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I had the idea to do a book about the history of my late husband’s family, who was very much into adopting needy children. We followed suit and have 6 children. I wanted to pass that story of love and devotion onto my children and grandchildren. I researched and wrote the story, found old pictures and explained how each child came to be in our lives, when we became a family and what that meant to me. A very emotional piece – specifically crafted for what Christmas means. I found a groupon on black Friday and purchased it – 10 copies of a 40-page book. Great price. Then I started to load up my story and pictures and the servers kept crashing. I contacted Printerpix through the chat and email and was told just to wait a little while – 24 hours – and everything would be fixed. I finally got my book uploaded, along with 2 blankets and a collage of pictures. And again I asked if I needed to make other arrangements for Christmas gifts. “No, I was told. We will get everything done. We have plenty of time. “ It is now the 21st of December. I have only received my collages – which have been mailed to the recipient. Since my entire gift to my children was made of these items and some inconsequential gift cards, my Christmas is ruined. There will be no emotional heartfelt gifts from Mom this Christmas because when I get them – I have to mail them to 10 different places.How do you make up for misleading people, overselling what you knew you couldn’t deliver, and ruining Christmas for people? I finally got someone on the phone this morning and they told me you were working 12-hour shifts – why not 24. Surely the machine can operate, and temps can be hired to work with experienced hands and production can be increased – maybe not doubled but certainly more than 1/3 – which is all you get from a 12-hour shift. So, if I don’t get my gifts by Christmas –which will do me no good because it is already too late for me to ship them and have them received, I understand you will refund my shipping. How does that make up for the loss of the impact my gifts intended to make? Do you realize that the business you are in is not widgets but instead memories and heartfelt love and appreciation? That is a Christmas day feeling that while it would be nice if it has the same impact on the 26 or 27th, it will not. I will be alone this Christmas because I wanted to watch each of my children open this special gift and enjoy their reactions, with their whole family gathered around the tree. Now, they will open them as they get them, and I will get a call a few hours or days later and say Thanks. Big whoop. Meantime I will spend Christmas feeling like a heel because I tried to do something special and Printerpix let me down by not being honest with me. There were other companies who could have done this. Yes, you had the best deal. But had you told me you couldn’t deliver, I would have made a more expensive choice and gone with someone who could have delivered.

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