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We built our home in Cleveland, GA in 2017 while living in MS taking care of my 92 year old mother-in-law who had advanced Alzheimer's, and her husband who was legally blind.I had two Trane HVAC units installed in our new home. One unit was not properly installed. As a result, there were, and still are, significant air leaks where the middle front access panel connects to the unit. I called my builder and explained the problem. He called Installation Management Services (IMS), the original installer, but IMS did not show up. After a few more call, IMS did show up. IMS checked the air leaks, but told me the only solution was to put sealing tape around the seams where the panel connects. I called my builder again; however it took a few more calls to get IMS to respond. The results were the same.Next, I called Trane Customer Service (CS) and explained the problem. I provided them with the serial numbers of the units, but the CS agent could not find where they were registered. I talked with my builder who assured me he had registered the units, I called Trane again, but this time the CS agent did find where the units were registered, but in my builder's name. Again, my phones calls produced to results.Next, I wrote the president of Trane, Mr. James Bingham. Trane never forwarded my letter to anyone in Trane. Instead, Trane sent it back to CS, the company that had been unresponsive. I called CS once more. This time the issue was elevated to a Resolution Specialist. That person contacted IMS, the original installer. The Specialist, while trying to help, produced no results. I then asked the Specialists in Trane to whom I could elevate. She told me there was no one, and that she was as high as the issue would go. She then closed the issue.I am now left with one unit that still has air leaks resulting in heating and air conditioning a storage area that does not require temperature control. Trane's contracted CS company has been little help, I cannot find a contact within Trane to talk with, and the original installer has been more hindrance that help.Anyone have any suggestions?
Purchased a brand new Friedrich chill 10,000 btu air conditioner model CP08G10B. It's only 1.5 years old and works great however whenever you turn on the AC it smells. We looked into the vents on the right and can see black spotty mold growing inside and dead flies can be seen from the outside looking into the unit 2 feet outside. We don't want to get sick nor have our child get sick who sleeps in this room so we haven't been using the AC. I called Friedrich and everyone you speak to tell you a different story from clean it yourself, to blaming us for dust/debris/cat hair to misuse. One manager told us if we live in NY or FL you are more likely to get mold while another customer service rep said mold can not grow on the interior plastic or styrofoam, well it's all over the styrofoam and inner walls. I was told we have to have it professionally cleaned/steam cleaned and flies cause mold. Called around to 7 places and the majority quote us $375 to clean a $420 product, so it's not worth cleaning. Mold removal should be covered in the warranty! It will now end up as landfill and poison the grounds. Way to go Friedrich!! Friedrich needs to make their products EASILY cleanable by their owners so this does not happen! Also the large vents on either side are large enough for large horse flies to fly into so we've gotten flies in the apartment and lightning bugs too. I suggested they make small circular air vents like those found in NYC trash cans and laundromat dryers. Our cat was chasing a lightning bug and those are poisonous to cats.
we bought a new ac and furnace in july they destroyed our house left steel shards and sheet metal shives in our babies play room we have had then back 6 times and they still can’t get the ac to work without leaking water. thay also don’t tell you even though they have york logos all over their website they aren’t a certified dealer wich means no 100% york money back guarantee. avoid at all cost

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