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To me its just a matter of or could be simply human communication and data input error! Well I went into my bank and a manager thats a friend, ran a credit check so I could maybe purchase a dependable truck or a suv, anyway the check come back and theres a $2,312.00 debt that has gone to collections 12/16/20! Everything else is all up to date, things paid off Ben ahead of time! So I call the collections agency and they tell me that its from Lincare saying I never turn in a Oxygen concentration unit! But I knew I had back on 17/18/16 but called Lincare billing (on the national/Corperate level and got transferred to at least the 3 different agents because they could only see so far at their individual level, by the time I got to the 3rd agent I spoke with (in a going on hour + phone call) from where she was looking at on her screen, didnt see where I had turned it in on a day when the office in Casper, Wyo. Where I live was closed, but there was someone there that took the unit in and made sure it got checked in and gave my receipt for the equipment! But its now 2020, and I had no earthly idea where my copy of that 2016 receipt was! Yet because of the good record/file keeping , in the Casper office, it was just a matter of talking to the right billing personnel, first Lincare Patient Avocate on the Corporate level she noticed it way way down on the screen now under a different patient ID #, but she wasnt a billing agent, So I call the local billing and got Caleb, that was sooo easy going and very attentive to what I was trying to explain to him! And saw it right away! The same exact receipt I was holding in my that I had gotten from the local office and then he called the collection agency and promised he would call me back either today or tomorrow, when he had spoken with all concerned parties! Well by the time I got home from the gym and settled down! A message came across my phone that said my credit score and change from my bank, and to my surprise it had went up 10+ points!!! The amazing is that I didnt get out of sorts with anyone I spoke with either in person or over the phone!!! It always always pays to be the person God calls us to be, showing and displaying love, kindness and the highest respect to everyone!, we interact with! Especially when youre in the right! So instead of being mad, angry and rude to the people we deal with, Trusting and looking up towards The God who sees everything!!! I felt like I gained $2,312.00 and got a better credit score to boot!!! Were all one race human beings! And human error is part of growing and learning! And if youre a person that doesnt make mistakes or claim you dont!, well maybe its because youre not doing anything! What the less experienced agents couldnt find or see, the one with the more experienced could see or at least knew where to look for the mis/disconnect! Love and kindness is an powerful amazing force! That brings uplifting and encouragement to everyone one you come in contact with!!! The world and these times were living in could definitely use a whole lot more of!! It makes a world of difference!!Absolutely AMAZING!GOD IS LOVE!
Purchased the EWheels M34 scooter a few weeks ago from Spinlife. My husband had been a returning customer and we've gotten GoGo travel scooters in the past. The M34 was new and had decent reviews, plus a few hundred less than what we normally spend on the GoGo.What arrives is this dented in box. I told my husband that I could actually reach into the bashedd-in side and feel the scooter inside.In hindsight, we should have seen this and declined the delivery on the spot.However, my husband was desperate. He'd been without wheels for a while and without his mobility scooter he's completely housebound unless I take him out in his wheelchair. Unfortunately, I work full time and can't take him out on a regular basis. So, he's stuck.Anyway, we opened the package and it was filled with packing peanuts. The scooter is partially bagged, mostly open with only a few pieces of styrofoam for stabilization. The battery case is already dented, the footpads are already peeling off. It's not exactly what we had expected. My husband decides that so long as it's only cosmetic, and the scooter works, he'll deal with it.He gets on it, and the scooter tips over on him. He takes it out and all of the wheels don't touch the ground at the same time. It's a tip risk. He can't take it out on sidewalks, down hills, off road or anything. And the seat sits so far back, he can't use a seatbelt and still drive it.We contacted both EWheels and Spinlife and warned them that this was a hazardous device. It could seriously injure someone with balance issues. My husband won't even get back on it because he had to wedge his foot underneath the thing in order to avoid a nasty spill.Spinlife says that they'll take it back, but he has to pay 400 bucks to return it. The cost of the scooter? 800. My husband asked to be contacted by a manager to sort out the situation because 400 bucks seems unreasonable under the circumstances. No contact from Spinlife OR EWheels.We've been returning customers for years, but this really isn't the way to treat disabled customers who rely on mobility devices. I doubt we'll get anything from them again.Photos are from the damaged box we received. I could reach right in and feel the scooter. Ridiculous. Again, I wish we'd have declined the delivery right then and there.

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