Am Home Delivery - Do NOT use AM Trucking and Home Delivery in Brooklyn, NY
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I Do NOT recommend AM Trucking and Delivery Service, 714 Montauk Ave., rooklyn, NY 11208, (718) 272-5900: - Missed estimated delivery by 4 days - Don’t know where their drivers are - Drivers don’t call if they’ll miss a 3-hour window - Delivery team doesn’t know how to use a tape measure - Leave all packaging and trash in your kitchen and yard Here are the details: I ordered a refrigerator and the next day AM Delivery and Trucking picked it up.... Read more

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WOW. All these reviews are quite disconcerting. I am simply looking to move my daughter and her horse to SD eventually. I am researching transport. I think I will haul him myself in my trailer and just take the trip in stride. I am not a professional anything or rich but since he is a living critter i will do it myself. Dont think i trust anyone. If i make error at least i cansue myself. Decision made.a Read more

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Yeah they tease you withva liw rate but since it monthly after you have your unit full they jack up your price...and when you go on line the rate is lower than what you are paying for same unit....then they givevyouvthe line thats is based on availability. .. Read more

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I was set up with a recruiter who told me all these great things about Swift. Told me that I got paid Orientation, .43 cent per mile once I started, paid holidays,benefits, etc. I left my job and took an 7 hr bus trip to NY to start orientation. I thought i was hired from what the recruiter told me. NOT!! The orientation was still part of the hiring process. The Instructors where extremely rude, didn't care about you at all. When I got there I... Read more

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