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Very unprofessional behavior, questionalble business practices

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I just wanted to share my experience with the Central Florida CDJR. Since I am looking to buy a car, I went to visit this dealership on Sat 02/27/21 and it was the first time I went there. My salesperson was Kobi W. We sat for a while in the main room, he asked a bunch of questions, including what car I am looking for, what color, price range etc. I explained that I do not want a white or black car, and willing to pay no more than 20K, out-the-door (including everything). After he wrote down my answers, he just left saying "will be right back", nothing else. He left without letting me know what the next step is, what to expect. I was waiting for about 10-15 min. and was ready to leave. Kobi came back and invited me to go outside to show me a car he picked based on my answers. He showed me a Nissan Rogue, nice car. But then, he commented, "Oh I just remembered, you don't want a black car", and he continued talking about the car and its features. Once again, I said the car is in wrong color. What is the purpose of that questionnaire if a salesperson does not care? I had to repeat several times until he finally gave up. We sat in that Nissan, Kobi was showing cars on the lot that fit my requirements. I liked some other cars, but Kobi stated those are out of price range I quoted, the out-the-door price would have been over 20K. That is just to tell he was well aware of my price range. Kobi found a Jeep Cherokee that was still in shop awaiting inspection. The car was Pre-owned certified, listed online for $16,991. Kobi stated he could bring the price down under 20K out-the-door, including everything. I agreed to check the car. He brought instead a brand-new Cherokee, same model, said this will feel exactly the same and we went for a short test drive. Kobi was frequently checking his phone, texting back and forth, I was under impression he was not paying attention to what I was saying (based on his lack of response). At some point, I also mentioned I would prefer an all-wheel drive, but he wanted me to explain why is that. We went back in the main room, sat down and Manny, one of the managers, joined us. After short discussion, Manny said the outdoor price for that Jeep would be a little over 22K (about $22, 500 or so), but he then lowered it to 19K out-the-door. Sounded good, so he told Kobi we can go to the shop, to see the car, I agreed. Kobi asked the mechanic about inspection, mechanic stated it was not completed, and the person who is supposed to complete a 125 points check will be back on Monday. Kobi kept pushing, signaling to the guy (he probably though no one will notice), saying "but it can be completed today, right?" The guy said again, no one can complete that inspection, it has to be that specific individual. Kobi said again, can someone else do that later in the day. It was obvious that the more Kobi was pushing to get answer he wanted (no matter what) the technician felt more and more uncomfortable. At one point tech. said "ok, the individual in charge may be coming tomorrow (Sunday) and complete inspection, and he left. After a while, Kobi went to bring estimate. Instead, he brought a form for me to sign, kind of commitment - if inspection is OK, I commit to buy a car. I did not feel comfortable signing commitment ahead of time, explained my reasoning. Kobi was not happy about that, it was very visible. He left and came back with Manny. Manny showed me estimate, but this time it was almost 25K. So, the out-the-door price went originally from about $22,500, down to 19K even, and now up to almost 25K!? I asked what happened with his previous offer, and both Kobi and Manny acted like that was never said. Once again, the both were very much aware of my price range, it was always out-the-door, including everything, under 20K. They said this is the price now. I replied I was not interested, was done, and was about to leave. They asked me why I am leaving, why I do not want to get the car. I said again, it was offered to me for much lower price. How did they go from the online price of $16,991 to $22,500 to $19,000 to almost $25,000? From the online price of $16,991 to about $25,000 is around a $8,000 difference. The dealer fee was $999, but it was not clear what the rest was? Even considering the taxes, and the tag would not amount to the 8,000. I was walking out, came to the door, and decided to go back and let the manager know what happened. I went to a smaller office on the side, it looked like a financing dept. but not sure. I asked for a manager, and one of the guys went out to find one. I was waiting outside of that office, waiting, Kobi and Manny were coming toward me again. They asked why I left, why I do not want to finish business with them. I answered I am done with both of them, and made it clear I don't want any further discussion about it. I asked them to please leave me alone. But they would not, they kept asking same question repeatedly, I was upset at that point. Manager came by, now rushing, and asked me to follow him to his office. He introduced himself as Don G., General Sales manager. He was loud, very authoritative, but I thought it is just the way he is. I told him in short what happened, focusing mainly on part of my experience related to pricing. After I finished, all Don said was "So, when Manny showed you estimate, you were not happy with the price and were frustrated about it, got upset.". That is what Don concluded after I told him I was lied to, explained how price was flipping up and down, and up again, like a roller-coaster. Furthermore, Don was showing a fine print, online, stating the price listed did not include extras. I explained again, from the beginning, the whole story; additionally, I pointed out that Kobi was the one who found the car on the website, not me. I never had time to read through everything. Don was nervously checking his watch repeatedly throughout the conversation, from the beginning. He also interrupted me couple of times, not letting me finish. At the end, he stated he will calculate the best price for the car and will contact me by the end of the day. He offered to communicate via email or phone, I said it does not matter, he chose email. He further explained this price would be valid only for that day, not for tomorrow or any other day. I pointed out that inspection was not done, will be done on Monday, 03/01/21. Don promised to email me his lowest offer on Monday. All I got from him was an empty email sent on Saturday - sent so my email can be saved to his address book. There were more details, but I will stop here. I was at the dealership well over 2 hours, lied to, insulted, and got no response from the manager, although promised. What a waste of time. But I learned my lesson and will never go back to that place again. Customer service is non-existent, the individuals I dealt with did not show the slightest sign of respect or care - no listening, no hesitation to tell a lie, and no sign of remorse either. I am giving them one star only for building, otherwise would give zero. Business address (8675 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL)
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