There is a truly dizzying array of health and beauty products available. To choose the right products for your skin, hair, and needs, here are some important factors to consider.

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I was very upset after ordering with Dr Leonards as it is my opinion they use tactics which I see as predatory to bilk older people out of money. I ordered and got free shipping. At the end of the order process a box popped open saying to click for free shipping. I thought I had to click it to get the free shipping as that's how it appears, but I already had free shipping. Upon clicking to be sure I got free shipping it auto enrolled me into a program that bills you $14.95 a month. When I called to cancel it, they said I had to wait 3 business days to cancel enrollment. It's my opinion this is in hopes you will forget and they can bill monthly. When I called Dr. Leonards 2 associates said I mistakenly clicked it, trying to blame me for the error, when it is set up to appear that you have to click it to get free shipping. I believe this is also predatory and it is common to blame the victim when using predatory practices. I got call escalated and was told by supervisor I had to call again (3rd call) to try and rectify this after at least 2 more hours, so apparently it isn’t true you have to wait 3 days to cancel, but is what their reps are trained to say. All other companies I have dealt with can see order immediately, so I think this is in hopes I will get distracted and forget to call and cancel. The main customer base of this company are seniors and I hate that they seem to be taking advantage of the elderly. I asked to be removed from mailing list, but wasn’t able to as even though I had magazine with customer # they couldn’t find me to remove me from mailing list. The items they sale seem inexpensive, but my time is worth money and it’s taking a lot of time to get this straightened out.

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How to Shop for Health and Beauty Products

There is a truly dizzying array of health and beauty products available. To choose the right products for your skin, hair, and needs, here are some important factors to consider.

Factors to Consider while Shopping for Health and Beauty Products

Budget. No matter how effective a product is, it doesn’t work for you if it doesn’t fit in your budget. Determine how much you can and want to spend each month or year on beauty products, and stick to that amount when you’re shopping, no matter how good a product’s marketing team is.

Your priorities. Take care of the basics first. Cleanse and moisturize, then focus on the particular needs of your skin. Advertisements make it easy to believe we have dozens of problems, but you probably don’t. Pick one thing at a time to focus on, and introduce one new product at a time so that you can tell if it is having the desired effect.

Ingredients. Your skin is a permeable boundary, so if a substance known to be carcinogenic is applied to your skin, some of that substance enters your body and can increase the risk for certain cancers. It isn’t worth it. There are great beauty products that won’t cause illness.

Your skin and hair types. No matter how good that shampoo smells, if it is for thick hair and yours is fine, it won’t work its best on you. Try to be realistic when assessing your skin and hair. Most of us don’t have as many problems as we tend to think.

Return policies and practices. Doing good research and trying samples when possible will help reduce the need to return health and beauty items. Avoid high-ticket beauty products you can’t return, and keep an eye out for companies with complaints filed against them regarding returns.

Realistic Expectations. No product is going to turn you into a different person (thank goodness). Use photo comparisons posted by real customers when possible rather than before and after pictures by companies. When evaluating a product, notice how it causes your skin to feel as well as how it looks.

How to Choose the Best Wigs and Hair Extensions

You can change your look in an afternoon with a wig or hair extensions. Wigs and extensions come in two basic categories: human hair and synthetic.

Human hair or synthetic? It’s no surprise that human hair has a more natural look and feel than synthetic, but it’s also pricier. If you’d just like to play around for a day, synthetic will do just fine.

If you want the wig or extensions to look more convincingly natural, or if you want to keep the extensions in for a while, human hair that hasn’t been chemically treated (called virgin human hair) is the way to go. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled, and some women style their wig hair each morning.

How to Pick the Best Wigs to Buy

Wigs are highly personal, so getting the best wig for you will include ensuring proper fit and buying from a company that has a great reputation and return policy.

Go to a wig store first. If you’re purchasing your first wig, even if you plan to buy online, it’s better to try wigs on in a shop first. There you can find many wigs, measure your head circumference and see which wigs flatter your face shape. You’ll also be able to see how lace and monofilament wigs look on your head.

Check company reputation. Before you purchase a wig, check online review platforms and social media networks. Look for comments about customer service, wig quality and durability, and any issues with returns. When pricing wigs, include shipping costs in the price of wigs purchased online. Read about protecting your financial information before shopping online.

Be sure that the company has an excellent return policy. No matter whether you buy online or in a store, if the wig doesn’t fit correctly or irritates your scalp, you want to be able to return or exchange it. Check the policy they have posted online, and be sure to notice whether they charge for return shipping.

How to put in hair extensions

You might buy the best hair extensions in the world, but without the knowledge how to put them in well, they will be of no use. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • If you have a stylist you trust, have him or her help you, especially if you plan to glue or tape in your extensions. Your stylist might be able to make the extensions for you if you bring the hair.
  • If you’re going to put in the extensions at home, you’ll probably want one for each of the front, crown, and nape. Part your hair side to side with a comb, then place the extensions.

Clips. If you only plan to wear the extensions for the day or evening, you can use clips. Be sure to take them out at night and to wear them not more than twice a week as the clips themselves weaken your hair. When you take them out, store them in bags labeled with where they go on your head.

Clips are the best method for synthetic hair. The quality of the clips you use will determine how well the extensions stay put: you want clips that close securely.

Tape and Glue. It’s best to use human hair if you plan to tape or glue. If you do, you can keep them for most of a month before taking them out, and you can wash and style them as usual and reuse them for about 12 months.

If you heat dry your hair, dry it most of the way with your hands first, and then dry your hair and the extensions in separate sections.

Tips on How to Care for Wigs and Extensions

To make your hair extensions and wigs last longer you need to follow these simple rules:

  • The oils of your scalp aren’t great for any wig, so it’s good to wash them every six to eight wears. Wash and condition them in a bowl or sink, and dry them on a wig stand.
  • For synthetic wigs and extensions, purchase a synthetic wig shampoo. Avoid high heat. For human hair wigs and extensions, use gentle human hair shampoo and conditioner.
  • To protect the shape of your wig and extend its life, store all wigs on a wig stand. A casual, just-for-fun, synthetic wig can be stored in a large, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Gently brush any wig before wearing.

Looking for non-toxic products within your budget, focusing on the basics, and adding one new product at a time will help you to get the best possible health and beauty products for you.

And using wigs and hair extensions, you can give yourself a completely new look at almost any price point. Best of all, they are fairly easy to care for so knowing the most common tips on how to store and wash them will help to make them live longer.