendation: Do not deal with Renewsl By Anderson of Cranford Bew Hersey.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This company sucks!!!

this company is rude... inconsiderate... wont listen... and you don't get what you asked for. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!! you go to cancel and they wont listen to you. you go to take your card number off and they will not listen to you. still change you. we are not even getting any magazines. they are a frauds, fakes, users. they know what they are doing to scam you out of money you don't have. they don't care if you want to cancel they basically wont let you. stay away from this company. if they call tell them they are a scam and that you wont give them your information. if you have service with them CANCEL it right away! don't let them keep billing you.
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San Bruno, California
Central Renewal Services Customer Care
  • I hate their service
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Full refund

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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About 3 years now

I was 18 years old and I got a phone call telling me about magazines and i would only be charged 19.95 a month and i can cancel whenever i want. THESE B***ards charge me a good 50 dollars of my hard earned money straight out of my bank account. knowing me that I'm a student i should have never done that. so i called my bank and i canceled my card and told them to send me a new one. I still get these magazines sent to my house and i haunt been charged. i been trying to get a hold of them for months now and i haunt gotten a call back nor they ever pick up the phones
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An expensive lesson that you never do business with a stranger who calls you...never give out financial information on the phone. Do it online and make sure it's a secured server.

You can tell, because instead of http:// the web address will say https:// .... You should know that you eventually will receive demanding and threatening calls from these people for the money for the magazines. They may be M.I.A right now, but they will reappear and threaten to ruin your credit and they will turn you over to a collection agency. You need to send them a letter, documenting times and dates when you have tried to contact them to cancel.

Send the letter in a trackable method, i.e. UPS or Fedex, so they can't ever say they didn't get it.

Also, do not sign the letter with your normal signature. Some underhanded companies and debt collectors will take your signature and copy it onto to documents to make it look like you signed something when you did not.

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Central Renewal Services

I received a call from a 716407**** to my home and cell phone. The girl told me they needed to verify my cancellation for renewal. This was for a magazine service I canceled a long time ago. After going through a process and probably 3 different girls I got off the phone and immediately googled them. Only to find this site. I knew it sounded sketchy. I checked my bank account curiously and found a $5.00 charge already from 'Magazine 800511**** 800511****' remembering the mention of the charge showing up like this I called the number. When we got on the phone the person on the other line was really quite and said her phone was turned all the way up. I still could barely hear her. I asked what the 5$ charge was and she said it was to verify account and it should go away. When she looked up my name to see if I was signed up for anything she couldn't find anything. I told her I did not want the services and if I found any charges I would call back and cancel anything or cancel my card. She said I should not get any charges but if I did to call back. Should I cancel my card now and get a new one or just keep a close eye on my account for now?
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

They tried to scam, no, no...wrong person to mess with!

I had the same thing happen to me. The best thing to do is to contact your credit card company and tell them of CRS's suspicious activities and cancel your credit card. Then, write your states Attorney General's Office reporting the fraudulent activity of CRS. I did this and so should you! Let's put this company out of business. We work too hard in a time of economic crisis to be preyed upon by companies like CRS. P.S. when I told CRS that I was writing the Attorney general's Office, they said that I didn't need to do that and that they were canceling my account that I never signed up for in the first place! Now that's a true sign of a fraud!
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Washington, District Of Columbia
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I too was a near victim to Central Renewal Service's Scam

This all started with my ordering some teeth whitener online. I just finished with a telephone conversation with Central Renewal Service representative. They have repeatedly called my home phone and advised my wife that they would charge $56.00 per month indefinitely for magazines sent to our home. My wife has repeatedly asked them to stop the charge to our VISA card. My wife called my in frustation today. "They will not take no for an answer." When I called just now, they indicated that my wife gave them permission today and on the previous calls. This not true. They claimed that they have these conversation recorded. After I got the confirmation number of the cancelation, I remarked, I hope you have this conversation recorded also. This company needs to be investigated big time.
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Bakersfield, California


This whole company is a *** SCAM Im gonna file a complaint i didnt even sign up for this someone got a hold of my credit card info and signed up for this. When i explained to a rep my situation she agreed on monthly payments of 20.00 a mth then all of a sudden i start getting calls from this company again and they billed me two payments of 49.95 on top of that 20.00 a mth. This is a scam. when i tried to cancel they said i had to pay 400 bucks im a freaking college student were am i supposed to get that money. This company keeps *** me of i tell them to take me off the call list and they keep calling. Im getting charged 3x a month for the same thing WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just got a call about magazines I supposedly renwed with Central Magazine Services! Never heard of them, however I have been getting Parenting, INC and a cooking magazine I never signed up for.

Called the companies - they said they were paid for and didn't know either who signed me up!

I told the sobs to cancel them and that I was going to report them to the attorney general. How many different names do these parasites use?

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Tampa, Florida
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Mail promotion scam

Central Renewal Services - Mail promotion scam
Several months ago I agreed to receive a promotional package in the mail. If I took the offer I would pay so much a month and receive big discounts at gas stations and other places. After I hung up the phone I thought why did I agree to this offer? Oh well, I thought, I'll just cancel it when the package arrives in the mail since I have thirty days to decide. When the package arrived I found the cancellation phone number and cancelled the offer, thinking that was the end of it. What I didn't know was that hidden in all the brochures and pamphlets was a magazine subscription. This subscription was one that automatically went into effect if I DIDN'T cancel in 2 months. I didn't cancel it because I didn't even see it and I thought cancelling the gas savings deal would cancel everything. A few days ago the lady called me up to confirm my address or something. I said what for? She said for the magazine subscription. I said what magazine subscription? It seems that I agreed to a 3 yr subscription to a bunch of *** magazines for a total of $1,700. I was LIVID. I raved and ranted and then hung up the phone. She called me back and said hanging up the phone isn't going to get you out of the subscription. Then she offered me a deal where she would get the subscription down to 2 1/2 years and reduce the monthly charge by ten dollars. Like an *** I agreed to it. After thinking about it I called back and got another girl. I told her that I didn't want any magazine subscription whether it was the one that came with the gas savings offer or the one that I was offered at the reduced number of months and payments. The girl said the only transaction she had for me was the one I had just made that day, so I cancelled it and got a confirmation number. Then I cancelled my master card and ordered a new one. So far I haven't received any magazines, and if I do I will not open them. The first lady who called me said they had already billed the magazine company so I was oblligated to pay. What should I do?
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Im on here reading hundreds of complaints from dealing with this company. I signed up for a pebbles credit card and next thing ya know I'm getting bill collectors phone calls so i ask what do i owe?

all the while its for magazines that I've never received so i went threw the cancellation process saying i wish not to renew any future services. thought it was all done there. Then 2 months later I'm getting phone calls again saying i owe $ 49.99 per month on magazines that have never came threw the mail. So i go to the bank and get 3 months of statements and there number to central renewal service.

I call the number and my phone has full service but keeps dropping the call as if it was to purposely do that. i even try using someone else's phone. This is so wrong! They have been taking $49.99 per month for 9 months.

Who do you call to get this resolved?

or get your money back? so upset!!


This just happened to me too- I was trying to purchase something and my card didn't go through because they charged me 59.90 for a subscription that I had cancelled back in January when I had THOUGHT I cancelled a renewal. I just got off the phone with 'Tanisha' telling me that they would look for the recorded phone messsage. Did anyone get refunded by the bank OR CRS because this is not ok!


Same thing happened to me. When I called to find out what it was they said I was obliged blah blah blah.

I thought it was 39.99 ONE TIME, not for a few years totalling almost $1200! When I got the letter detailing this I called the number and talked to a nice girl named Natalie. She canceled it for me and listed the reason as "can't afford it". That's absolutely true, I'm in school full time, have two part time jobs, I'm on a research team for a major university, I'm also engaged and trying to save enough for an apartment.

I just got a call today from someone not at all helpful that said they could lower it to $20 a month, that he had a recording that's a binding contract, and that the cancellation was no good. When I asked to speak to someone higher up he wouldn't acknowledge the question and said the company "may very well pursue this". When I asked if that meant court he said he didn't say that. When I asked for him to explain what I meant because I didn't understand he wouldn't.

I was so angry! He said he had to give me a quality control number after lecturing me about being a man and owning up to my responsibilities. I told him I was driving and couldn't write it down. He gave it to me anyway because he "wasn't going to lose his job over this".

I work for the visa department at the bank where I have my accounts. They're going to be surprised at the fight I'm bringing them tomorrow! I am NOT paying this!

I just checked the Better Business Bureau and they are NOT accredited! WHAT A SCAM!


ah I'm sorry the same thing is happeneing to me but I was using my grandmothers credit card~ I also got an email from that Cindy lady saying the account was canceled and they refunded the first charge~ but at the end of last month another charge was on the card and I started getting magazines again~ And now i don't know what to do~ I have all the cancellation stuff to prove they said it was over...should i cancel the card? or should i email her again and be like "doode...what the ***?"


I just received a call from Cenral Renewal Service. They told me that they received my subscription from some shopping network.

That they were prepaid and that I have to pay for the subscription for 60 months. The only way I can opt for this to stop is to pay $49.99. I even mention to the rep Nathaniel Gray was his name that I thought this to be very suspicious. I quickly researched them online and found that there is a scam going around regarding CRS(Cental Renewal Service).

I went to check my account and found that they charged this amount. I found the 800 number that was attached and called customer service. They said that they cancel the transaction. The 800 number that Nathaniel Gray (rep) gave me was a none working number.

Thank goodness that I got the 800 number through my bank transactions so that I can call to cancel.

Hope my post will help others out. I also went to consumers complaint website to place a complaint on these scammers.


Well, I see that I am only one of many who fell for this scam. Now I don't feel so bad.

First thing in the morning I will call my bank and tell them I lost my card and will need a new one. Thanks everyone for enlightening me.

I will never let this happen again! Trust me!!


they called me saying i signed up for magazines. and said i had to pay 60$ a month for 30 months!

i hung up and called my brother who is a secret service agent and he said he would handle it.

he also said to call your banks and tell them your credit card is lost/stolen. they will issue you a new card so that way they cannot charge your banks.


Ann -

Do what matteo suggested. The same thing happened to me, i wrote into their customer support from their website and BITCHED them out for what they claimed I owed.

I said it was a bad business practice, it sounded illegal and im flat out not paying it.

Any company with any sense of decency would let it go, and they did. I received an email saying they were going to leave me alone and so far that is that....


someone called and said I would be recieving mags. WHAT I don't even read!

Had the first 4 digets of bank card. Said I purchased a Walmart card and aggreed to a subscription. $68 something per month or can reduce to 2 years for 30 per month but needed to make a recording. No I sent a certified letter drop dead letter but recieve mags.

everyweek and send them back return to sender.

Any help too stop this? I did cancel card so no asscess to money


This is happening to me right now, they keep calling me back claim they're sending me magazines...i canceled the service 2 years ago after the initial call! Now, 2 years later, they're asking me permission to bill be again for the rest of my '4 year deal' that I canceled, they were confused that they couldnt bill my card, i told them it was because I told my card company not to accept charges from them.

I dont quite understand it all, but I plan on contacting the better business burreu and a lawyer because this seems like extortion (havent even received a product) and harassment.

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Germantown, Maryland

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