When you’re looking for maintenance and care for your lawn, you need to figure out which company can provide the quality and care you need. It’s important to factor in that lawn care services also use other businesses to purchase products, and it’s something to consider when looking for the best lawn care service company.

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I bought a 3 stage snow blower from cub cadet in November to prepare for the snow season, and come the first snow of the season, I got my snow blower out and the augers stopped working after 2 seconds on hitting the snow, after multiple calls, and trying all the trouble shooting tips. The snow blower is still not working, and I cannot even get the dealer to come out for a whole week and cub cadet washed their hands off the whole transaction. Now I'm snowed in and trying to buy a proper snow blower to rescue my situation, while the brand new cub cadet worth $1,400 is sitting in my garage.This company, their products and their dealerships are a SCAM!!!
I witnessed a Tru Green employee, Dan Buck, drive a large aerating-type machine along my sidewalk. As the machine was too wide to fit, it was crushing the landscaping bricks, which were set on-pointe along the sidewalk.I spoke with the two other employees on site, who confirmed that they saw him breaking the bricks, and heard the popping sounds as they were breaking.Dan again past me and I called his attention to the damage, he apologized and said that he intended to speak to me about it, and was meeting with his boss, Allen, tomorrow and that one of them would be in touch with me soon. He took my address, phone number, and photos of the broken bricks, which we counted together. The total was 10. He said, “I will definitely fix them for you.”They were his last words to me.Not hearing from him, I called six times over the next month, was passed to several departments, and given several different numbers to call, always repeating the story and given the assurance that someone would definitely call me back.No one ever did until I threatened to report it to the BBB. Then the manager called within an hour to state that they have no responsibility for any damage and that an unidentified neighbor had said that Dan didn’t break any bricks.The neighbors for whom Tru Green was working deny exonerating the landscaper, as they were not even home at the time.I tried to file a formal complaint against them with the BBB, but they are unwilling to accept any complaints against those who have paid for a good rating.
So we bought a brand new Cub Cadet system in May, 2017 from Tractor Supply in Merrimack, NH. Wife and I are both over 60 and pushing lawnmowers and shoveling snow are just not in the cards for us any more. Initially, things were fine, but after a couple dry weeks I went to mow the lawn and immediately was covered with dust and lawnclippings, down my back, in my face, eyes....it took a few days but found that the cover for the lawn bagger was NOT fitted properly, and the molded plastic cover was allowing debris to blow directly at me. After several phone calls to Cub Cadet (MTD) I was connected with Bob Schuck, who is supposedly a manager.....after not being able to mow our yard for most of the 2017 season, we finally received the replacement top cover, but now is has already snowed once.....so obviously will not know if the cover actually solves the problem or not until next year (20180 So NOW, we are in December and the first snow storm has arrived....we took painful stepps to assure every aspect of the snowblower assembly was correctly installed.....but none of that matter....less than 1/2 way through the storm the blower/auger stopped rotating....nothing is broken, nothing has popped out of place or off the pulleys.... Well guess what.....the stupid machine designers apparently went with the cheapest, weakest main drive belt they could find, and it is NOT heavy enough to handle the driving of the augers once they get loaded with snow.....so the only way to use it is to cut 6" or less wide paths through the 4" of fluffy snow, while moving the tractor at less than a snail's pace..... I have already sent more than a couple emails to Bob Schuck, at Cub Cadet, as well as talking to the Tractor Supply store manager in Merrimack (Bryan), but neither of them has had the courtesy to call me back.......... This is NOT over......I did NOT spend nearly $4000.00 for a useless paperweight...........

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How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Services

When you’re looking for maintenance and care for your lawn, you need to figure out which company can provide the quality and care you need. It’s important to factor in that lawn care services also use other businesses to purchase products, and it’s something to consider when looking for the best lawn care service company.

Here are some tips and answers to some of the questions you might have when you are searching for the best lawn care service companies.

How to Choose Lawn Care Companies Effectively

There may be many lawn care service companies in your area, such as starter companies that offer great deals, as well as trusted companies that have been around for quite some time. But just because a company is new or old does not always guarantee the best lawn care service.

Here are some ways you can begin your search with:

  • Search for reviews and posts on social media networks, blogs and forums that are the best platforms to see what customers are saying about lawn care services.
  • Check local listings such as links on gardening sites, magazines, newspapers - they are all excellent places to find companies near your area.
  • Seek outsider recommendations, from your friends and neighbors. Asking around will help you figure out what lawn care service companies are trusted by real people.
  • Check accreditation sites such as the Better Business Bureau and assess a few of the listings you found.
  • Call, negotiate, and ask companies a few detailed questions about their services.

If you want to know what kind of questions you could ask a lawn care service company, in the following topic you can find the standard services and fundamental issues to ask about.

What Do Companies Offer With Lawn Care Services

When you read about specific offers, it’s best to write down your thoughts and to ask detailed questions to the lawn care service companies, regarding the best lawn care services such as the best fertilizer, aeration, and sod they provide.

Here are some questions you can ask before you commit to a particular company.

Lawn Fertilization Services: Fertilizer is used to feed the lawn with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Depending on how often you water your lawn and what type of fertilizer you use, you will determine how often you need to add more. So, how can you find out what fertilizer options are best for your lawn?

Here are detailed questions you can ask:

  • Is the lawn service using organic compost, or purchasing regular fertilizer? Companies usually use 2 types of fertilizers: organic compost (a natural way to keep your lawn green ) or regular fertilizer (the mix is a chemical formula.)
  • Do they use quick release or slow release fertilizer? Slow release fertilizer helps the grass stay stronger and requires you to water your lawn often. Quick release fertilizer will need reapplication every two weeks, and less water.
  • Why are they using that particular fertilizer brand? You can ask this question if you value a specific brand of fertilizer over others, or you want to know if the company is using the best product for their customers.
  • Are they going to use a tanker truck or a spreader? A tanker truck is a huge truck that applies liquid fertilizer and sprays it evenly across the lawn. A spreader is handheld by a worker and they use larger granules so they can see their progress. Both require precision and even application; a tanker truck is faster at applying the fertilizer compared to a spreader.
  • If the company is going to spray the fertilizer then how often do they need to return to fertilize? Depending if the company uses quick or slow release fertilizer this will determine how often they will need to come back. Remember a quick release fertilizer is a regular fertilizer, so the company has to return every two weeks for reapplication. Is this something you want? Or do you mind maintaining and watering your lawn often with slow-release fertilizer? Thus, you will see the lawn care services company less often.
  • Is the upkeep of the fertilizer included in the fee, or is it an extra cost? The type of fertilizer, quick or slow release, should not influence the price. It’s just what works best for the lawn care services and the customer.

Lawn Aeration Services: Holes are made to allow the nutrients, air and water to reach the root of the grass and to alleviate soil compaction. Not all lawns require aeration service, so it’s best to ask the best lawn aeration companies if your lawn needs this service.

Here are some questions you can ask to get the best care:

  • Will the company test your lawn to see if it’s compacted? It checks the customer's yard by taking a shovel into the dirt and extracting a chunk of that earth to analyze, the type of soil, sandy or clay and if the root of the grass has enough room to grow. So, ask if this service is free of charge?
  • Does the lawn care service use a plug or spike aerator? The plug aerator is an excellent way to bring back nutrients to your lawn. It lifts the dirt out of the ground. The dirt stays on the surface of the grass, providing nutrients. The spike aerator is poking holes in the lawn and will need more maintenance.
  • How often do they need to aerate your lawn? Ask the lawn care service company to go into detail with you why more aeration will be required. Different soils will require alternative maintenance, such as clay soil which can compact more often will need yearly aeration, and sandy soil is suggested being aerated twice a year.

Lawn Sod Services: Sod is rolled up grass and also known as turf, used for new homes and new areas where you want grass to grow. Expert ratings will differ depending on the products quality of the lawn sod services use.

Here are some questions you can ask to get the details you need:

  • Does the lawn care service grow their sod? If the company is developing their turf versus going to a farm, this will lower the fees for this service. So if they are charging more, you should know that there is something wrong with pricing.
  • Do they use a sod farm? If so which company? Do they value their lawn sod service by providing you with the best turf for your money? Asking these questions will let you know what you're paying for and if the fee is worth the service and the product.
  • Do they quote per-square foot? Most company's cite per-square foot as this gives you a more detailed estimate. If a company just gives you a random quote without explaining how much turf is needed, this company might not be giving you all the facts.
  • Are all labor and product included in the fee such as preparing, leveling the grounds, installing the turf, extra dirt and fertilizer? When they give you a quote, and if they included all of the extras then you are informed they do not have any hidden fees that will show up on your bill.
  • Do they take the time to assess your lawn before they give you a quote? Measure your property, evaluate the kind of soil, determine the weed infestation, pest and animal control? An assessment should be a free service, some companies do charge for this. The reason you want a company to know your lawn before servicing it, is to rate the type of soil, how much product to use, and individual care to enhance turf growth and health.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Good Lawn Service

Consumer reviews point out that if the lawn shows any signs of weed growth, uneven turf or discolored grass, then the company did not provide a well-maintained yard for the client. Watch out for lawn care companies that:

  • Are not licensed.
  • Misquote their services.
  • Don’t keep their promise.
  • Use other products than advertised.
  • Are not willing to show you any consumer reviews.
  • Don’t have a website.
  • Don’t send you an estimate or a quote.
  • Send you a quote without assessing your lawn.
  • Don’t show up for maintenance appointments.
  • Don’t mention bi-weekly maintenance in the regular quote.

After careful consideration of which lawn care service company provides excellent care, money is usually the last thing you should worry about. But if you need to narrow the selection down to the best service and the best price here are some ways you can do that.

What Price Is Best When Comparing the Best Lawn Care Service

Sometimes choosing quality over price is going to get you the best fertilizer, aeration, sod and lawn care services that will satisfy you. But some exceptional companies esteem their work and offer a reasonable price. Here are some tips on how to know top companies are offering a reasonable price and a great deal.

  • Is the company willing to give you your money back if the work is unsatisfactory? A good company that values its customers should have some guarantee to show it’s trustworthy.
  • Can you pay an annual fee upfront instead of paying per visit? Companies that are willing to quote you for the whole year and should guarantee you that their pricing is consistent ; but also they should offer you packages and the option to opt out of specific services.

Can You Save Time and Money Caring for Your Lawn?

Caring for a lawn requires your time, commitment, and knowledge. Here are some suggestions and tips for DIY and whether it is worth it.


When using a spreader (a push-cart that spreads the fertilizer,) purchase fertilizer with larger granules. It is best if you want to control how much of it is on your grass and if it creates an even coat. Pouring the product in the spreader can be tricky, and you will need to sweep away any fertilizer that is loose on the driveway as it’s a pollutant.

Ongoing upkeep, watering the lawn, reapplying the fertilizer as often as needed can become cumbersome if you are working full-time, you have a family and maybe want to go away on vacation. The time you will save and for the upkeep of aesthetics is one of the reasons why customers hire lawn care services.


If you are using a plug aerator, you know you paid a lot for it, and you hope when you aerate your lawn the nutrients will do the work. But that is not always the case because you need to know, for example, how compacted your lawn is before you begin, is it best to aerate a wet or dry lawn? During what season should you aerate your lawn, spring or fall?

And even if you know that your garden is compacted purchasing the equipment to aerate your lawn can be expensive, and you need to consider the place to store the gear especially if you don’t have to aerate your lawn very often.


To purchase sod from a farm might be expensive if you're not a lawn care service provider, as the companies typically get deals since they benefit from buying in bulk. But how much should you buy? Sodding your lawn yourself can be overwhelming if you don’t have the knowledge and the help.

Having a healthy lawn yearly is what customers want to achieve. You should consider if hiring a company will save you time and give you quality over trying to do it yourself. The labor, assessing the lawn, the dirt and the measurements, might be better handled by an expert.

However, caring for the lawn yourself can save you the hassle of looking for the best lawn care services and can be much cheaper. But if you don’t have the time, the storage, the workforce and the knowledge look over the details of the provided questions, and you will find the best company for your lawn.