Shopping malls are increasingly popular. They do not just provide us with a place to buy almost everything we may need. They also provide us with entertainment, a place to meet, socialize and relax. Whether you are popping into a grocery store for a few essential items or whether you are looking for a fun day out with family and friends, there are many things to look for in a great shopping mall.

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Dollar general store here in Lamesa Tx on 4 th street .. the manager there is holding toilet paper , Lysol wipes , and Lysol cleaning supplies in back for her friends only ! I seen this with my one eyes as I was waiting in line to pay ,, the lady in front had 2 big packed of toilet paper , Lysol wipes and Lysol cleaning spray , the only lady with all the goodies and we all in line wondering wher she got that from since there’s is nothing on shelf’s like that not even toilet paper ! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing ,as my self with 3 kids under 6 needing these things as well that’s pretty sad how this manager is holding up on us like that ... there has been several complaints on this manager already and I haven’t seen anything don’t about it !
I need to talk to H. R when I had some Minor surgery and needed my son who has been a Shop-rite employee who requested one day off to care for his father who had to gob to the Veterans Hospital to get the surgery done and the manager reprimanded him for it, and I am filing a formal complaint against the manager Jamie Kissinger at the Bear DE. Shop rite in Bear DE. Thanks so much and Please follow up for me, Please.
I had my oil changed and they put my oil filter in wrong, my engine light came on it was running rough and had lower power than normal. I went back to the store it was done at in burleson and the supervisor of the service department knew exactly what was wrong he said they placed the oil filter in wrong so he placed it back in right. Engine light went off quit running so rough but I now have a ticking and a clatter in my motor on top and a tapping on the lower part of the motor . Made a claim I did everything they said to do took pictures of my motor with oil on it after they cleaned it off . The claims department denied it being there fault. Which is a lie! So now I have to hire a lawyer to take care of something that should have been resolved without one. I am not happy at all the claims lady acted like I was a liar! I am a hard working Christian woman who trusted Walmart to do a simple task and ended up needed a new motor some one is going to pay for this and it is not going to be me!

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Your Guide to Supermarkets and Malls

Shopping malls are increasingly popular. They do not just provide us with a place to buy almost everything we may need. They also provide us with entertainment, a place to meet, socialize and relax. Whether you are popping into a grocery store for a few essential items or whether you are looking for a fun day out with family and friends, there are many things to look for in a great shopping mall.

Shopping Malls, Supermarkets –What Is the Difference?

What Is a Supermarket?

Supermarkets are extensive self-service stores offering a variety of grocery items.

What Is a Mall?

Shopping malls are large buildings containing a large number of stores, ranging in size and merchandise type-from groceries, clothing to restaurants and entertainment.

Things to Look for in a Great Mall

There are many aspects, which make up a great shopping mall. If you want your shopping experience to be smooth, pleasant and hassle-free, you need to consider the following factors:


You may have heard the saying: “there are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.” They have a point. A great mall in a poor location can ruin an otherwise great shopping experience. The important location factors for a shopping mall are:

Proximity to Home and a Workplace: Having a great shopping mall close to your home or your place of work means you will have somewhere close by to shop, most of the time. It also means that you will spend less time travelling to and from the store , which is useful when you need something from the store in a hurry or when you want to squeeze in some shopping during your lunchbreak. It is also helpful for those who do not have a car because it means less walking back and forth, especially with bulky shopping bags.

Close To Other Amenities and Public Places: It is great when shopping malls are built close to amenities such as gyms, hospitals, schools etc. This means there will always be shops nearby for you to get whatever you may need while out running other errands.

Does not Create a Traffic Congestion: With scores of people passing in and out of a shopping mall, it is important that is located somewhere very sensible. For example, when a shopping mall built right next to the off-ramp of a major highway, shoppers can often be stuck in major traffic on the way to and from the mall. You do not want to spend more time stuck in traffic on the way to the mall than in it.


A shopping mall may seem like a relatively safe place to shop, meet and socialize. For the most part, it is. However, large, crowded buildings can present certain hazards, which we need to be prepared for. Some simple safety factors to consider are:

Safe Neighborhood: A shopping mall located in a neighborhood with high crime rates means there will be a greater chance of petty theft of your personal belongings. There may also be the chance of store and car robberies while you shop. Pay attention to local crime reports regarding that area. Also, remember to be vigilant in any public place as these thefts can happen anywhere.

Emergency Situations Solutions: Shopping mall should be equipped to handle any emergency, such as fires, armed robberies, bomb threats etc.

A shopping mall needs to have plenty of:

  • Fire escapes
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishers as well as automatic fire-extinguishing sprinklers
  • Clear signage indicating the directions to fire escape
  • Trained security personnel in mall who are able to supervise the care of crowds in these scenarios

Convenience and Management

Nothing ruins a good shopping trip like a poorly managed mall or a mall in a bad condition. It is important that a mall is efficiently managed to ensure it is well-run, convenient and comfortable. Some convenience and management factors to consider are:

Safe and Clean Sanitary Facilities: Shopping malls should have sanitary facilities that cater to a wide range of needs, including wheelchair and child-friendly restrooms as well as baby-changing rooms.

Proper Ventilation, Heating and Air-Conditioning: Mall buildings often have a highly enclosed structure. This is why these buildings need to have enough ventilation facilities and why temperatures throughout the mall need to be regulated properly.

Proper Signage and Information: Anyone should be able to find what they are looking for at any time. There should be enough maps of the shopping mall, direction signs and even a general information center so no one gets lost in a huge mall.

Polite and Efficient Staff: The entire mall staffs, from building managers to security guards and cleaners, need to be professional and pleasant to keep the mall running well.


Malls take up large portions of land and consume vast amounts of natural resources. The owners and managers of big buildings such as shopping malls have a responsibility to prevent and reduce the environmental damage that a mall may cause. It is important that grocery stores take sustainability measures such as:

Proper Waste Management: A mall should have plenty of recycling facilities and initiatives available. The mall management should also ensure that all individual businesses operating in the mall comply with all waste management regulations.

Proper Energy Management and Efficient Use of Water: A building like a mall will undoubtedly consume plenty of power and water. There are ways to save on this. A mall should be fitted with many energy-saving fixtures, such as energy saving light bulbs and use energy efficient appliances. The mall management should also ensure that all individual businesses and shops comply with certain energy and water management regulations and restrictions.

Variety of Stores and Goods

A great mall should have a wide variety of stores, for a wide variety of merchandise. It should also appeal to various demographics, including age groups and budget levels.

Design and Comfort

Since a shopping mall serves as both a place of a practical need and one of leisure, the mall design should be as comfortable as it is efficient. The ideal mall will have sufficient indoor and outdoor entertainment areas to suit various preferences. There should also be enough places for children to play, while adults dine.

How to Compare Shopping Malls

With so many shopping malls around, there is almost no shortage to choose from. You do not have to visit every mall in the city to compare them. There are some easy ways to simplify your searches and comparisons.

Conduct online Searches of Shopping Malls Near You

There are many online shopping mall directories, as well as online navigation systems, which can inform you of all shopping malls in closest proximity to you at any time. There may be an undiscovered gem of a shopping mall near you. Most malls will even have their own website detailing a list of their shops, restaurants, facilities as well as pictures of the mall and contact details.

Compile Your Own Shopping Mall Checklist

Everyone’s shopping needs are different. For example, someone with a baby may need a shopping mall with baby-changing facilities and baby-friendly restaurants, while others may not even think about that. There are many relevant factors that could go into choosing your favorite shopping malls, but it ultimately depends on you, your priorities and your personal taste. Take some time to compile a list of all the features that you are looking for in a great shopping mall.

Check Reviews of Supermarkets and Malls

If you are not up to conducting all this research yourself, you can always read and listen to various reviews of malls and supermarkets. These reviews can be found in magazines, local newspapers and online. There are many review websites online, on which customers and professional critics can air their views.

Nobody likes something that is built for everybody.

Shopping malls are designed to accommodate various demographics, income groups, cultural preferences and needs. You may need to shop around to find the ones that are perfect for you.