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Usa Population - NFL's disrespect of fans

Usa Population
I have lived sports my entire life . Played 3 sports in High School, Managed Baseball teams and was in the military. Also was a high school baseball coach and have a son in sports. I retired from the Government and totally respect the Flag and what it stands for. Also worked 6 years for the Buccaneers during training camps and season. I just observed numerous players that earn a substantial living playing a sport kneeling and sitting during our... Read more

Sport Clips Toms River - Discrimination

Sport Clips Toms River
Was told they do not trake apointments problem, as i sign in to wait i am told there are 4 ahead of me. I count 4 leave. Next another person is called. I approach the counter to question this i am told i am next. Ok. So again, a stylists calls on someone ahead of me. Again i getup...immaginably a bit more upset. I am then told by a girl named Jen (toms river location) they had an apointment. Ha. I said...i was told you do not take... Read more

Mediterranean Impact Windows - I,and twenty others had impact windows installed .leakeca.

Mediterranean Impact Windows
Leak frm impact windows,not installed properly,or sealed.leaked.over all owner moez sola,and elton karaja,did not return complaint calls.sec.dee refuses to send anyone frm co.says glass mgf,is responsible.will email me their number.never received email.called,and wrote five times.very irrisponsible contractor.took mt 6000.$ fast.but no service. Read more

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