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Kindercare - Neglect, imbaressment, lack of care

I have 5 children and they are enrolled in kinder care in 861 Eastwind dr Westerville oh 43081. I want to file a complaint against this daycare because in several incidents they have called me out of work and said my daughters had emergency and I had to pick them up. One incident that happen was that the temperature was over 90 on a hot day after they had just woke up said I had to take them to doctor for fever and I took them and brought a... Read more

My First Years Preschool - Horrible Day Care

My First Years Preschool
t recommend this school, the directors are money hungry! They don't care about the students,parents or the teachers. Teachers are quitting and getting fired so frequently especially in the two year old class because the granddaughter of the assistant director in that class raining the Show and taking all the attention from other kids.The 3 years old teacher is horrible sitting in the playground under the shad all time. VPK teacher is the... Read more

AuPairCare - An Honest Review from a 3 Time Host Mom

I’ve hosted au pairs through AuPairCare for 3 years and came across this site and felt I needed to set the record straight. My experience has been the total opposite from these other reviews and the program has been everything I was hoping for and so much more! At the beginning I was nervous about hosting an au pair, but when my husband and I weighed the pros and the cons we found it was the best option for our family. When looking at an au... Read more

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