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Horrible gutters. I was sold a bill of goods. They clog and yes they come clean them but they clogged again and again. They have replaced some of the gutters already and refuse to replace them anymore yet they still clogged and the gaps are insanely too big letting in large amounts of debris. a month ago they came and cleaned again after they had clogged and were overflowing and that service text said that some needed to be replaced. They never called me so I called them and they said they were not going to replace them because they were too old. They would however come adjust them to close the gap. when they came today to do that they told me that the Gap is as close as they can get it and that something must have pulled them down to damage them. The young man is full of *** trying to protect a completely illegitimate company selling a completely *** gutter system. I feel helpless and hopeless that anything will ever get done about the worst waste of money I have ever spent in my entire 60 years. I also intend to leave negative reviews anywhere and everywhere possible.

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