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Back In April I called them thinking it was my web page company Yodle. I was mislead to believe they were part of them and was told I had to create a page, add more pics things like that they say. Now fast forward to now, October I get a e mail stating my CC info won't work! Ha because there had been fraudulent activity several months back, my bank thank God , shut down the card and now I get this strange E mail saying I owe them money! I am shocked because I did'nt even know I had paid them ONE CENT in the first place. So after I call them, of course they get *** with me telling me how that's there policy is to let you go 2 months before they say anything, RUNNING UP THE FAKE BILL of course. Demanding almost 1000.00 dollars!! You can imagine my shock. They admitted they do NOT send receipts for payments, NO SHOCKER THERE, monthly, Nor do they help you set up anything when I supposedly set up this fake account and made my own budget they say I did! Now I am not a IT guy, nor am I some expert on this and feel I was lied to, mislead ,and quite simply, ripped off by these cons! I have no recollection of speaking with them, If I did It was meant to be with my web company Yodle, not them but I feel they used that as a way to mislead me into thinking I was talking to my web company and that I had to set up this page for my adds to be better ranked with Google! Again they lied steal and they admitted, they have do not have my signature on one document! But they don't have to they say! Somehow we as business's must be able to stop this can't we?

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