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I purchased over $1650 worth of product - shoes for my music students to wear with their formal uniforms. I even paid for expedited shipping. customs charged me almost $800 and only delivered part. come to find out that jjshouse did fill out the paperwork properly. so DHL wouldn't release to me and couldn't ship back. I notified jjshouse of this but they chose not to fix it. now 4 months later, they refuse to take responsibility and refund the $1400 they owe. instead they waited for DHL to destroy the pkgs as undeliverable and offered to only pay 40% of missing products. unacceptable! a company should stand behind their mistakes...and this was a huge one that cost high school students money since it was their money for their shoes! any company that steals from kids is not a company to do business with!
I ordered a black cashmere faux fur wrap on 12/03/2018. The company deducted my money from my debit card!! This order was completed and I thought I would be getting my order within 2 weeks!!! I inquired about my order on 12/16/2018?? I was told then, that my order was being processed and made to order as it was coming from China!!!! I was advised to be patient and it would ship out in a couple of days!! Well all my questions and answers were by e-mail only...... Now, the representative told me, to expect my order on 12/22/2018!!! I was very upset as I had to go and purchase another item in place of this wrap!!! They still had my money !!! Well, they stated that if I refused my order when it was delivered that the shipping company would destroy the merchandise! !! So, on 12/23/2018 I wanted thenorder canceled and now they tell me , that they will refund my money!! Minus the shipping charge and in 3 weeks I should see the money refunded to my account!! Now, I believe that they never processed the order period! !! Never again for me ever!!

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