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I arrived home from work on Oct 27, 2016 and found a letter in my mailbox from my job claiming that I'd been taken to court and had a wage garnishment claim placed against me. The next day I contacted human resources to find out what was going on since I knew I had no debt and was told that the claim was from a company called Cavalry. I contacted Cavalry and was greeted with a messages claiming that I'd reach the law office of bla, bla, bla and... Read more

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I'm going to court with this firm as Defendant on 12/1/2016- 4PM Medina Municipal Court, Medina County, for a Judgement/Garnishment placed in a former name of mine. The judgment was achieved after my hearing was cancelled by Cavalry that I did appear to. They have since 2010 run up a docket a page long on that name I haven't used in 12years and want 15,000 from me for the debt. I only recently discovered the judgment when Lexington Law Firm... Read more

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Watch out for these slimy rip off artists. After I field CH7 bankruptcy, one of my creditors I included in bankruptcy sold the included debt to Cavalry Portfolio Services. After realizing they had just purchased an uncollectible debt* from my original creditor, they had the nerve to place a negative collection entry on all 3 of my credit reports! It's not my fault they were *** enough to buy a debt included in bankruptcy and they should have... Read more

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I arrived home from work one night and checked my mailbox and in it was letter from my place of work. It was from the payroll department with a tie line number and a phone number asking me to call if I had any questions. So from what I understand this company "Cavalry Portfolio" has decided to garnish my wages after what appears or look as if I was taken to court, but the problem is I don't have a clue as to why I was sued, who I owed the money... Read more

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They Are Garnishing My Wages Where I Work Now And The Debt Was From 2005. I Hadn't Heard Anything From Them Since 2010.It Was For A Truck From Power Gm.I Couldn't Pay So They Took The Truck Back.They Resold It For Less Than What They Wanted Me To Pay For It. I Read That They Have Documents Robo Signed. They Are Ruining My Life And Taking Food Out Of My Mouth.I Only Make $9.00 An Hour And Have Medical Deducted From My Wages Too.They Are Taking... Read more

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I called today regarding an old debt from Best Buy credit card and i tried to negotiate a payment plan with them, but the rep got heated up, talking over me, trying to talk me down. After all it all boiled down to her hanging up.... Regardless of any debt amount which was actually small ($400), we are human beings and we deserve respect. Because we owe something to someone, doesnt mean we are convicts or bad guys. There's always an unfortunate... Read more

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They are all 816 numbers. One of them is 816-844-7984. They play the same silly game of calling three to four times a day and then hang up. The other two numbers are 816-844-7979 and 816-844-7967. Usually I let it ring though to voice mail without answering, but when I do answer they simply hang up on me. This was the same game with they used on their 800 numbers. Time and time again. I have no overdue credit bills. I have the same companies I... Read more

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Received 2 calls todayat my home in Maine looking for my sister and her husband who live in in Massachusetts told them on the first call not to call me 5 hours they called again. How and why they called me i do not know. My brother in law and sister dont even have my number as this is a new line and we have never given it to them. the caller and Kevin Hanlon manager would not tell me how it was and what information they were using to harass me.... Read more

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In 2007 a credit card actually several were opened by identity theft on my 2011 c.p.picked up the acct.after the court erased it.Having to file bankruptcy they called today wanting information and they called for money.It has been 9yrs.and this should be against the law for fly by night do this I am going to sue them And im filing with the attorney gen.of az.

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