Entertainment can bring people together and create lots of smiles and laughs, but purchasing tickets for entertainment is often expensive. Check out the following tips to help you get great ticket deals and avoid ticket fraud.

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We purchased tickets to a game that was cancelled due to Covid19. I just got off the phone with them. The game we purchased tickets for was canceled. They sent me an email on 5/4 saying I had 7 days to contact them for a refund. Being a front line worker, I just got to check my emails last night. They are refusing to refund the $513 we paid. I will post this daily!
Sold tickets and have waited over a month trying to get my money. Customer service wont help at all. Its criminal and someone really needs to investigate them.
We purchased a set of tickets for Disney on Ice from this site. We received a "confirmation" (see the attached picture). We went to the actual event. They had no record of our tickets. We produced the "confirmation". That didn't help at all. So we called OnlineCityTickets. They verified that the ticket order had been placed and that a "confirmation" had been sent. They claimed that they had tried to get phone verification several times by Email. Who has ever heard of phone verification of an online order paid for with a credit card?I checked all of my Email folders (including the spam folder) looking for the Emails. The supposed Emails were never sent/received. A few notes.The "confirmation" is just fake. Look at it closely. Nowhere does OnlineCityTickets even mention that phone verification is needed before the tickets are purchased / issued However, the deeper problem is that need for phone verification. My guess is that OnlineCityTickets has severe fraud problems and the vendors / credit card companies have imposed a verification requirement as a consequence. Just a guess of course. However, doing business with this company is dangerous, to say the least.Take a look at the recent reviews. Something has gone wrong with this company.

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Ways to Save on Event Tickets

Entertainment can bring people together and create lots of smiles and laughs, but purchasing tickets for entertainment is often expensive. Check out the following tips to help you get great ticket deals and avoid ticket fraud.

4 Top Ways to Get Tickets for Free

Going to shows or sports events are activities that most people enjoy, but sometimes you may not have any extra money to spend on entertainment. However, that doesn’t mean that you still won’t be able to participate in fun activities! Below are some examples on how to get tickets without spending a penny.

  1. Search for Free Movie Screenings: Occasionally, certain websites will have a number of free movie tickets available so you can see the movie before it is released to other theaters. This is usually the case for low budget films and independent films.
  2. Win Tickets in a Giveaway: Many radio shows give away free tickets to concerts or shows simply for answering an easy question or calling in at the right time. You can also win tickets easily by entering sweepstakes on social media.
  3. Search for Live Audience Tickets: If you enjoy watching TV shows and have ever dreamed of getting TV show tickets to see a live performance, you can often find websites that will give away free TV show tickets. You can also search for “show ticket reviews” to find the live shows that offer the best experiences. If you live in a large city or close to one, this is a great way to have fun at a low cost.
  4. Check for local Spring/Summer Events: Many theaters, malls, and universities offer spring and summer events for families while kids are out of school. Many of these events include discount movie tickets or coupons for restaurants.

How to Find the Best Deals on Tickets

Everyone likes to save money, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to find the best deals. Below are some ways to discover the best ticket deals.

  • Search Online: If you are trying to find great ticket deals, a quick Google search will show you lots of websites that offer coupons and specials on tickets. Some of these sites will provide you with a code to buy concert tickets, cheap baseball tickets, cheap football tickets or to buy movie tickets online. Other websites can send you a gift card in the mail.
  • Look for Group Rates: Many ticket channels will give you a discount if you come in a large party of 10 or more people, so always check websites for bulk ticket deals.
  • Search for Local Deals on Tickets: If you enter your location into ticket websites you can usually find a section that will provide you with all of the local deals you can get on concerts, shows, and sports events.
  • Check Theater’s Matinée and Special Day Prices: Many theaters offer discounts if you go to see a movie before 5pm or if you go on a specific day other than the weekend. Check your local theater’s movie ticket deals so you can find the ones that are the best for you.
  • Search Discount Apps: There are several apps available that offer special ticket discounts. By doing a quick search on your phone, you can find great concert ticket apps and some of the best sports ticket apps.

Activities that require tickets are often fun. However if you are not careful, these activities can also add up very quickly. With the above tips, you can enjoy entertainment without worrying about breaking the bank.

How to Find the Best Venue

It can be difficult to know whether or not you’re picking a good place to enjoy entertainment or purchase tickets from. The last thing you want is to spend money on tickets only to find that the place you are choosing to go see a movie, concert or sporting event is dirty or has employees that are rude and unfriendly. You also don’t want to be waiting around forever for you tickets or have issues with redeeming them .To help you make a good decision, here are some hints on how to find the best venues.

  • Search for Venue Reviews: Before purchasing tickets for a specific venue, perform a quick Google search of the venue. Check various websites and social media networks to see what people are saying about it. Look for venues that have a good amount of honest feedback.
  • Compare Prices: It is a good practice not to purchase tickets from the first venue that you come across. If you take the time to research many different venues, you can often find venues that offer lower prices than others or have specific discounts for special occasions.
  • Read the Fine Print: Always make sure that you read the fine print before purchasing tickets. This will help you to discover if you will need to pay additional shipping fees or any other fees. This will also give you the insight into the venue’s cancellation policy so you will know if it is difficult to get a refund if you have any issues with your purchase. You should also look for information about how fast your tickets will be delivered in case you need the tickets quickly. Reading the fine print will also help you avoid scams.

How to Avoid Ticket Fraud

Although cheap or free tickets are nice, it will not be so great if you don’t actually receive the tickets that you are anticipating. The following tips are to help you to protect yourself from being a victim of ticket fraud.

  • Don’t buy tickets from individuals that you don’t know. They may try to sell you fake tickets. They may also charge you way too much for them.
  • Pay for your tickets with a credit card instead of with a debit card or cash. You should also avoid giving your personal information to sweepstakes that don’t appear reputable.
  • Double check the contact information of the website you are purchasing tickets from. You should look for a valid phone number and address on the website’s contact page.
  • Check a website’s credibility before you make a ticket purchase by searching online reviews.
  • Don’t pay for tickets over the phone. Your credit card information could easily get stolen this way.

Saving money feels good. Saving money on tickets feels even better. This is because it will give you the opportunity to have more fun and to spend less. Use the above-mentioned ideas on how to choose the ticket deals and pick the ones that are right for you