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TR REALTY LAS VEGAS NEVADA. Bradford Roberts writes fake reviews for himself on zillow. What a ***. His agents litigate with clients and he encourages that. He pays yelp to wash away the negative reviews generated by his lackeys practicing bad business ripping everyone off, look deeper and you will see for yourself. Read more

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Kuba Jewgieniew has spent a great deal of time and energy spamming the index trying to cover up complaints with other consumer sites but his secrets are coming out. He and his accomplices actively recruit talent from other brokers by making claims the grass is greener but aftert the move things don't go so well especially when they try to take trade secrets from their past brokers. In a Federal law suit filed against Realty One Group it... Read more

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Review about Tr Realty Property Management from Hilo, Hawaii
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Erased negative reviews from their past coming back to haunt the new year. Do not believe all their phone baloney reviews, pretty easy to see it's fiction when you start reading them. Zillow and Trulia are absolutely fake and Yelp has been selling out to be phoney too. Read more

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Buy Belize's employee manual blatantly tells their sales associates to LIE to every potential buyer by saying they are "owners" themselves. If you ever go down to the development you will see that of all the thousands of lots they said they sold, there are 20 homes built total. The amenities they try to sell you on are hype. They have a 20 room hotel for unsuspecting eager retirees who have to pay for their trip just to see nothing but pipe... Read more

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Found a house to rent through renters warehouse. Never rented through them before but when we first went to look at the house it seemed great. The owners were still living in it so it was hard to see every detail but we were told it had central a/c and all the appliances and the agent went on & on about how great it is. After the owners moved out we had a walk through and we were sick at what we saw. The kitchen cupboards and drawers were... Read more

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Review about Tr Realty Property Management from Los Angeles, California
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If you are an investor, home buyer, landlord or a tenant it is clear from these online reviews you don't want to get tangled up with TR Realty or be involved in a business transaction where one of their agents will litigate with you or your client. Read more

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....So I own a couple of time shares.... selling them as we speak.... I recently bought a fractional time share. Great investment in Cabo, Mexico.... I travel very often and have talked to many people about Belize. I have even spoke with several former natives from Belize. Great place to buy ....but buy from owner! So I saw the comercial for and it was way to good to believe. If you want to see something interesting, look... Read more

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Below is my complaint - I encourage anyone that has had a similar experience to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. You can do it online at FTC.GOV and it is VERY simple. Here is what I filed. At the end I have listed contact information for Green Tree as well. FTC complaint: My home loan originated with Countrywide. Bank of America bought out Countrywide. My loan was either sold or transferred to Green Tree Servicing. I... Read more

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Anyone who denies these claims are actual employees who write rebuttals to try and save the reputation of this ill willed company. They use multiple business names, addresses in Newport Beach, CA and main office in Irvine CA. Bad real estate investment, you will never spend one day in this community since no one will ever build a home there, and since no one is building homes there, they will not complete the so called luxury gated community... Read more

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DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT purchase a home from Fischer Homes. They will lie to your face and go back on their word. And especially DO NOT purchase a home from Kristin Collins at Margies Cove in Grove City Ohio. Long story short (although I'm more than willing to elaborate so if you'd like all the details please message me), my husband and I purchased a new home from them. We provided them with a modest deposit for holding the lot, etc. and we... Read more

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