So back in December I rented a car for a holiday trip. There was the usual issues when picking up a rental but nothing out of the ordinary. While returning home the day before returning the car a semi truck kicked up a rock and chipped the windshield. When returning the car I was forthcoming with that information. I had agreed to put up a $100 deposit and forgo the offered insurance. When I returned the car the man at the office said they... Read more

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I rented April 6, 2013. Paid my rental fees plus a deposit (which is required when you use a debt card, not to mention a pay check stub as well). I was to return two days later but extended my rental until April 12, 2013. When I brough the car back was told the deposit would be returned to my card. Fast forward to today, April 19, 2013 contacted bank no deposit from Enterprise pending, contacted Enterprise only to hear that they changed my... Read more

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Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it. Here are the details: On June 14, 2011, I had an appointment for my car to be serviced at Metro Volkswagen in Irving, Texas. They had promised a loaner vehicle, but due to a shortage of cars because of recent hailstorms, they arranged instead a rental vehicle from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. At the Enterprise office (3910 W. Airport... Read more

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Enterprise's current TV ads about 'caring' and 'wanting to fix your problems, even if you didn't rent from their particular agency', are certainly NOT what we experienced! On 21 Dec, we (6 of us, 3 were children) rented a family van in Utah, then traveled to Sacramento CA for Christmas. On Dec. 23, while on I-80 just minutes from San Francisco, we were involved in a 4-car pile-up. We stopped in time but the car behind us couldn't stop and hit... Read more

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Let me start by saying I began renting from Enterprise back in 1980 after I returned home from the US Navy. That makes me a 30 year customer. My problem started when I rented a vehicle on 1/14/12 in order to drive out to see my 5 year old grandson graduate from his swimming class. The day before pickup I called and requested a specific vehicle within the class of car I had reserved. When I arrived the assistant "manager" not only lied to me... Read more

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In May of 2014, through the recommendation of my insurance co., I rented a car from Enterprise while my car was being repaired. When I picked up the vehicle, I notice it was scuffed, scratched, scraped, dinged and just generally very worn. I pointed this out to the employee and was told that was normal wear and tear and was already noted from previous renters. This walk around took all of 15 seconds. During the time I had the car (a couple... Read more

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1-I went there to buy rims and tires for my car,so they sold me a set of used rims for 2,500 at first i was paying 400 every 2 weeks to get the 90 days same as cash *** but when i tried to make my last payment they told me I was 2 days late. 2-One of the rims was broken so when i tried to clam the warranty they told me that it only covers pealing chrome,MY RIMS ARE Black every time i went there they only put air in the tires charged me for it... Read more

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This truck dealer has a "deal with no credit check". What they fail to let everyone know is that is a rental program. You are paying the truck monthly for a year or two and it doesn't even go towards the purchase. Also aside from their down payment which ranges from $5000 to $8500 you have to pay an application fee of $495 which you do not get back even if you do not want to buy a truck after you find out all this. You also have to pay $950... Read more

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I bought a set of rims and tires for my H2 hummer, which they had to order. They took my money and it took them 3 months to get the rims, and tried to give me street tires instead of the all terrain. What a dam joke, they made me ride like that for 2 months. Made all my payments on time, when I finally got the right tires they tried to up the price. After paying them off in 90 days I found out I was supposed to get a week free for paying on... Read more

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i rented an SUV for 1 day on a saturday and was to return on sunday which they happen to be closed. I did not have a ride home so i tried to contact the company to see if it would be ok to return monday morning so i would be able to get home. In the past i was told it would be fine if I just dropped it off mon morning and was NEVER charged for that sunday. I dropped vehicle off this morning and was charged for a full day even though they would... Read more

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