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Oct 2016, hurricane Matthew hit my beach house I rented. Fema came, the owner came and the insurance came. There wasn't much damage and nothing for me to claim. The owners did not fix the leaks annotated on the Fema report. In February 2017 my master bedroom ceiling caved in. Mold was exposed. We had been having respiratory issues the entire 18 months we lived here. When the ceiling caved in we immediately started coughing up blood, had seizures, blood clots and a TIA. My service dog died the previous May. After the mold report said it was dangerous for us to stay there we had to have the other service dog checked. The vet agreed the mold most likely killed my dog. We lived in a hotel for 3 months that cost $17k. We officially vacated march 16, 2017 and relocated out of state. I updated Fema and asked for assistance. Fema denied. They said I needed the management company to write a letter stating the home was uninhabitable (my mold report says so but Fema refuses to recognize. Management company gave us 4 days to vacate and didn't return our deposit. I fought them and just got the deposit after 5 mOnths. The owners insurance cancelled him for not fixing the problem. I am out $100k and a have a dead service dog.

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