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Cyndi Read abusive and crazy counselor Yelled at my child made him cry, told him bad things about himself beware

I took my 10 year old son to the center for counseling and consulting in winter springs fl. After a few sessions he looked distraught and not himself.

I asked him what was going on and he told me his counselor cyndi read was saying bad things to him and even putting him down and even yelled at him once for something. I am completely appalled and so angry with this place and this hateful sick and abusive counselor cyndi read. I was so upset I never took him back. Parents need to be aware of the sick and twisted people that are counselors here.

They are not counselors but just abusers.

I want to file a lawsuit against this center. Everyone needs to be warned

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ive had a similar experience at this place. The counselors are terrible and dont know how to treat people.

This place is horrible. If you care about yourself or people around you dont take them here.


I hope she sues you for slander.Have you even talked to her about this?Have you ever sat in on a session with her and your son?Counsuling is hard on a child yes he might cry.Maybe you are spoiling him rotten and letting him always get his way,is that why he has to have counsuling?Yes there is a reason for the crying,she is getting through to him.Are you going to ruin that?Keep undermining his progress and lets see where that gets you in a few years mom.


you people need some serious help. You're defending a counselor who abuses children?

that's some twisted ***.

Why would a child cry and if a child doesn't want to go to counseling, there's a reason for it. I bet you are relatives of this terrible and bad counselor, or maybe child abusers yourselves, get help you sickos.


Your son probably just does not want to go.HE IS PLAYING YOU!!Have you actually seen her abuse him?I have 3 kids and i can tell you it does sound like your kid is lying to get out of going.Now you slanderd someone online who has done nothing wrong.I have learned thru the years if a kid opens his mouth he is pobably lying.


Oh your poor little baby is crying because someone said something negative at him. Bet the real reason he needs counselling is because he is teased at school because he cries for everything. Maybe the classmates tease him because every time one of them says something mean to her little boy mommy comes and scolds them.

Face the facts this is how the real world works, eventually someone is going t say something your little boy does not want to hear, you cannot sue them all because they hurt his feelings and made him cry like a baby.

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Sick abusive counseling center with psychopaths posing as counselors

this place is located on semolina blvd in casselberry, florida

This is an abusive counseling clinic that is full of predators, psychos and abusive creeps. They treated my daughter with disrespect and basically tossed her around while she was trying to get therapy. When her original counselor was on vacation, she was told to go to someone else named enid jackowitz, then cindy reid. She was rejected and shunned by both mean cruel counselors, who basically lied to her and talked trash about her to other counselors. Yes, they slandered her, gossiped about her (counselors did with each other) and then decided they didn't want to help her out. she was there to get help for dealing with an abusive boyfriend and other things..cindy reid- a mean incompetent *** basically said to another counselor james rini that she had an 'addiction' b/c she was being mistreated by a boyfriend--this is very bizarre and sick. How dare this skinny anorexic ugly looking monkey treat someone like this? Rather than give her help, therapy about the situation, they treated her very badly and put her down and refused appointments, lied to her and rejected her and tossed her around to different counselors. Then she went to enid jackowitz, some weird rude person who agreed to help her then suddenly out of the blue after one session said she didnt want to help her, which made no sense. These disturbing people were just shunning this girl for no reason and then they sent her to another counselor james rini who was very mean to her for no reason too... my question is, are these horrible people on drugs or something.. ?

The people there are very sick people and disturbed and shouldn't be counselors as they are abusers and abuse people coming in for counseling. Their treatment towards her was just cruelty and nothing else. She was transferred to three different counselors finally to james rini who explained to her that she didn't need information on abuse or the dynamics of her situation though she was seeking help and wanted that information and help and therapy. He too shunned her and treated her very badly...and she didnt return for another appt. Another counselor, made fun of her situation and made a lewd rude joke regarding one of her situations which was inappropriate and not take your children or anyone to this horrible place full of abusers and nutjobs...they don't counsel women they abuse them terribly...and treat them just like the abusers they are going to get help about treat them...or try to make it worse for them...the so-called counselors there are monsters and put people's health in jeopardy with their abusive actions. They are cowards, bullies and jerks who shouldnt be doing what they are doing, as they are abusers themselves.

cindy reid enid jackowitz and james reini are all *** and deranged people who abuse battered women coming in for therapy. This should be illegal or something or at least this disturbed counseling center should do something about these nutjobs there who are posing as counselors. Now this happened in around 2007 but it is still very cruel to do to another human being. these are all cold sick people with no souls who mistreat and abuse people coming in for therapy- how is this even possible or allowed? if you need help therapy or counseling support services, i really urge you to stay away from this sick place full of disturbing freaks that work there. Also don't send your children there because these are really evil and sick people who themselves seem to use that center to abuse patients and clients coming in. this is a sick place full of sick people posing as counselors ... I hope there aren't other victims of this disturbing center and that parents be advised to watch out what their kids are being told by the predators and psychopaths that work here.

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i had a similar experience here. The people that work here are just really bad people. I would suggest to not go to this place

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