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Accredo And Express Scripts - They don't care if you live or die

Accredo And Express Scripts
After doing some research on the web I see that my experience mirrors many other people. How is the allowed to happen? They have so much *** going on internally it's like they don't want you to receive your medication on purpose. Hours and hours begging and pleading for medications that have been prescribed, approved and authorized but no they cannot ship them until a certain day, 4 different people must approve and they all must be on the phone... Read more

Tax Protection Services - Ripped me off did no work and fabricated information. Consultant is a convicted felon

Tax Protection Services
This company and its owner Dan Burke, CPA are frauds. They did ZERO. I asked them for a refund and they said they did work they did not do. They did nothing. I gave them nothing except my name, address and contact. Burke hired a guy by the name of Bill Nooney. Nooney said his name was William Williams because he is a CONVICTED FELON.... Read more

24 7 Labs - Deceptive False Scam Ads Not Certified Insured Lab ID *** ALERT

24 7 Labs
CARLOS ROLDAN NEVER REFUNDED STOLE $200 STD DRUG PANEL NOT CONFIDENTIAL NO SPECIMENS SENT TO LabCorp, Quest Confirmed No Chain Of Custody Signed Witnessed Labels, then my Bank Acct Hacked -$266, Rudely Refused, Investigated Carlos Roldan Fact Carlos Rolda EX Fraud Felon Tampa Bay Times 1 22 08 is UnInsured HIV HEP C, No Certificate Posted for Patient HIV HEP C RISK EXPOSURE. Requirement per Fl State Attorney General 1 866 9 NO SCAM... Read more

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