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This is supposed to be permanent supportive housing but they run it like a *** hole. All the signs of resident evil is here: arrogance, aggression, intolerance, impatience, impulsitivity, gossip, hate, anger, bullying. The staff fan the flames of evil and hate. The idea resident is totally medicated, wears a bathgown all day, watches tv bet, originally from congo. If you are a normal college educated unless you are congolese in origin you will deal with a lot of stress living here. They do everything to try to take you down instill fear and make your stay miserable. ***
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Lately I am making a great effort to contextualize the behaviours in terms of psychosocial challenges. For instance schizo affective diagnosis doesnt occur in children but emerges in adulthood.

Maybe its related to years of taking other medications for adhd. Also many homeless or formerly homeless cant or wont take their meds routinely. Schizos have flattened emotions. So if you are seen as a threat to their worldview they will always see you as a threat or aggregate with others who do.

Gosh knows we have enough of that with normal egotistical hater types. But the problem is one frequently identify mild schizophrenia schizophrenia affective from other diagnosis. I feel better understanding this but the SWs here refuse to tell their clients (or anyone else) what another might have. SW is mad at me too because I wont allow her to text me on my phone.

She insinuates all kinds of things in her messages like what is my right number, needing this and that from me, always needling and head trip. I have the right to refuse to text back! She does not have the authority or right to force me to text with her! Especially if these are being used to bait me emotionally!

Ok I know the difference from a twisted text from a brief, courteous, warm, message. I receive them from work and its all right. But the problem is I told the SW about this work arrangement and now SHE wants to use it. The head game being: "I can monitor you day and night.

I am in charge of your life." Just like an overseer. This woman ET really has a talent for using just about every scrap of info you furnish her against you somehow. Like a gaslighter she seems charming and receptive but she really likes to manipulate and push clients buttons. That is to promote resident turnover since there are thousands of homeless people.

I think she might qualify to work at NIH or a federal penitentiary where she can interrogate prisoners and exact punitive measures. The reason she feels compelled to try to "control" me is she (and I overheard her say this to director) said "I will make sure to put a stop to that" with regard to my community activism.

To top it off CC is now offering "free wifi." I dont think it is secure. I am pretty sure they can even monitor which sites we visited.


The staff know who the sexworker and quees are but do nothing about it. The sw changes her hairdo all the time.

Now its flat top like a guy. They never have training in interpersonal skills although its badly needed. Kindness, compassion, tolerance, christian semsibility are sorely lacking. What is really sad is its right next door to the catholic church.

The women have the privilege of smoking in the church courtyard garden but they are so ill behaved they fight, argue, and gossip there. The staff plays favorites. For instance, a gal yells at me then claims i started an argument. It was quite unbelievable nevertheless the sw wants to write up a counseling memo.

Since I work in middle schools I know the level of abuse teachers get daily and no teaching staff would bother with such an " incident" but the sw is clearly bored biased and twisted. They dont care how the sexworker screams out her window, the quee fights in the garden or on the street. To them "they are cute and forgiveable." Being smart honest straight nonsmoker religious and not addicted to TV is not! That is what they call an alternate universe and the flat top sw wants to help me cope better.

She's probably a freemason too. Maybe if they sold the building they may get some well deserving poor young CUA students a decent place to live and certainly they would be a lot more courteous caring industrious cooperative etc.


Why are you implying the lcsw might be a mean rotten corrupt facebaiting person and not the bookkeeper? What makes you believe the residents are so evil?

They may be paying you more attention because they want to take charge of your life and beat you into the mudstone.

Theyre not catholics afterall most like creatures needed some exorcism. You have not read Victor Hugo?


While i have since come to better terms with the staff who always need a bit of organizational supervision, the women in the house are still "impossible." What keeps me going are my outlets in places to go, work, outside support and friendships. However from the very first day the dark women have views this yellow woman with nothing short of habitual unfriendliness open hostility and occ overt harassment esp verbal.

Now i realize its not all dark women but here the dc street subculture is the dominant culture. It stands to thei reason even if we are in china town that i am the odd girl out. I am not too upset except the number of hrs i have to be outside which makes me feel homeless or nervous about perceived as such. But yes a quarter of them done some time, half are bi- meaning they go into one anothers rooms with possible liasions taking place.

The liasions tend to be temporal related to power or favors and they switch off too. Like i say not all dark women are like this but they've been institutionalized. They manifestly cannot take me for real which is sad. And what is sad is if I were light (we have three pale skins) they would be a bit nicer.

No pairing off occurs with the pale skins maybe they are not interested. But they dont get harassed like me either.

I guess this was once southern code where a pale womans voice or authority can still be a presence felt even if not exerted. They help me navigate the middle way too, bless their hearts.


Yes hookups like this are disgusting. CB with J on and off; DB with M on until M hooks up with AT.

CB who behaves like a *** addicted sex predator lower than a beast with a donkey for a head hooks up with various women to shake them down for cash. They switch roles depending on who they are partnering with. Staff pretends or denies any of this goes on. Its only on the record if you are officially out of the closet.

These hookups feed into pettiness shaming blaming and sense of irresponsibility. For instance everyones new young sweetheart Arthea is allowed to play loud music, scream on her phone, do her chores in the most careless slovenly way, sleep and hangout downstairs and stink up the couch and pillows, and no one not even the staff say anything. Of course this is used as bait because if we complain about her the staff will act like its our problem. Staff simply will not notice how slovenly the bathroom looks, or how this creature is not grateful for anything but may be stealing dishware and vases to try to sell at flea markets.

(Things are disappearing since she moved in) Someones hair is also so filthy that they leave 2mm sized grown crawling louse in the sink and bathroom counter. I have to avoid this bathroom because its like a pigpen. I would complain but the staff are acting like since they are part time they cant be bothered with checking on how people are doing their chores. The spirit of voluntarism is utterly lacking.

If I try to do an extra unassigned chore because its become disgustingly greasy or full of food waste, the ladies just sneer at me with scorn. Thats what comes from using butt all day long watching Family Feud.


Maybe this night staff Nikkia can find an extra job at moving and storage facility. They hold auctions when units are abandoned and she would surely enjoy that!

Maybe this night staff Nikkia can find an extra job at moving and storage facility. They hold auctions when units are abandoned and she would surely enjoy that!


Why are there floating keys around here. I find keys on the floor twice that were supposed to be in the office or a residents safekeep.

Last month also found room key that matched my door tucked into a bathroom mirror out in the open. They are supposed to give notice when they enter but half the time they dont. I wonder how many of my dear beloved neighbors been poking around my stuff. Every month the pest control comes in and they spray wherever they like it seems and they never leave a notice about that.

If people want something why not just ask. Thats the way some people are they have to sneak around snoop speculate like junior fbi academy.

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