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100% accurate

The 2 gentlemen's negative experiences and instances are exactly what I experienced. Divorce is a very sad reality to find yourself in. The negative experience emotionally and financially will be compounded with this attorney. Good law is not practiced here.
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Terrible and unethical practices

I paid her 30k and she took my money and forgot i waz paying her to work on mycase. She went on months long vacations and did not return phone calls or emails for months. She neglected my child custody case and did absolutely nothing. I firec her but i was already out 30k. Shes to preoccupied with her own personal matters to pay your cade the time and attention it deserves
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Poor customer service
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Catherine Roselli accomplished the impossible for me.

Catherine Roselli helped me save my son's life. After almost two years of fighting as a father to get custody of my son and getting know where. Catherine Roselli came highly recommended so I hired her. My son was in a terrible situation with his mother and I needed to get him out or he had no chance in life in his situation. This was proving impossible despite overwhelming evidence of my sons deplorable treatment. Catherine in just over three months secured temporary emergency custody granted to me. In addition she was able to have him relocated with me to Ny and I eventually received permanent and sole custody. My son received the help he needed and is doing well six years later. Consider I never co habituated with the mother or my son and that made this all the more impossible considering I was able to have him relocated to another state out of Florida and obtain sole and full custody, this is very rare in the Fla Broward County family court system. In addition she generally cared about my case and constantly had the upper hand on the opposing attorneys. Although my case is over I still stay in contact with her and recommend her to all associates in need of a top notch attorney. As far as money went I found her more than fair for the results provided. You get what you pay for. I am an advocate for fathers rights in child custody cases and the mother shouldn't be favored in cases where the father would far be the better parent 360", or even worse circumstances. If anyone reading this review find this far-fetched pull the case (Gilbert VS Baxter) Broward County. I don't mind putting this out there other attorneys are now ref this case in their own quests to represent clients father or mother in similar circumstances. Good Luck S. Gilbert
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Good customer service
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The worst divorce attorney ever

This woman is a money hungry with her lies that she knows all the judges that everything will be ok she will take advantage of the situation and drain your bank account my experience with her was horrible.Please if you need an attorney to handle your divorce matter never hire her you will have the worst experience ever and who ever had terrible experience with her we should get together and send a complaint to the court so this crapy attorney will never take advantage of any body that's is going thru the difficult process of a divorce. Please please never hire her.........
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Corri Ikz

AVOID - She will drain your bank account and quit

Catherine L Roselli Law Office - AVOID - She will drain your bank account and quit
Catherine Roselli (Attorney, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) handled my divorce/custody case. She turned a sad situation into an all-out, do-or-die war. She promised the world, and wow'd me with her strategy for winning more money and more custody. She convinced me to make my ex suffer. She kept saying, "Trust me. I've been doing this for 20 years. I know all the Judges and Magistrates." She called me 'baby' and little pet names to make me feel like we were friends. She convinced me to file many motions I knew were frivolous just to grind down my ex. In the process, she destroyed my ability to communicate with my daughter's father, put my daughter in the middle of a never-ending war, and drained my bank account. Ultimately, Roselli never prevailed on a single motion, but she made a fortune. She had a strategy alright — to make a lot of money at my expense. After all of her broken promises, and my empty bank account, she quit. What I've learned is that some lawyers drive toward imperfect harmony, and minimize the damage to your life and family. Others, like Roselli, instigate fights, and *** you into believing you will win an all-out war. Splitting was bad enough. After 3 years of unnecessary fighting, I'm emotionally and financially destroyed. Worse, because of my choices my daughter is suffering too. If I could turn back time, I'd never hire Catherine Roselli. I don't recommend her to anyone.
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We need to find a way to file a formal complaint


She has done the same to my friend drained her for more then 40k. When my friend fired her she still charged her another 5k for bs charges.


I am sorry to hear this and agree with you 100% about her. She is a ***, money sucking, ***

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