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I bought a bound wave pile rug for $471, I got a two tone berber contractor grade bound rug worth $200, to return it would cost $217, to replace from amazon, $338. Love new rug... stuck with rug i dont need, I can't even sell to get money back, cause its not worth anything new. Maybe $100 . will cut up and use in our cabin, I am sick to my stomach
Just read through an account from Texas from seven years ago and here we are in Massachusetts, 2019, with absolutely nothing changed. Regrettably, I did not cancel. I am now into week 9 of an 8 day (quoted) job with several "fixes" still required due to faulty installation. Service mgr maintains "nobody is perfect," but somewhere close would be comforting. Big claims; inferior results - sort of "he said, so she expected, but guess what!"
They charged my insurance without completing the job.The idiots came (recommended by Liberty Mutual), found mold on the walls and wanted more money. The appraiser came and denied it all. So they did not finish what they started.Had they just come to clean after a flood, I would have had my services. NOw they screwed everything for me, looking for more money.

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