It can be a drain to find the best services when it comes to routine home maintenance. If you’re naturally good at around-the-house work and have the time to clean, great! But if you find yourself needing some help, for whatever reason, sometimes it can be a good idea to hire someone to take care of those nagging issues on the to-do list.

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American Home shield have worked on an old unit I have multiple times and fixed it with me paying for Freon ect.. and the $100 service fee in November of 2018 the condensing unit began to freeze over with ice, so I called..the came out and said low on Freon, so I paid $400 for Freon.. two weeks later it's froze again, so they said it need a defrost control board, and replaced that item that was covered, a week later, it was froze again.. Now they're saying it physically damaged and they're not going to fix it... So they spen money on it, and had me spend money on it, but when it could not be fixed, they said it's physically damaged, I've done nothing to the unit and nothing's changed sense they were making repairs.Now, I've talked to multiple supervisors, they all agree this is not right, but My air heat pump is still broken..Now they're telling me I'll get a call back 3 times I've been told a supervisor will call me.No one ever does. so now I'm being lied to.
In November 2018, Tuesday, came home to find our garage and laundry room flooded. The 17-year old water heater had failed. Called AHS immediately, gave the all the details, make & model of water heater, etc. The next day waited for a contractor to call to arrange coming to the house to get a professional diagnosis. No call or contact received. Called AHS back to let them know we hadn't been contacted, after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, they gave me the number of the contractor they contacted, I called the contractor and they said they had already contacted AHS and told them they don't service our area. Called AHS back to let them know my findings, and they said not to worry they would contact another contractor. Not sure why they weren't already on this and calling me to let me know. Needless to say, this same behavior went on for 10 ten days, (4) contractors later. They we're never able to find a contractor to service area, or what they referred to as a remote area, out of the metropolitan area. So they gave me authorization with an authorization number to contact a local contractor in the area (we live in a remote mining town in Arizona). I contacted a certified contractor that provides services to the mine, and within one day a certified technician was at the house, diagnosed the hot water heater was leaking internally, not repairable, and had to be replaced. They gave me a quote to replace the water heater, I immediately called AHS let them know the results, and they said they needed the contractor to call them directly with the diagnosis, and the repair ticket details with the cost to replace the water heater. The contractor called AHS three times, only to be put on hold for 30 minutes each time, and was never able to talk to a live agent. I called AHS only to be put on hold for 45 minutes. It's a scam and a gimmick, they want you to hang up and give up. Finally, was able to talk to an agent and they called the contractor while I was waiting on the phone call, thought everything was resolved, I approved for the contractor to come and replaced the water heater. The next day, mailed and faxed all of the documents requested for a full reimbursement (repair ticket & copy of the check).Two months later we received a letter stating our request was rejected because the services were performed without prior approval per "Section C". Absolutely, Not True!AHS also submitted an ACH withdrawal from our checking account in the amount of $100.00 for a service call that was never completed.Over the course of (10) days, at the height of the winter season, several home adjustments were made waiting for AHS to come through; boiled water every day to bathe, cook, went to neighbors houses to shower, went to our jobs at the mine to take showers. None of this was easy, we literally re-arranged our schedules to accommodate AHS policy, knowing in our heats that AHS would do their part in good faith, to find a contractor, and then reimburse for the replacement of the water heater.We have been customers for over (3) years, and this was the first time using the service for a water heater. I do not approve nor recommend AHS services, poor customer service, long hold times, non-response to urgent failures of systems. We have cancelled our services.
By FAR the absolute WORST company I have EVER dealt with. ALWAYS have an hour or MORE wait on hold to speak to ANYONE. I purchased a AHS warranty on the advise of my real estate agent when I purchased my home in Florida. THAT was my first mistake !! I was in the home about 2 months when I realized my heat pump was not blowing cool air causing the unit to run 24/7 resulting in a massive power bill. AHS sent Total Air Care ( another loser of a company) to fix it. $75 thank you very much. I the left in my RV for a 6 month trip around the U.S. Returned in Sept. and my unit was not blowing cool air AGAIN !!! $350 power bill that should have been no more than $125.! Total Air care ( AGAIN !! ) they fixed it again, for about 10 days and it again went on the fritz !! ANOTHER $350 power bill. Total Air came back AGAIN !! Fixed it again !! for another 2 weeks. Then in November we had a cold weekend. GUESS WHAT, NO HEAT !! Spent the entire weekend with the temp in my home around 50*. Can't get a hold of Total Air they or AHS do not answer the phone on weekends. I am telling AHS it is time to replace this unit. NO CHANCE they point the finger at Total Air, Total Air points the finger at AHS. NOW I have to go to small claims court to get some satisfaction. Do yourselves a BIG favor, when someone suggests a AHS warranty, RUN AWAY

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How to Find the Best Household Services

It can be a drain to find the best services when it comes to routine home maintenance. If you’re naturally good at around-the-house work and have the time to clean, great! But if you find yourself needing some help, for whatever reason, sometimes it can be a good idea to hire someone to take care of those nagging issues on the to-do list.

Some terms you’re going to hear a lot when it comes to contractor services are Business/Commercial and Residential. Business/Commercial services refer to services for businesses and larger infrastructure, whereas residential services refer to services for homes.

Here are some common types of home maintenance services and their nuances.

Pest Control Services

This is hands down one of the most important types of maintenance, because if you , for example, have a wooden home termites can eat right through your walls and damage the structure.

In addition to this, there are all sorts of roaches and rodents that love to invade our dwellings whenever the opportunity arises.

So what do you gain through hiring a specialist? Well, there are a lot of videos and self-help materials out there for hunting down pests, but a good pest specialist will know just how to fix your problem without the trial and error you’d deal with on your own.

So consider hiring a specialist if you’re either not winning the war against your little invaders, or if you just need to end the battle once and for all.

Cleaning Services

If your maintenance needs to fall in the cleaning category, there are indoor and outdoor services you can call on to get your place looking good. All you have to do is a little Internet research to find where to hire the people you need.

For indoor services, there are residential cleaning services and business cleaning services – so search accordingly. And it’s the same story with outdoor services.

There are services for interior home/office cleaning, gutter cleaning, pool cleaning and much more. The choice depends on whether you want to clean a particular part of house, garden, patio etc.

Electrician Services

Electricians will fix anything to do with lights, power and electricity in general. It is one of the most difficult trades to learn and is extremely dangerous.

It’s imperative to get someone who knows what they’re doing (at an expert level) when it comes to wiring or repairing your electric infrastructure. This isn’t something anyone should try on their own without professional services or supervision.

Once again, you’ll find that some small businesses specialize in residential electricity, some specialize in commercial and some do both.

So if you need electrical work done, we recommend that you hire a reputable contractor unless you are highly qualified to do that type of work yourself.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing is a close second behind electricity when it comes to needing professional help to get it done. It goes without saying -- keeping your pipes going strong is so important if you want a clean and functioning home.

So if you have a leaking or broken pipe under a sink or shower, or if you’re having sewage backup, a plumber will be able to fix that for you.

You’ll find there are business and residential options among plumbing businesses to choose from as well. Just do your research on these companies because you’ll want the best of the best.

As a bonus tip, turn off the water to your house if you have an emergency leak in a pipe. Doing so will allow you to asses the situation without water pressure making it worse.

Flooring Services

Business and residential companies tend to mix into one clump when it comes to hardwood flooring. The main types of flooring are tile, hardwood, carpet and linoleum. Flooring is an art form, especially when it comes to tile and hardwood flooring.

With tile, there are so many shades and designs to choose from. So if you want to change up the look of your home, maybe consider getting your tile re-done.

And with hardwood floors, there are a lot of different wood types to choose from, which all have specific looks. Want something dark and dense? Try Walnut. Looking for something a little bit brighter? Try White Oak.

Most floors won’t need all of the wood to be replaced, though, as sanding over the top and applying finish is usually enough.

There are also a lot of finishes you can use; there’s semi-gloss, high gloss, oil based, water based and more, which brings us to our next category.

Painting Services

Whether your project is business or residential, if you need to get both your floors re-finished/installed and your walls painted on the inside of your home, have the painters go first.

Even if painters are careful, using plastic and all, it’s hard to avoid spilling some paint on the floors. This undoes a lot of time and money when it comes to renovating a home or office.

You just don’t want to have your newly finished floors messed up by paint. Of course, sometimes sanding machines can ding up paint as well. But the comparison of damage makes having painters go first a must common sensibly speaking.

Damage by sanding machines can be covered up easily, whereas having a Dalmatian paint-spotted floor is a nightmare.

And finally, no matter what the project is, you’ll want to choose conscientious painters – people who really care that their work looks good.

Walling Services

Whether you need siding, drywall or masonry, there are businesses that can provide those services for you either commercially or residentially.

Out of the above services, masonry is the service that requires the most professionalism since it has to do with structure. So if you need masonry done and you’re not an expert, calling in help is the best way to go.

However, there are a lot of factors that make all of the above-mentioned things a real pain if you haven’t professionally learned how to do them yourself. So depending on your skill-level, you may want to hire a contractor.

5 Tips For Using Contractor Services

Here are a few things we highly recommend you consider when dealing with contractors:

  1. The best contractor services are the ones you hear about from friends and neighbors. You’ll want to go by word of mouth first when it comes to hiring someone to work on your home. When setting out to find a service, call your friends first and ask them if they have a certain pool cleaning service that they like, for example. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble as far as researching businesses.
  2. The company should have a shining online profile with tons of great reviews. Say you can’t figure out from word of mouth who to choose – don’t worry. There are many websites you can browse to find out if a company has a good reputation or not. Just check online review sites. You will likely find some bad reviews with any company, but the important thing is that they resolve those issues and strive to make the customer happy at the end of the day.
  3. Don’t be alone in the home when you’re expecting contractors. It’s just common sense - have a few people over when the contractors arrive and when they’re working. However, if you trust them, feel free to leave a combination lock on the door with a key inside it that they can access. It depends on what you’re comfortable with. Again, the best contractors are the ones you know or the ones your friends know.
  4. Get quotes from several contractors to make sure you’re getting the best service at the best price. You’ll find that different businesses will quote you different prices for the same work. For this reason, it’s best to get quotes from as many people as you can to help you figure out who to hire. Weigh the pros/cons of the price alongside a company’s reputation, and you’ll make a decision you’re satisfied with.
  5. Make sure there is crystal clear communication between you and the service provider as to what will be provided at what price. If there’s a contract, read the whole thing. Make sure there are no questions as to what you’re going to pay for. Communication is so important in the planning stages of a project. So don’t get caught off guard; over-communicate and you’ll be a happier customer in the long run.

Getting a contractor to help you out may be what you need in order to get things done. Heed these tips and take your time picking the right company – you won’t regret it.