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Pivotal Home Solutions - Tricky wording, watch yourself

Pivotal Home Solutions
I have the top tier policy for my outside sewer/water/gas/electric lines. When I purchased the policy (which is endorsed by my energy supplier, Eversource), the rep assured me that as long as nothing is broken due to negligence, and as long as I don't try to replace something for an upgrade, etc., all fixes for my outside lines would be covered. This is not the case. I have a problem w/out outside sewer line that needs fixing, ASAP, and Pivotal... Read more

Plumbforce Direct - Misleading information and poor quality work.

Plumbforce Direct
I called in a job to replace the waste in the bathroom washandbasin. I was lead to believe that this would cost a fixed price of £70 +VAT however when the plumber arrived he said that he had never heard of this and charged me 135 +VAT. He said that this was because he needed to install a new waste despite the fact that I believed this was included in the price. I also struggle to believe that the waste would cost £65! When I called customer... Read more

Sterling Plumbing - Don't count on timely delivery

Sterling Plumbing
Original shower stall order date June 23, 2017 with an expected delivery of 3-4 weeks. 9 weeks later, the order arrived on August 25 and was damaged. A replacement was ordered same day, but did not arrive until October 13, 2017. After the original order was placed, it was 9 weeks for delivery (after being told 3-4 weeks) with numerous irrelevant excuses. When unpacked, it was damaged. The damaged piece was reordered that day and took 6 1/2 weeks... Read more

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