I have gotten several phones call from 347-263-8001. One week he is an attorney, the next he is a lawyer, it changes every week. He said that I owe money to a cash advance place. I ask him to send me an email or fax me the paperwork and he never does. We argue, he cusses at me and I cuss hime back. He hangs up, I call back. It's hilarious. I am getting really pissed about him calling my work now. What can I do, has anything worked... Read more

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The-McMillan-Law-Firm, Scott McMillan, 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941 operates his firm and claims to be a "leading" litigation attorney. But http://www.scott-mcmillan-law.blogspot.com shows Scott McMillan misrepesents to the public he is "leading" in any area other than losses. 50 LOSSES, one win, and this attorney represents to the public his firm is a "leading" firm in San Diego! (?) If The McMillan Law Firm is a "leading" firm and has... Read more

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The Law Offices of Crystal Moroney seems to be a thinly veiled scam. For one, their address: Law Offices of Crystal Moroney, P.C. 119 Rockland Center, Suite 390 Nanuet, New York 10954 as listed on their website 'crystalmoroneylaw.com' is based out of P.O. Box. There is no actual address, and when the office is called, a 'Wendy Moore' who identified herself as an attorney, who is not an attorney, lied and said that was indeed the correct address... Read more

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Ten months ago my boyfriend was involved in a horrific accident when he was hit by a tractor trailer on I-95 which he was not at fault. He required multiple weeks in the hospital as well as multiple surgeries. Being a nurse I knew a lot about his injuries however I knew nothing about finding a lawyer. I did not know where to turn until a close friend did some research on the very good lawyers in Florida and suggested we call Dan Newlin. I called... Read more

I am disabled, and with the help of Binder and Binder Social Security attorneys, I was awarded Social Security benefits for a closed period of 17 months. The attorneys were paid their 30% but I didn't receive all of what I was awarded. This was roughly 3 years ago & despite my numerous phone calls, they have done NOTHING to help me get the rest of my payment (aprox. $6,000.00) Their policy is that the client isn't charged unless... Read more

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I am 26 and I suffer from BiPoler One disorder. When I was a child, I was on disability. I have been going to therapy since I was 13. When I reached the age of 17 I took myself off of disability to try and work, you know, like normal people. I never was able to keep a job for longer than 3 months. Two years ago I started to try and get back on disabiliby. No one can say I didnt tried to work. I hired Myler Disability to be my lawers. After many... Read more

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I attended a presentation for Timeshare Exit Team aka ReidHein and Associates to see about getting rid of my Diamond timeshare. During the presentation they described themselves as a law firm that is providing legal services to consumers who have been ripped off like myself by timeshare companies. During this presentation I was very skeptical as I have already paid one company to get rid of my timeshare and they were unsuccessful. Since I have... Read more

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An entity called Evans Law Associates keeps calling me via automated phone calls. When the call is answered I am instructed to stay on the line. That is when they will respond to my frequent "hellos." When I did get a live person named Nathan he refused to give me his employer's address or any other information required by federal and state law. He only kept asking for an individual I do not know and stating he was "just an order taker" when I... Read more

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1st American law center is a service to help you get your mortgage payment lowered. They informed my mortgage company that they were working for me, and that was it. They never did anything else, after 2 months and almost having my house forclosed on, I finally called my mortgage company myself and made the arrangement myself. because 1st american wrote they were working for me my mort. co. had to notify them of the arrangement me and the mort.... Read more

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I got a call from an Amber Hunt calling from The Law Firm of Crystal Moroney. I didn't answer because it was an 888 number, which is usually a collect call anyways. So, I listened to the message and of course got freaked out because she said it was an attempt to collect an outstanding balance. I called back and the woman was very pushy. She told me the name of a book company, which I haven't used in about a year or two, and an amount that I... Read more

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