Posted this last month as a comment. thought I'd repost it to ask if anyone has had success with Ambit's Travel Rewards Program. Thus far, all that I have seen is disappointment by friends and myself when trying to "cash in" these points. Not to say that you can't use the points. My point is that there is no true FREE flights, hotels, etc. without some strings attached. By the time one uses the points, books a trip, etc. he/she has... Read more

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While waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a left hand turn - out of a side street this van from Four Seasons Electric Corp - started to excessively blow his horn. I tried to back up a little to allow him to cross ahead of me. When he did - all kinds of insults were screamed at me - along with "I'll KILL You" ! Weather the driver was high or drinking at 8:30 AM I could not tell. When I call the number on the side of the van - the voice... Read more

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I bought Zero Water filter from Walmart. We used for only 4 days... Now the water after going threw the filter taste like lemons and a very acidic and metallic tasting fluid. I won't call it water cause it tasted like pollution of some sort. I'm going to call the Health Dept. tomorrow to report it.... Here in AZ we drink a lot of water and we count on filtration because of the terrible water conditions here... Started out great, but now... Read more

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I am a chemist and a polymer expert. I know what ion exchange is. I had the same sour/acidic taste experience with ZeroWater. It seems to me a design problem of this product. Background 1: What does a filter capture? Many other branded filters, such as Brita, DO filter some harmful organic chemicals in water using activated carbon. They don't do anything with the salts in water (not only the sodium chloride used in cooking). General salts... Read more

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Kangen Water machine - Beware! This machine costs a minimum of $4000. They claim it produces alkaline pH water that contains anti oxidents, and will cure almost anything. See website - Ionized and alkaline water - Snake Oil on Tap. This is a multi level marketing firm, and their return policy is that it costs you $100 if you return it unopened within 15 days, you lose $600 if you return it within 15 days... Read more

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They came knocking at my door saying they would charge us 7.7 cent sounded good told them they would have to come back and talk to my wife since she has bounce energy in her name. Well they put me on the phone to give information which i did but told them again they needed to talk to my wife which they said they would come back in two weeks to talk to her. they never did come to talk to her and changed us from bounce to entrust. Now not only did... Read more

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I needed a new water heater to replace the one that went bad. While this is a job that I can do myself, in view of my busy schedule, I decided to go with Home Depot to get the unit installed. I went with a 50 gal electric heater priced at $349.00 and the installation charge quoted was $285.00. I felt that this was reasonable, considering that I needed the heater the same day and I was unable to get out of my busy schedule. I was also told that... Read more

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Like everyone else, I didn't renew the yearly natural gas contract and figured out a year and half later that they were charging me more than double the market gas rates. I asked for a refund but was quickly refused I tried to cancel and got the runaround that it would take up to 2 billing cycles to cancel. At t his point I was livid that I had to continue with this POS of a company. Solution: Call your electric or gas company. Tell them that... Read more

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I'm sorry you had a poor experience working with one of our distributors. Most all of our distributors do things the right way and the actions of a few certainly don't speak for them all. Unfortunately, you did not experience that. We have been selling quality water products since 1953 and would not still be in business if everyone experienced what you did. I can tell you and anyone reading this, that if you have a problem with one of our... Read more

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Great experience. My family noticed how our skin and hair feels after a shower . Before and after was eye opening .The system is a joy. I would recommend the system without question. Products are awesome as well !!!! Jeana, Arizona Read more

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