Buying or selling any type of real estate is a complex and difficult process, but you can make it much easier on yourself by employing a few simple strategies and doing lots of research ahead of time. Here are the essential steps to keep in mind when conducting a real estate transaction.

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I have been a tenant here at Farmington Lakes apartments since 2012. I am 64 years of age. Furthermore, I am the oldest tenant in building L at Lakes at Cross bridge, 7927 Redding Ct. I have several disabilities and service animals. Not, aware that HermanKittle's properties bought the property on June 9, 2017. I have reported this toxic relationship to HermanKittle's Properties, Indianapolis Housing Authority, and Civil Rights on July 11, 2017.Me, moving in 2018-**** was not the best financial move for me, because I am not working a permanent job, to help with the moving expenses nor could afford an attorney to be compensated for the emotional distress damages they cause me over the years. I was advised to hire a private attorney to help. I repeatedly explained to my government officials; I don't have the money or the means to hire a private attorney. Likewise, I am in a toxic, unsafe environment such as, retaliation, direct discrimination, and harassment, which I have filed complaints in 2017, 2018, 2019 against Lakes at Cross bridge Apartments? Furthermore, I have documentation to support each claim that I have stated. On July 11, 2018, I was allegedly accused of verbally bodily harm to another tenant. A notice was put on my apartment door on July 12, 2018, 7-days to vacate. On July 12, 2018, I spoke on the phone with the property manager she informed me that it was a notice on my door to vacate in 7 days for harassing another tenant, and she had recording and videos. I told her I didn't harass anybody, could I come in and speak with you, and hear the recording and see the video you have of me. She said that she wouldn't be in her office.So, I asked my supervisors can I leave; my part-time Goodwill of Central Indiana. SCSEP program training site to take care of this complaint, and it was granted. I made an unannounced visit to the rental office; where I had several statements from tenants regarding the allegedly bodily harm to another tenant. I stop her and handed her the statements of the alleged violation. She read them and said I have to fax a retraction letter to Indianapolis Housing Authority.I said you sent them a letter that I had a 7-days to vacated without even speaking to me or agreeing to meet with me. I asked for a copy of the retraction letter to put in my files. She handed it to me. Then, I asked her can I see the video and hear the recording that you have of me. She responded they got deleted. Direct discrimination: No meeting, and no, 7 days to vacate wasn't issued to this female tenant who is 31 years old on September 17, 2020.On September 17, 2020, ahead of house tenant at an apartment rented at L 144 spit at me and verbally abuse me. This humiliating, degraded unwarranted, and verbal abuse behavior was reported to the property management. She did nothing. Second Direct discrimination: On October 1, 2020, the same tenant did the same thing to another tenant and me. except she threatened to hit me in my mouth. The security office at that time was Mr. Mike Smith who was on duty at the time at Lakes at Crossbridge apartments who was called after the event had occurred. I looked outside in the parking lot, and he was speaking to her. I was not going to let her tell her peace, not until our side of the story was told on the date of the complaint; like I did when I call the police on September 17, 2020, so I yelled out to the security guard when you get through speaking with her, we would like to speak with you too. We filed a complaint together with the security officer. I informed him that I wanted a copy of the complaint, and he agreed. I reported to the property manager what had transpired with the tenant in apartment L144 on October 2, 2020. Being under duress she tried to have a meeting with the tenant who causes the aggressive behavior and me without the male tenant that was involved also. Unhealthy, outrageous behavior and a recording of the security guard saying he was going to give me a copy of the complaint. So, in writing, I asked the property manager for a copy of the complaint also, since he took personal information from both of us. didn't get a copy at all so, I refused to have a meeting with her until I have gotten some legal advice and a meeting with the male tenant.Then, she contacts the male tenant that was involved and set up a meeting with him for October 21, 2020, at 12:30 pm then I agreed to speak with her. Finally, we had a meeting. My sister was present at the meeting. It took the property manager months of delaying to have this meeting; but with me, it took the next day without any evidence. Direct discrimination of unfair treatment based on retaliation influenced by personal feelings and opinions has caused me so much emotional distress. I have continued to seek medical help and medication just so I can get through a day. I'm not sleeping or eating. And I am not as successful financially, emotionally, and in relationships as others. I can't think of the things that really deserve my attention, because outrageously, offensively wrong way to live each day. I play in my head the events that have taken place at Lakes at Crossbridge since 2017-****. I have always taken the first step to work things out, she didn't care, and she never wanted to listen to me. Not only that, I have always been respectful of management even after all she did to me. I have been wanting to leave from up under this property manager before she causes me any more damage or hardship. I have been tempted to break my lease so many times. I would be in a the worst situation.
Welcome to Palm Lake Apartments, don't worry, we will never take care of a problem, since we are the problem. I have no idea how I survived five years living here, I mean that literally.Let us start with the problem I had with horrible neighbors and management NOT solving the problem. These awful neighbors would constantly have people over DURING QUIET many times should one complain to find resolution to a situation? 5? 10? 20 times? Either way it didn't matter. I lost a whole lot of sleep because of these horrible neighbors, and on top of that management did NOTHING to solve the problem. It was so bad with these horrible neighbors one time I was sound asleep in my bed, then I was awaken by these awful neighbors yelling at each other. It was very disturbing, I should have called the police. Then this yelling continued the following day. When I went into the office to tell the manager about this, she called the awful neighbors, and they did what they usually do, LIE. Another BIG problem I had was this.Most people know how hot it get's in the summer in Concord. Well, how would this be? You want to stay cool since it is hot, you turn on the a/c, and it doesn't work. Then what happens next? The maintenance people that are NOT trained to fix the a/c attempt to fix the problem, and make the problem worse. I had to leave my apartment many times during the day since it was way to hot to stay in the apartment. I repeatedly told the office about the problem. On top of that, I had one of those a/c units connected to the ceiling, and it was leaking. It was such a problem one time that all this stuff from the ceiling dumped all over the kitchen floor, guess who had to clean it up? Me!!!!!!!!!! The a/c wasn't working FOR FIVE MONTHS DURING THE SUMMER, I COULD HAVE DIED OF DEHYDRATION, did they care? Of course not!! They just wanted me to pay rent. Another super messed up situation happened when I was moving out.This place DOES NOT enforce the rules. I had placed a item of furniture over near the dumpster, the maintenance manager came over and took a look and told me he would charge me? A rule might be enforced? No way!! Then he and I start to get in an argument. I mention the fact that it took FIVE MONTHS TO FIX THE a/c, he seems to think there is NO problem with this? Then after that the guy wants to get into a physical fight with me? He is one of the managers? You got to be kidding me, this place sucks!!!!!! I want to be reimbursed for the five months of rent when the a/c wasn't working
First they move me and my son into a home they knew had a black mold issued and just painted over it too re-rent it. wasn't until we got sick and they said they'd move us of course additional deposit to be paid but whatever. I rented the home for a year notified them i was not renewing and gave them a move out date of May 31st an was actually out the 30th, not big deal. They now without details are keeping my deposit and charging me and extra $967 for repair beyond normal wear and tear, NO pictures to show of this but i have pictures of my move out that show the home was cleaner when i moved out than when i moved in. I read reviews afterwards on BBB and find this is common for them to do too people and they need to be stopped. I just want my full $1715 deposit back

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How to Find the Best Realtor and Compare Properties

Buying or selling any type of real estate is a complex and difficult process, but you can make it much easier on yourself by employing a few simple strategies and doing lots of research ahead of time. Here are the essential steps to keep in mind when conducting a real estate transaction.

How to Find a Realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, empty lot, or business property, choosing the right realtor for your needs is crucial. As with any major task or project, the first stepping stone to success is lots of research.

  1. Before doing anything else, it’s important to thoroughly understand your own goals, as well as your own strengths and limitations as a buyer or a seller. If you want to buy, securing a pre-approval for a loan and compiling a list of properties you’re interested in (and can afford) will make the next steps much easier on both you and your realtor. Sellers would do well to order an appraisal of their property and make sure it’s in tip-top shape before entering serious talks with an agent.
  2. Search for realtors, online and in local print directories, who specialize in the type and price range of properties you’re looking to buy or sell.
  3. Further narrow your search by reading client reviews online on consumer advocacy websites or in real estate publications for your area, and by meeting several realtors for in-person interviews.

Once you’ve found a realtor you’d like to work with, be prepared with a list of questions to ask. In addition to the questions below, also bring up any concerns or uncertainties related to your specific situation at the first meeting.

Specific Questions to Ask Your Realtor

There are five questions you should always ask before deciding whether to hire a real estate agent.

What are your credentials?

The basic certification process for a real estate agent is 2-3 months long, and there is a great deal of information to become familiar with. Ask about their on-the-job experience as well as the training they have completed. There are dozens of real estate certifications, but some of the most common ones to look for include Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), and the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist (CRS). This last certification is granted to experienced realtors with above-average sales.

How long have you been in business?

A more experienced realtor is more likely to be capable of providing excellent service, but someone new to the profession could still be a good match, depending on your priorities. If the transaction you’re interested in conducting is relatively simple, consider hiring a newer realtor who may be willing to accept a lower commission.

What is your commission rate?

If the real estate agent you’re considering works for a firm or agency, their commission rate is likely fixed and non-negotiable. Independent agents have the power to lower their rates, if you can convince them that a smaller commission will still be worth their time and expertise.

Can you show me some listings you’ve recently closed on?

This can be helpful in determining if your realtor is a good match for you. If you’re interested in spending $800,000 on your lakefront dream home, you may not want to work with a realtor who has primarily bought and sold $150,000 starter homes.

What is your marketing plan for my specific needs?

Buyers should ask for information on how the realtor intends to search for homes relevant to their needs, how many properties they can expect to see, and how the realtor intends to handle multiple offers or fierce competition from other buyers. Sellers will want to know whether the realtor will favor “carpet bombing” or a more focused approach to finding qualified buyers; it is also important to discuss how involved the seller will be in preparing or showing their own home.

Once you’ve completed the initial process of interviewing your realtor and signing an official agreement to work together, the next step is to look for properties to purchase (for buyers) or to do some research on properties similar to your own (for sellers).

Types of Property

There are three main types of properties that comprise the vast majority of real estate transactions.

Vacant Lots

Empty land is, of course, less expensive than the same piece of land with a structure already on it. Vacant lots are often ideal for three particular kinds of buyers

  • Budget-conscious home buyers interested in building a simple home on cheap land. Purchasing land in more remote areas can often result in even bigger savings, provided less convenient access to urban areas isn’t an issue.
  • High-earning buyers looking to build expensive custom homes to their exact specifications.
  • Those interested in building certain types of commercial properties, like warehouse or storage facilities and industrial buildings. In many cases, if you expect employees or suppliers, but not customers, to travel to the location, a cheaper, more remote location may be ideal.

Residential Properties

Existing homes are usually more affordable and much less of a headache for buyers, compared to custom builds or vacant lots. Custom homes come in three types.

  • Truly custom homes are one-of-a-kind and are built by architects and contractors to the client’s exact specifications. This is the most expensive and most time-consuming way to build a home, and is subject to the most bureaucracy and interference from government agencies. However, buyers with a particular vision for their home and the budget to afford it may find the end result worth it.
  • Spec homes are built by builders in small batches with the specific goal of selling them. They are often more affordable than custom builds while still offering some customization options, particularly for buyers who buy during the planning or construction phases.
  • Tract homes are built in large numbers according to pre-drawn plans. They are the least customizable homes, but also the least expensive.

Commercial Properties

A commercial property is any non-residential property that is in any way part of a business operation. There are many types of commercial properties. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Retail locations
  • Strip malls/shopping malls
  • Production facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate offices

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a commercial, be sure to work with a realtor highly experienced in such transactions, as they are much more complicated and subject to many more laws and regulations than vacant lots or residential properties.

How to Compare Properties

Ensure you are comparing apples to apples and looking at properties with similar characteristics.

  1. Consider the age, size, condition, and location of the property, and remember that none of these factors exist in a vacuum. Even two properties right next to one another might be listed at vastly different prices, since location is not the only relevant consideration.
  2. Look for significant improvements (or significant damage) to the property, as well as unique features that may justify a higher price, such as a beautiful view of the ocean or unusually low property taxes.
  3. Remember that the value of a property is somewhat subjective, particularly for home buyers who intend to live there themselves. Buyers may be willing to pay significantly more for features that are especially important to them, and less for things that aren’t. The assessed and market values of a property are best understood as averages or guidelines.

How to Monitor Real Estate Trends

Buyers and sellers both benefit from staying up to date on the behavior and trends of their local markets. There are three basic ways to do so.

  • Look at historical data in your area for similar types of properties and observe the general trend (upward, downward or static).
  • Don’t underestimate how useful markets outside your own can be. For example, Oregon’s real estate market has historically mirrored California’s market very closely, lagging behind by 1-2 years. Learning which other markets behave similarly to yours can be a valuable forecasting strategy.
  • Periodically check in with the “other side.” Buyers should do some research on factors especially important to sellers in their area in order to better understand what may be asked or expected of them. Conversely, sellers would do well to understand what buyers are looking for at any given time and strive to ensure their properties meet those needs.

For the unprepared, buying or selling real estate can be a major source of stress and frustration. By thoroughly understanding your own needs and expectations, and considering them in a realistic context, a great deal of stress can be eliminated. Consistently doing your due diligence will make the process even easier, and in many cases, can lead to a virtually painless transaction.