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Horrible support from Jeld WenSpent thousands of dollars of doors. 2 1/2 years later, the hinges are covered with rust. I don't live near water (I'm in downtown Orlando).When I called Jeld Wen, they said they don't cover the hinges. I asked if their hinges normally last on a few years. The Jeld Wen rep said that's not usual, but they won't cover the rusted hinges. I will have to pay someone to come out, remove the door, install new hinges (that I bought) and re-hang the door.I thought Jeld Wen was a good company. I was wrong. Stay very far away from this company.
In august of 2017 my wife and I ordered 3 windows from Champion. Two garden windows and one small bathroom window. We were quoted a price of $12,000 dollars. I felt that this was too expensive and was ready to say no but one look at my wife and I knew she wanted them so I agreed to the price. We were told they would be constructed and installed within 4 to 6 weeks. Six weeks went by and my wife called to see when the windows would be coming. She was told they would be here on October 23rd. October 23rd came and went and no windows and no follow up from Champion. We placed another call and were told they were waiting on a part. To me this was a red flag. You make your own windows and your waiting on a part? Any way another couple of weeks go by with no follow up from Champion. We call again and are told the windows are in and were put on hold for the installation manager. Well it seems the installation manager had left for the day but He would be calling in the morning. Two more days go by with no call from the installation manager, once again no follow up from Champion and now I am angry. I call and let Champion know that if the windows aren’t in within the next few days I will cancel the sale and find someone else. Finally I get a call from the installation manager who apologizes but say’s it’s there busy time of the year. How many years have you been in business and you haven’t made changes for you “busy time of the year”?? He tells me they will be there Wednesday. Wednesday comes the windows arrive. Two of them are fine but one of the garden windows has a broken pane the insert doesn’t fit and is leaking from the upper right corner. Now by this time I have made 2 payments on windows I don’t even have and you send me a piece of junk. $12,000 dollars REALY? We call again and the installation manager says He will be out tomorrow to fix the window and we would discuss a discount in the price. The following day He fixes the leak and says He will be back after Thanksgiving to replace the cracked pane. It is now January 24th and we have placed 2 calls to the installation manager and left 2 messages with no return call, once again no follow up from Champion. Oh and by the way the pane on the other side of this window is no also cracked. This has been the worst purchasing experience of my life. I intend to do more home improvements and can assure you that Champion will get none of our future business. I also have many friends who will hear of my experience with your company and I will advise them as well to steer clear of Champion. This is no way to treat any customer. If I did business like this I would have been out of business years ago.

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