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I had to buy back my own surfboard.Plus PIAS happily did not ask the thief for any I D whatsoever . Nor was any cam on the cashier counter to get any description of the hock artist and no thumbprint was required. I found out it’s not needed if your selling surfboards or golf clubs. This felt like an inside job.To say I’m pissed is putting it mildly. If it wasn’t for me being completely a local to the east coast and friends recognizing my board I would never have known it was pawned 3 cities away. Until PIAS makes this right with me I tell everyone who has equipment stolen that PIAS probably has it on their floor for sale. No ! I’m not joking. PIAS IS A DIRTY DEALER ...so beware
I ordered one of their top of the line treadmills, around $2,500. The treadmill arrived with a broken part, the company was a hassle to get in touch with someone that could help me. I finally spoke with Alyssa Thompson, a supervisor with the Pro-Form company. She sent out the part and as a courtesy sent a person to put it together. The technician said it came with the wrong screws, luckily he had the right ones & then after taking apart & putting back together the machine apologized because it still didn't fit properly. Currently trying to return the treadmill and getting nowhere. My advice is to stay far far away from this company and Pro-Form treadmills. The machine came broken, a brand new $2500 machine!
I have never had an experience with a company that was so inept at customer service and management of their shipping. I placed an order from Alaska two weeks prior to needing the item. Now because of their inability to manage their sources and shipping agents I will not receive my order and....they won't refund the amount or ship it next day until the order has arrived. NEVER USE THIS SITE!!! I TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR NOT FOLLOWING THIS SAME ADVICE. This company chooses to refuse to take care of the customer and obviously can't seem to follow through on their supposed commitment to the customer.