i purchased$2700.00 worth of furniture on october 3 2007 . they gave me a time of 3-8 weeks i got my couch in the 7th week i got my mattress set in the 11th week,now it's the 14th week and i'm still waiting on the rest of my bed set.if you call them nobody seems to know anything about anything.the last time i went in there the lady i spoke to gave me a $100.00 card to spend in the store.i ripped it up.they will never get a dime of my... Read more

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DHL IS THEFT!!! I shipped my Gibson Guitar via DHL on 12-04-2007. Their driver came to pick it up but the weird thing was he took my guitar and left nothing for me to track and left. I called their costumer service to find out where is the guitar. GUESS WHAT, THE DRIVER REPORTED that he DID NOT PICK UP ANYTHING!! could you believe that!? Then I called everyday to their CS service, and their representative always says: Oh, there will be somebody... Read more

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I ordered a wireless controller for my grandson's birthday in mid December from Circuit City. Unfortunately they use Fed Ex as their carrier. My package was shipped on Dec.17,2007 and when i checked the status of shipping Fed Ex stated Delivered on Dec.20. Unfortunately they delivered my package to the wrong house stating that signature was on file.I hate Fed Ex system! I called them only to get the runaround. Finally canceled my order with... Read more

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I purchased a dishwasher from a Sears store on Saturday 12/29/07. The associate was very nice and everything went smooth. We set up delivery for 12/31/07. I received a call around 6:00 PM the night before to inform us that our delivery window was between 1:15 PM and 3:105 PM. When they stated our address on the call it had one number incorrect. When I spoke to the associate, she corrected it and said we were all set. The next day, it was past... Read more

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I came to southern refrigerated transport needing employment, it was a week before christmas and my savings was gone and the bills where way overdue. I told the recruiter my background was not the best and it would be better for me if she would fax me all the release forms she needed signed and i would fax them back so they could do all there background checks on me before I went to orientation in Texarkana Ar. she did and three days later she... Read more

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Andrew Amaral Contract # 00010814 My phone# (519) 796-3707 Recently I have encountered the single most unprofessional business experience of my life dealing with the U-Haul company for truck and trailer rentals. I am a 22 year old male from Leamington Ontario, and I have just moved out on my own a couple weeks prior to my outraged experience with the U-Haul company. Rather then being the safest easiest, and most convenient moving experience... Read more

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I was never pleased with the sales help @Raymour but my daughter found a chair she liked. We bought from a nice girl there. I kept wondering how things were going to go wrong, well upon delivery there was a SOFA no chair. My daughter drove 3 hours to get this chair in a borrowed van. They offered a 20% discount on floor model. We CANCELLED. They called 20 minutes later and said they found the chair. Lesson learned NO MORE Raymour deals. my... Read more

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I placed an order at shipstore on 12-1-07 I promptly received a confirmation number. Thats where it all ended. I told them this was a christmas present I have emailed them 22 times called them 30 times and have not even received a response. I am disputing the charge and going to buty elsewhere befire they ruin my sons christmas. I cant beleive they manage to operate a business like this absolutely the worst I've ever dealt with, I will never... Read more

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This week, there was a single piece of mail via usps delivered to a wrong box. today, mail for building 1, apts 1 and 10 were placed in boxes in building 2, which has boxes nos. 11 to 20. In addition, my box had the same sales fryers in it as were there on the previous day. this is senior housing, has been here for 30 years and no reason for such a mix up other than pure carelessness. One mail carrier was observed 2 weeks ago, as we waited for... Read more

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This is the third time a package of mine has sat at the south san francisco office for days without delivery to my home 10 minutes from their facility. This time I am really pissed as it is my Christmas Cards that I paid an extra $31 for 2nd day delivery from a printing company. The tracking system confirmed that the package was picked up from the company on time and was in the south san francisco office on 12/19 at 10 am, which is the day by... Read more

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