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Kindercare - Abusive to their staff - Horrible horrible place to work - NY Location

They are abusive to their staff. They should be closed down as they lie and cheat and pretend to the parents that they really care. They are sales people and will tell you anything to close the deal. The teachers are overworked and underpaid. They treat the teacher so bad and in turn the teacher are angry and upset most of the time. There is a lot of anger and low self confidence. I am very surprised with all the law suits throughout the United... Read more

North Shore Skokie Pediatrics - Medical deficiancy, North Shore Skokie pediatric

North Shore Skokie Pediatrics
The purpose of writing this complain is because of the freud Laura David implements into her daily practices by documenting misinterpretation of the truth and false facts on the after visit summary and on child's chart. She does not measure child' s temperature, but she indicates a temperature on the after visit summary. In addition, she does not measure the child' s height, but she indicates the percentile of the head circumference on the chart... Read more

Parliament Kindercare - RUN!!!

Parliament Kindercare
The areas for babies & toddlers seemed ok & staff was loving. However, the after school/summer camp was absolutely horrible. Emotionally abusive, uncaring & immature staff, esp. Ms. Ashley. From day 1 they were greeted with "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE NEW!!" She should go work at a prison the way she talks to the kids. They don't follow the guidelines that are on their own website as far as treatment of the kids; it is an emotionally abusive... Read more

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