They showed up with two guys one was a disgruntle employee that did not want to be there and then about an hour after they were there he left. Thats right you read that correctly one of the movers just left in the middle of the job after he broke a piece off a $5000 antique. Leaving 1 guy from the company that A. Didn't have phone and wasn't licensed to drive the truck. We had to call the company and tell them what was going on but they just... Read more

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Do not work for this compony take you for a rippoff..BS...Dont wast your time.. This is how got rich...need to go out of budsisness Read more

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Search on the internet and you will find plenty of info from missing or stolen product or damaged product. He hires drivers of the internet for loads in which case is pretty much brokering. His Uship account was suspended as the website shows but he has plenty of alias. He is going by the name Don. He claims to have D.O.T. numbers but does not. He claims to have insurance but does not. The sad thing is nobody can seem to shut him down.... Read more

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