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I was the victim of a tech scam by this "company", Ink Graphy Techno LLC, on May 10, 2018!My computer is outdated and admittedly, I was not up on the latest technology. When I attempted to upgrade my operating system, my computer would not restart unless I put it on safe mode, which means I have limited use on it.When I attempted to reach Microsoft for tech support, a representative from this company called me. (Pretty much right after I hung up and was about to go to bed.)The representative I spoke to claimed to be Microsoft tech and he was returning my call, and that he can help me with my restart problem for $190.I (admittedly, stupidly) agreed. After that, he put me on the phone with another representative who told me (while talking really fast!) that my "IP address was under attack" and fixing it would cost $498.99!I told him that was not the price that was agreed on, and he hurriedly got off the phone after saying, "I will check, sir!"Then he ran my card for $499.98! I was pissed! He said that I had a "protective firewall" now, which wasn't the case when I ran my Norton Internet Security, because all I received was a whole bunch of viruses.I wholeheartedly admit that I should have done more research on my computer problem and I am now keeping up with technology. (It's an expensive lesson.)Citibank will not help me, so I've learned from it and I will write off this "expense" for next year's taxes, because it was for business, but keeping in mind my ignorance, I don't think these liars(!) deserve $499.98(!) for tricking me, and others like me, and giving nothing but viruses in exchange!When I posted a review of them on their Facebook page, that's when they finally got back to me. However, the e-mail I received stated that they would refund me, through my debit card, which was deactivated after the incident with them. I told them that the old card is deactivated and if they really are going to refund me, they can send either a check or refund through Pay Pal or Facebook messenger. Instead, they had the review removed and reported me for "bullying" them with "inappropriate content." (They trick me out of my money, give nothing in return, make a token and ineffectual gesture, and report me.)"Ink Graph Techno LLC" got their start by ripping off people like me.I would love to get together and make contact with anyone else who got taken by this so-called "company." After taking a look at a review on them on the Better Business Bureau page, I know I'm not the only one. (The reports on the Better Business Bureau page by other people regarding their dealings with "Ink Graph Techno LLC" have been negative. All "positive reviews" on "Ink Graph Techno LLC's" Facebook page, however, are from their employees.)

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