Travel agencies can be started up by just about anyone, so it’s important to find one that will handle your arrangements in a comprehensive and competent manner. When looking at travel agencies, you should consider the following aspects to make sure your travel planning is a good experience.

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BUYER BEWARE---THIS IS A SCAM! My boyfriend & I went to Florida because of a cruise package. We knew that we would have to sit through a timeshare presentation. When checking out from the time share presentation, we were told that the cruise the next day was going to be full and there would be long lines. They offered for us to sit through a vacation club presentation and in return we would have VIP for the cruise line, and not have to wait. Since we were traveling with a group of people, and had two that were 77 and 85 years old, it sounded good. This turned out to be on of the worse mistakes ever! First they said the club would offer travel discounts and that the online people such at Expedia get their stock from them. This did not interest us. Then they told us that we would also get 4 vacations weeks a year, plus the unlimited discounts. We still were not interested. They came back and said we'll give you 6 vacation weeks to use a year, plus all of the discounts. They likened the vacation weeks to a timeshare. We asked a lot of questions and were rushed into signing a contract, almost missing our cruise. After we returned, we tried to book our first week. It was then we were told that the weeks were not included in the $3995 that we had paid. It was then we realized that we were scammed!
We bought two tickets to go on holiday with them this summer (flights only with Lufthansa and ANA from Paris to Delhi to Tokyo and back to Paris).We paid 956,43€ for the tickets (so 1 912.86€ for two of us).At the same time, we paid two supplements of 101.50€ each (so total of 203€) for "Flexible travel dates".We decided to change our dates this week for the first part of the trip (Paris/Delhi) and we were told that we would have to spend more than 1 000€ extra per person to do the change. They said that what they called "Flexible travel dates", actually just gave us the right to change the tickets, but to pay the price-difference.I cannot accept that something called "Flexible travel dates" does not let you change your dates freely. If I had known that they would ask us to pay over 1 000€ to go 2 days early, we would never have paid 101.50€ for this policy....which is effectively useless.I have written to them giving them the option, either to refund us this useless policy that they have sold us with this false name, or to put us on the new flight that I have requested with no supplement.Of course, they do not reply to our mails.Its also impossible to get hold of them on the telephone...they leave you on hold and then cut you off. However, we did get through by calling the French language service in France and at 9 am someone picked up. A little tip in case you wish to masochistially call up and get nowhere!
Run! Run away! Do NOT book a tour with Viator! I attempted to book a tour of Muir Woods for 4 people appx 1.5 days before the tour. There was a website error- error code 500. I ended up being charged 4 TIMES for this tour- a total of $1200. When I called to get it fixed I was given the run around. I spent hours on the phone, spoke to countless "supetvisors" , 1 hung up on me- (I was not rude at all). I received an email saying that they could not refund my money because their cancellation policy says that cancellations made 2 days before the event or less have a 100% cancellation fee. No matter how many times I explained that it was an error, that I can't possibly go on the same tour on the same day at the same time 4 times, they simply said that every company has cancellation policies and so I had to revise my vacation plans because they took $1200 out of my account. My bank has agreed to file a fraud complaint once the charges post. 6 days out they are still listed as pending but the funds are still unavailable. Ruined vacation. Never ever again. Filing a BBB complaint and considering legal action. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. This should NOT be a Trip Advisor affiliate.

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How to Compare Travel Agencies

Travel agencies can be started up by just about anyone, so it’s important to find one that will handle your arrangements in a comprehensive and competent manner. When looking at travel agencies, you should consider the following aspects to make sure your travel planning is a good experience.

Types of Travel Agencies

If you’re looking for a travel agent, it helps to know what types of agencies are out there. Below you can read what each of them are, and pros and cons of each.


These agencies are independently owned and are sometimes one-person operated. The agent can have employees, or not. An independent agent may also work remotely as an online travel agency or online travel agent.

Pro: Independent agents have more freedom in how they work, meaning a more personalized travel planning experience for you.

Con: Due to their smaller size and more limited connections, being independent could limit the deals they are able to offer.


These are businesses that affiliate with home-based travel agents as part of an independent-contractor agreement.

Pro: These relationships mean that the agent is still the owner of their business, but they have the resources available to them through the host, meaning more favorable travel deals are available for you.

Con: The agent must pay fees or commission to the host, which could mean a higher cost to the consumer.


This is where an agent buys into an established travel agency brand or name.

Pro: Sometimes an agent can have a greater access to or requirements for accreditation to be part of the franchise, meaning more expertise in the agent. They must also keep up the standards of the franchise.

Con: Working with an agent that may be under more requirements from the franchise can mean a less personalized experience. Fees also go back to the franchise, meaning a possibly higher rate for you.


This is one large organization made up of independent travel agents and agencies.

Pro: Together these groups can offer more deals and amenities to the consumer.

Con: Agents in a consortium must meet a threshold sales volume to be in the consortium. That may make the sales end feel pushier.


This is more of a slang term for very large travel agencies with nationwide operations.

Pro: Having such a large presence can mean more deals, connections and knowledge that can help you have a better trip.

Con: The experience can feel more industrialized, as the mega agency may specialize in a certain type of travel or have distinct rules to follow to maintain location consistency.

How to Check a Travel Agent’s Background

It’s not as hard as it may seem to find out about an agent’s background. Simply research the following points.


Some states require agents to be licensed and some don’t, so your local travel agents may or may not have this requirement. Though licensure can be a sign that the agent takes their business seriously and is one of the top travel agencies. Call the agency directly and inquire if they are licensed.

Professional Organizations

You can also check to see if the agent or agency is listed with any professional organization, like the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) or the Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA). This means they highly value their training and contacts.


Check to see if they are accredited with the Airlines Reporting Corporation, or if they’re an international travel agency, with the International Air Transport Association. If they are, they can typically print a blank plane ticket in the office, which means more convenience for you.


See if the travel agent operates under an umbrella travel agency organization such as Global Travel Group, as these may help the agency get better access to travel resources.


While talking to the agent, ask about any specific training or education the agent may have had. They may have taken courses through ASTA or ARTA, have certifications through groups like The Travel Institute or have even completed travel agent training through a college. One of the most popular certifications is being a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) through The Travel Institute (requiring 12 months industry experience, completed courses and a passed standardized CTA exam). Travel company reviews may mention these as well.

How to Compare Different Travel Agents

When it comes to finding the best travel agent, you’ll want to spend some time on comparison shopping. Read on to learn how to compare travel agents.

  1. Find out about services. While researching the agent, check their operating hours, if there’s a toll-free office number and if you can contact the agent directly over email and phone. You can often find the best travel agency by looking for one that meets your needs and schedule.
  2. Assess how they are at handling customers. When talking to them, do they seem rushed, or are they friendly, helpful and easy to understand? Go with your gut feeling. Never work with someone you have a bad feeling about. Also check any online travel agencies complaints and travel company reviews to see how they are with people.
  3. Tap your network. You can also ask different friends, coworkers and other people about which travel agents they like. It’s a great way to find local travel agents and real-world travel agency reviews.
  4. Search Online for Reviews. You can check travel agency reviews on consumer advocacy sites or look on database sites to find an agent that specializes in the destination or type of travel you do. 
  5. Ask what each place has for fees. Get an outline of the agent’s fees. Make sure they provide all fees upfront. Agents typically charge for the basic trip expenses, and some may require a security deposit, a la carte fees, travel designing fees and research fees etc. Always ask an agent about their fee structure upfront. The top travel agencies will not have hidden costs. Check online travel agencies complaints to see if people are reporting anything fishy as far as fees go.
  6. Know Their Background. While talking to the agent, you can also ask them about past success stories, as well as mishaps and how they solved it. They should be willing to give you some success stories, as well as what they’ve learned over the years.
  7. Be aware of what makes a good travel agent. The top travel agencies will learn your personal travel habits and preferences, find deals through comparison shopping and be on top of new updates in their industry to save you money. They should also know a lot about local attractions and culture you might not have heard of otherwise, so be sure to ask what they know about the places you tend to travel to the most.
  8. Keep in mind the appearance of the office. When visiting the office, if the agent has one, take note of what you see. Is the office clean and does the technology look up to date? These signs will denote that the agent is keeping up on trends and cares about the details of their business.
  9. Check the attitude of the agent. When talking to the agent, does he/she seem to be passionate about travel? Or is this “just a job” and the person has the dull, bored attitude to match? Online travel agencies complaints can reveal this attitude as well.

Gustave Flaubert said, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  Nothing makes you feel tiner than trying to navigate the bureaucratic world of hotel booking, airfare and the other necessities of travel, despite online access. A good travel agent can take your travel plans from stressful to a thing of joy and anticipation of a good time. And if you’re looking for top travel agencies, compare the best travel agencies using the expert ratings and consumer reviews.