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Parliament Kindercare - RUN!!!

Parliament Kindercare
The areas for babies & toddlers seemed ok & staff was loving. However, the after school/summer camp was absolutely horrible. Emotionally abusive, uncaring & immature staff, esp. Ms. Ashley. From day 1 they were greeted with "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE NEW!!" She should go work at a prison the way she talks to the kids. They don't follow the guidelines that are on their own website as far as treatment of the kids; it is an emotionally abusive... Read more

Kindercare - Reality

I have to say that reading so many different angry reviews, but I am wondering if they are expecting some Mary Poppins experience. Reality, kids get dirty which means a not so clean building, teachers have many kids so they can start to get rundown and frazzled, kids get hurt (everyone gets hurt), kids get sick. It is life. If you are at a pristine school then maybe you should look a little closer at what is really happening in there. Are they... Read more

Kindercare - Below standard

My son has been attending the KinderCare learning center located at 4141 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76017 since September2015. I am currently active duty Air Force and have been serving for over 9 years. I relocate every 3 years due to my career in the Air Force. Before relocating to Texas, I was searching for the best possible learning center for my son and his development. I contacted KinderCare because I had previously heard good... Read more

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